Sights of St. Petersburg for Children: The Hermitage, the contact zoo, the oceanarium, excursions along the rivers and canals

An ancient city, admiring its historical monuments and architectural structures, meets with more and more tourists every year. Guests from different countries come to Petersburg to get acquainted with its rich historical heritage, admire the beauty of the landscapes, learn something new from the past of the country.

Indeed, the abundance of museums, monuments of history and architecture guarantees an interesting past for adults, but they do not forget about small guests. What are the most attractive sights for St. Petersburg ?

Royal rest

A walk in the fresh air along the comfortable streets will not leave anyone indifferent. The Summer Garden of St. Petersburg is a great place where you can relax both adults and children.

Not so long ago, in 2009, the garden was reconstructed - the first in its two-hundred-year history. Renovated landscape, impressive views of the Neva River and fragrant landscapes will remain in the memory of visitors for a long time.

History of the Garden

The garden was laid in the second year of the foundation of this great city at the direction of Peter I. Initially it was designed according to the European traditions of ennobling the territories, there were green labyrinths and flower gardens, fountains and gazebos. The symbol of the Dutch continuity of traditions was the pharmacy with various kinds of medicinal plants. At that time, large-scale works were carried out to break down the territory, create meliorative canals and a fountain system. The Summer Garden of St. Petersburg was created in several stages, each of which involved architects from different countries. The marble Venetian sculptures were brought, real masterpieces of art were ordered from such masters as Bonazza, Baratta, Gropelli. In the times of Peter in the garden, points and assemblies were held, high-ranking guests were welcomed here, great events were celebrated. In Elizabeth's time, the garden became accessible to the public, but only in the absence of the empress.

Traveling by water

Excursions along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg - a great way to relax under the sound of the river wave, admire the beautiful view of the drawbridges and river channels, admire the panoramic view of the embankments and monumental architectural structures.

A sightseeing river excursion will familiarize tourists with the numerous sights that are also worth visiting. Palaces, fortresses, castles and cathedrals appear on the background of a watery surface in a new, mysterious image. Children will be delighted with traveling by boat or boat, and adults will get a lot of impressions from the unusual walk on the water.

How was the location chosen?

The location of Petersburg was chosen by Peter with such a plan to create on this place the most beautiful sea city, reminiscent of Venice or Amsterdam. The place has turned out to be low, with a lot of natural channels.

Man-made channels with drawbridges, which in the city a great many, have become a symbol of the city. It is excursions along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg that will allow to fully appreciate all the magnificence and stunning beauty of the city for adult tourists, and children will be remembered for many years.

Contact with nature

Children's entertainment in St. Petersburg is diverse and interesting. You can stop your choice not only on visiting museums or any other sights of St. Petersburg. For children, communication with the animal world in the city zoo will be especially useful and impressive. An interesting fact is that animals here can not only admire from outside, but also touch them, feed them and even caress.

How to pamper the smallest?

The contact zoo in St. Petersburg is an island of exotic animals, in which every living being lives in its natural conditions. It can be freely visited by all comers. There are no cells or enclosed spaces, little animals live on freedom, get acquainted and play with visitors. Impressive is not only the diversity of individuals and their natural beauty, it is also interesting to observe their behavior and habits.

Long-eared rabbit or guinea pig will cause a lot of positive emotions in the baby. Scorpion, lizard or bat can be fed with his own hands and make a joint original photo for a long memory. The contact zoo in St. Petersburg is a favorite place for children and adults. The day passes unnoticed, and vivid impressions are guaranteed for years to come!

Immersion in the depths of the sea

Sights of St. Petersburg for children are located mainly in the historic part of the city. Also here in 2006 a unique house for animals inhabiting one element was founded. It became the main feature of the shopping and entertainment complex "Neptune". Great popularity and attention is enjoyed by the oceanarium in St. Petersburg. Its address is not difficult to find, it is only to get to the metro station "Pushkinskaya" or "Zvenigorodskaya".

A huge area is occupied by 32 aquariums. They are inhabited by a wide variety of representatives of the water world. Here you can find individuals from different parts of our planet.

What is interesting about the aquarium?

The division into thematic zones of the whole water area allows visitors to view and observe separately for marine mammals and freshwater fish of the Northwest, representatives of a coral reef or a rocky shore. Interesting explanations will reveal many secrets of the underwater kingdom. More than 4 thousand species of representatives of the sea and freshwater bottom fascinate the imagination of each visitor. Here you can see the rarest inhabitants of rivers and lakes, millimetric fishes or huge sharks.

Staying in the near-water space of the oceanarium, you can immerse yourself in eternity and not at all feel the movement of time. The unhurried world of corals or the graceful movements of dolphins make one completely forget about the fussiness of the world.

Special emotions will give small travelers a water tunnel and a view of the waterfall from below, as well as sharks floating just above their heads, and an outdoor pool in which skates live. All these impressions will be presented by the oceanarium in St. Petersburg. Address it: st. Marata, 86.

Acquaintance with art

The Hermitage is a grandiose museum that stores many masterpieces of world art. It is better to give enough time and attention to this sights of St. Petersburg. For children interesting expositions are presented, the plot of which is closely intertwined with historical facts.

This will help not only to enjoy the creativity of skilled craftsmen, but also to delve into the country's historical past, to learn a lot of valuable and exciting information. The Hermitage for children is a fascinating journey into the past that will enrich their spiritual world, create prerequisites for the future of intellectual and cultural development.

Museum departments

Indeed, a large collection of artifacts was collected in the former royal residence. It is located in six buildings, the beginning of construction of which dates back to the XVIII century. 365 rooms with valuable works, more than three million masterpieces and monuments of art - and all this is to be seen in the shortest possible time.

Western European art is a department containing many paintings, engravings, sculptures located in more than 100 halls. Instances of applied art are a unique sight. Ornaments made of precious metals and stones will strike with their splendor not only children but also adults.

The numismatics department is one of the oldest. Even the Empress Catherine with a passion for the collection of medals and coins, and periodically bought them to replenish their collection. Now it contains more than a million copies. Here you can see antique and oriental coins, as well as European and American numismatics.

What is worth seeing?

Unfortunately, because of the large area of the museum and many exciting works, it will not be possible to fully review all the collected collections, but the Knights' and Throne Halls are something that should be visited first. Children will be delighted and from visiting the Hall of Ancient Egypt with a mummy that has survived to this day.

The sights of St. Petersburg are numerous, so if you are going on vacation to this fascinating city, you should get enough time. Preliminarily prepared and making a trip plan, you can save a lot of time and get a lot of unforgettable emotions.

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