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"Killer's profile": actors and features of the film

Today we will talk about the film "Profile of the murderer." Actors and roles will be presented further. It's about the Russian detective TV series. His first season was filmed in 2012. The sequel was released in 2016.


First, we discuss the plot of the film "The profile of the murderer." Actors will be presented further. The picture tells about the work of employees from the special department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The main characters are Vladislav Petrov and Nikolai Udaltsov are profilers. They are able to analyze the nature of crimes, as well as available evidence, to make up the "profile" of the offender. It indicates the approximate age, family and social situation, as well as other characteristics. In the future, thanks to this profile, experts calculate the killer, they are helped in this by Andrei Kruglov - senior operative criminal investigation.

Key players

The head of the profiler section, Colonel Nikolai Udaltsov and Professor of Psychology Vladislav Petrov, are the main characters in the film "Murderer's Profile." Actors Denis Matrosov and Vadim Andreev performed these roles. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Denis Vladimirovich Matrosov is a Russian actor of cinema and theater. He was born in 1972, on December 10, in Moscow. I studied at the Moscow Art Theater School. He was also a student at the Shchepkinsky Theater School. Attended the course NA Vereshchenko. Military service was held at the Russian Army Theater. Later worked there as an actor. He took part in Gerd Albrecht's project - the German conductor - the theatrical production of Prokofiev's music "Eugene Onegin" performed by readers and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. He plays in entreprises. Is a producer at the Matrosov Theater

Vadim Yuryevich Andreev is a Russian and Soviet actor of cinema and theater. He was born in 1958, on March 30, in Moscow. At the Moscow Puppet Theater, he worked as an assembler. Later he became an actor. He graduated from VGIK. He worked in the film studio. M. Gorky. Served in the army, got into the car troops.

He made his debut in the movie with the main roles in the film directed by Vladimir Rogovoy "Sailors have no questions" and "Balamut". Took part in the scoring of animated series: "Real Ghostbusters", "Black Cloak", "Turtle-Ninja". He is married. Has a son named Andrei. He also has a granddaughter Sophia. He is an altar boy in the Moscow church.

Other heroes

The senior criminal investigation operative Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Kruglov and General Anatoly Gubanov also appear in the plot of the film "The Murderer's Profile." Actors Maxim Shchegolev and Sergei Pioro performed these roles. Let's talk more about the first one.

Maxim Valeryevich Shchegolev is a Russian actor of cinema and theater. He was born in 1982, on April 20, in Voronezh. Educated at the acting department of the State Academy of Arts. He continued his studies in Moscow, at GITIS, on the course of Sergei Prokhanov. Joined the Moon Theater. Worked with the directors K. Ginkas and R. Viktyuk.

He joined Anatoly Vasiliev in the creative laboratory and joined the theater "School of Dramatic Art". He worked with a group of Thomas Richards and Jerzy Grotowski. In Japan, I studied the acting method of Tadashi Suzuki.

There are two more characters to be mentioned. Actors of the series "Profile of the murderer" Olga Kulikova and Yevgeny Gusev played Irina Subbotin and Stepan Stasevich. The first is a police major, the second is a senior lieutenant and a mathematical genius.

Interesting Facts

Now let us cite a few facts about the film "Killer's Profile". The actors were represented above. This is the first Russian film about the work of profilers. The plot is based on real events.

Among the authors of the script is Dmitry Tersky, a scientific consultant at the Main Criminalistics Department of the Russian Federation. Each story is presented as a separate film, which consists of a couple of episodes.

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