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"Liquid chestnut": reviews of dietitians. "Liquid Chestnut" for weight loss: composition, action, contraindications

Do you know what the "Liquid Chestnut" is? Feedback from buyers of this product unequivocally confirms that this is a very popular tool that is used as a natural stimulant and assistant in the fight against excess kilograms.

The problem of modern man

Today, many of us are overweight. This problem has become global in the modern world. As a rule, its appearance is influenced by poor ecology, and the sedentary image of our life, and the wrong diet. These factors provoke the formation of body fat, which contributes to the appearance of excess weight. How to get rid of this problem? The main enemies of unnecessary kilograms are sports and exercise, and the organization of proper nutrition. In addition, each of us must take care of our health and adjust the way of life in the right way.

Dieticians know that there are natural plant substances that normalize disturbed metabolic processes, return the body to harmony and eliminate the problem of excess weight. These are found in the product "Liquid Chestnut".


Powder-like means "Liquid chestnut" is referred to food products. He is neither a medicine nor a dietary supplement. The product is safe, and in confirmation of this has a corresponding certificate of quality.

As part of the "Liquid Chestnut" are the crushed seeds of the South American lianas - guarana. This plant can be found only in the valleys of the famous Amazon River. The fruits of the guarana lianas, ripening, open. And then, surrounded by a white peel, you can see a black seed. That is why the ripened fruit is very similar to the human eye.

The plant of guarana is unusual for us. Evergreen creeping liana, reaching a length of ten meters, is decorated with large jagged leaves collected in bundles. During flowering guarana pleases the eye with white fragrant inflorescences.

Only fruits of the plant are used. They are large, have an oval shape and a yellowish-reddish-brown color. After heat treatment, the fruits resemble boiled potatoes to taste. In France, such food is considered a delicacy.

Plant seeds are used for the production of various preparations, including "Liquid Chestnut". Reviews (photos of a unique tool see below) consumers point out the special taste of this product.

The fact is that the seeds of the Amazonian liana contain guaranin - a substance identical in chemical composition to caffeine, but much higher in strength. That's why the drug "Liquid Chestnut" is so popular. Customers' feedback is confirmed by the fact that the product is especially appreciated by people involved in sports and active physical work. The natural powder of ripe seeds of the Amazonian liana is a strong energetic. It is much longer than caffeine absorbed by the body. In this regard, its effect on humans lasts a longer period.

In addition to valuable guaranine, the product "Liquid Chestnut" includes theophylline and theobromine. Both these components contribute to the enhancement of the energy impact of the agent. In the "Liquid Chestnut" are various minerals (magnesium and potassium, calcium and sodium), as well as vitamins A and E, belonging to group B, antioxidants, polyphenols and xanthine alkaloids. Thanks to all these substances, the seed powder of a unique vine saturates the human body with the elements it needs. The ground grain of the plant relieves fatigue and increases attention, and also increases physical activity. That is why guarana is the main component of many energy soft drinks.

Action on the body

The product, obtained from the seeds of the Amazonian liana, became very popular in the field of dietetics. Ground guarana, or liquid chestnut, provides a feeling of satiety and has a mild thermogenic effect that increases heat. Metabolic stimulation of the body, which occurs when taking this product, significantly increases energy consumption.

What is good for "Liquid Chestnut" for losing weight? The experts' reviews highly appreciate the tonicity of the drug. It is this peculiarity of the unique powder that makes it possible to activate the physical activity of the consumer.

Is it realistic to get rid of six or seven hated pounds a month, as the producer promises, and not to torment your body with bad mood and exhausting diets? Judging by the numerous responses, it is possible.

How effective is the "Liquid Chestnut" for losing weight? Experts say that this remedy is a real fat killer. Numerous experiments have been carried out comparing powder of guarana seeds with goji berries and green coffee, which are also often used to get rid of excess kilograms. As for the product "Liquid Chestnut", it helped 97.8% of patients. The other two agents had an effect only in 23.7% of cases. Women who use a wonderful powder from the seeds of the Amazonian liana are satisfied with the results. According to numerous reviews, the tool acted and allowed to quickly improve the figure.

Such a substance, like theophylline, we use in small doses almost daily. This component is part of the tea. Compared to caffeine, theophylline has an effect on the muscles. It does not affect the nervous system.

As for theobromim, this element affects the energy reserves in the body.

The highlight of the "Liquid Chestnut" is rightly considered guaranin. This is the nearest "relative" of caffeine, the use of which does not provoke the appearance of heartburn and therefore is not contraindicated in the pathologies of the stomach and intestines.

The main task of antioxidants contained in a unique powder is the removal of toxins from the body. This contributes to its purification. In addition, these components promote the rejuvenation of all cells of the body.

Here is such a wonderful composition has the drug "Liquid Chestnut". The feedback of patients using this remedy indicates its ability to significantly reduce appetite and increase physical activity. In this case, the drug accelerates metabolic processes. Producers of amazing powder claim that with the use of "Liquid Chestnut", any power loads will be given to a person much easier. Decreased appetite with simultaneous increase in the intensity of exercise and affects weight loss.

The unique complex of components of "Liquid Chestnut", besides the slimming effect, helps to stimulate the nervous system, increase the tone of the body and provide it with additional energy. That is why a person who observes a low-calorie diet, when using this drug is necessary help to maintain the right level for the body energy.

What, in addition to reducing the appetite, is the "Liquid Chestnut" suitable for losing weight? The patient's testimonies indicate his ability to eliminate even chronic constipation and relieve diarrhea. The use of the drug, among other things, helps to remove excess fluid from the body.


Amazing product is capable of:

  • Increase immunity;
  • Help in detoxifying the body ;
  • Normalize the processes of exchange;
  • Reduce body weight;
  • Improve the digestive system;
  • Reduce appetite;
  • To cure a hangover;
  • Improve cerebral blood supply;
  • Improve concentration and memory;
  • Relieve depression;
  • Give life energy to the body.

Product for weight loss

A very popular means for eliminating excess kilograms is the "Liquid Chestnut". The doctors' comments about this product are positive. According to experts, the drug is harmless to humans. That is why not only to increase the endurance of the body and give power is used "Liquid Chestnut". Reviews of doctors-nutritionists regarding him are unambiguous. Doctors recommend its reception as an effective means for getting rid of excess weight.

Of course, the drug has no connection with the fruits of chestnut. Its main component is only guarana. Only outwardly the fruits of the Amazonian vine resemble a chestnut. Hence, apparently, and went the name of the drug.

Numerous studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the "Liquid Chestnut". The doctors' comments about this product are very favorable. For example, as a result of experiments, it was found that almost seven kilograms per month you can lose weight by using the drug "Liquid Chestnut". Customer feedback, which can be read in various forums, confirm this fact. Recommend the use of this drug and nutritionists, because many of their patients decided with his help the problem of excess weight.

Safety means

What is the difference between many other additives Amazonian guarana ("Liquid chestnut")? Feedback from experts confirms the harmlessness of the product. The natural base distinguishes "Liquid Chestnut" from synthetic additives. You do not need a prescription to buy a product. For sale "Liquid chestnut" in pharmacies. Feedback from consumers of this product indicates that before buying it is better to contact a specialist for advice. This applies to cases where a losing patient suffers from pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

Getting the desired result

Is it enough to just use the Liquid Chestnut to eliminate excess kilograms? The opinions of doctors in this regard clearly indicate that an integrated approach to the problem of overweight is needed. A person will not be able to correct his figure if he consumes a lot of sweet and fatty foods. Its volume in the daily diet should be limited. It will also be necessary to give up alcohol and increase physical activity.

How to take the drug

To obtain the necessary effect, it is important to use the "Liquid Chestnut" correctly. The comments of the doctor-dietitians about this agent allow to determine the necessary dosage of the powder. A day is taken as a whole not more than one teaspoon of the product. And this volume is preferably divided into two portions and consumed at any time, except for evening meals.

A powdery agent can be added to any beverage or food. "Liquid Chestnut" is well combined with fermented milk products, tea, and also juices from vegetables or fruits. With any soups and cereals, "Liquid Chestnut" can also be used. Reviews of dieticians about the drug confirm the possibility of its use with any food due to the lack of any specific smell and taste. It should be noted that the preparation of the powder should be done immediately before eating. You should not breed it in advance. Quite quickly, the effect occurs when the Amazonian guarana ("Liquid Chestnut") is used. The patients' testimonies indicate that the feeling of cheerfulness and a surge of energy arises already after thirty minutes after taking.

Doctors, dietitians do not recommend the cultivation of guarana grain powder with strong tea, coffee or other drinks of stimulating and invigorating action. During the reception of the product "Liquid Chestnut" should abandon the tablets, which contain caffeine. Do not drink green coffee and mate tea at this time . The drug containing guarana, experts do not recommend to use with pre-training complexes.

Doctors, nutritionists are advised to dilute the slimming agent "Liquid Chestnut" in a mixture of freshly squeezed spinach, celery and cucumber juices, in which a lemon is added. In this case, the action from the drug will be most effective.

The drug "Liquid Chestnut" miraculously fuels the body with energy. He is able to radically change the passive life of any person, giving him strength and energy. The resulting activity and will contribute to the discharge of excess weight.

In the homeland of guarana, in Brazil, wonderful tonic and tasty drinks are produced. Among them, Antarctica and Brahma are particularly popular. These drinks are truly unique and are not produced anywhere else in the world. In Brazil, guarana is loved by everyone. In this country, the powder from its seeds is used in the production of sweets, as well as added to toothpastes.

At what time is it desirable to take the "Liquid Chestnut"? The doctors' comments on this drug allow us to conclude that its use in the evening hours is undesirable. This advice should not be neglected. Otherwise, the agent with guarana can cause problems with sleep.

Doctors, nutritionists recommend using the drug "Liquid Chestnut" courses. In this case, only an expert can choose the duration of these measures based on the individual characteristics of the patient. The duration of any course will depend on the goals and goals for eliminating excess weight. An important role in this will play and the health of the patient. The average duration of getting rid of excess weight is a period of 3 to 6 weeks. It is believed that the slimming will not increase his usual loads, including walking and housework. In the event that there is a desire to consolidate the achieved result, the course of reception of the drug "Liquid chestnut" can be continued, but it can be done only after consultation with the doctor.


There are some caveats for those who decided to take the "Liquid Chestnut" for weight loss. The doctors' comments about the drug, the main component of which is guaranin, are talked about its incompatibility with antidepressants and psychotropic medication. Experts warn their patients that with the simultaneous use of these drugs, some side effects may appear. Do not use too high doses of "Liquid Chestnut". Experts' comments on the drug confirm that in this case, negative reactions from the body are possible. Symptoms of overdose can be expressed in the appearance of vomiting and nausea, as well as increased heart rate. It is not recommended to take the drug "Liquid Chestnut" to children. Also, do not continue the use of the product, if after its reception, you feel a headache, dizziness or tinnitus. In that case, consult a doctor. Specialists do not recommend long-term use of the drug. The fact is that high concentrations of guaranine in combination with selenium accumulate in tissues. This causes chronic forms of poisoning, and also contributes to hair loss.

Some people mistakenly take the drug "Liquid Chestnut" for weight loss. The doctors' comments on this point indicate that this is the main reason for the lack of noticeable success in eliminating excess weight. The manufacturer's recommendations are important to follow without question. Only in this case the body will not be harmed, and hateful pounds will leave.

Where to buy a product from guarana seeds?

Absolutely harmless means is considered the drug "Liquid chestnut". Real user reviews that can be read in various forums, confirm the fact that before taking the drug should still seek advice from a specialist. This is due to the fact that there are contraindications to the "Liquid Chestnut". The doctors' testimonies testify that the product containing guarana can not be taken by women during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and also to people who suffer from epilepsy. In addition, it is worth considering the fact that physicians give an estimate to the original drug. However, in recent times there are cases when a counterfeit "Liquid Chestnut" is being realized. Reviews negative receives the powder offered by unscrupulous producers. This is a substandard product that is not capable of benefiting the consumer. The counterfeit "Liquid Chestnut" reviews are negative also because in some cases it causes significant harm. Savings can cause loss of health, which will be very difficult to recover.

Doctors recommend their patients to reasonably approach the choice of a product for weight loss. Only in pharmacies is recommended to purchase a fat burner "Liquid Chestnut". User reviews indicate the possibility of buying a quality product and on major Internet sites. You can buy powder with guarana, using the services of official representatives of manufacturing companies. Help in buying can and specialized sites of nutritionists.

Only such methods of purchase can be considered safe. Drugs that have a suspiciously low price are often counterfeit.

Rules for taking the drug "Liquid Chestnut"

In order to achieve the stated goal and effectiveness of the courses of taking a product for weight loss, it is necessary:

  • Pre-consult with a competent specialist;
  • Strictly adhere to the prescriptions given in the instructions to this product, while not allowing the increase in the recommended dosages, the duration of the course and the frequency of administration;
  • At occurrence of deviations in state of health reception of a preparation to stop and address to the expert;
  • Combine the drug with strength exercises.

An important condition for the effectiveness of the courses is the purchase of a certified product. It is necessary to beware of fakes and not to acquire funds on untested resources or with hands.

For a confident and easy flow of the process of losing weight, the product "Liquid Chestnut" should be taken at the beginning of the course at half the dosage, while controlling your health and weight. Only with a favorable course of the process of getting rid of excess kilograms of the amount of used funds should be gradually increased, bringing it to the recommended rate. Only by observing all the rules of applying the amazing product described above will it be possible to obtain an excellent result.

Specialists-nutritionists, as well as doctors expressed their positive opinion about the drug "Liquid Chestnut". This agent has the properties of an accelerator of metabolic processes and anorectic. In this regard, losing weight with the "Liquid Chestnut" is very easy.

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