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Roles and actors: "Battle Horse" - Steven Spielberg's film

Steven Spielberg's films are always a celebration for any admirer of his work and cinematography in general. Most of all, the director has succeeded in dramas, in which sincere life stories are told and eminent actors are removed. "Battle Horse" was no exception, telling the world about the amazing and sometimes tragic fate of an unusual horse. In the Russian rental the picture came out in 2012, and she immediately waited for box office success and excellent criticism.


The story was based on the same book written by Michael Morpurgo, as well as the play staged for her in 2007. The narrative unfolds during the First World War in England. The protagonist, a boy named Albert Narracott, lives on a rented farm with his parents and passionately loves horses. Once he goes to the auction with his father, where after exhausting trades his father buys for a fabulous money foal purebred mare. Because of this acquisition, the family is not in a position to pay rent to Landlord Lyons. The only way to stay on the farm is to plow a stony field, which is almost impossible to process, and sow it with turnips. Albert undertakes to train a horse, not adapted for such hard work, as a result of which it is very strongly attached to it. He calls him Joey and spends all his free time with his new friend. But ruthless war and extreme need to separate comrades, and both have to go through a lot of obstacles on the way before meeting again.

Steven Spielberg

The production director was one of the most cult and authoritative directors of modern times Steven Spielberg. As in other works of the master, in the film "Battle Horse" actors and roles performed by them are of fundamental importance. Spielberg's films have become breakthrough in the careers of dozens of artists, including Tom Hanks, Liam Neeson and Harrison Ford. Discovered by the director of the novel, Morpurgo instantly conquered his heart, and he immediately decided to make a film in a script that for a long time was in the hands of simple enthusiasts. However, later it was remade by Richard Curtis.

A month after the announcement of the project, Spielberg also reported on which actors in the film will be shot. "Battle Horse" thanks to a delightful script, technical component and painstakingly drawn characters, received five nominations for "Oscar". But it's not so surprising when such a professional takes over.

Jeremy Irwin

All Starter actors dream of the main role in Spielberg. "Battle Horse" was the debut in the full meter for the British actor Jeremy Irwin. Until this point, he was shot only in one series called "Life Bites." Participation in such a loud picture, and even with such a famous director, immediately threw light on the identity of a hitherto unknown guy. Immediately after the release of the movie "Battle Horse" reviews of his excellent game and all sorts of praise fell upon the young artist with a swift stream. As a result, Irvine even received the "Palm Branch" as the best young actor from the company "Chopar". After that, he managed to light up in the foreground in such films as "Big Hopes", "Retribution", "The Game for Survival" and "Now is the Time". And in 2016 it is planned to release just three paintings with his participation.

Before the war

Actors of the movie "Battle Horse" can be conditionally divided into 2 parts. The first appear in the plot before the war, and the others appear already during the unfolding battles. The main character's mother, Rose Narracott, was played by the famous and respected in Britain actress Emily Watson. Her filmography is a decent list of paintings, among which such masterpieces as "Breaking the Waves", "Red Dragon", "Thief books" and "Miss Potter". Her screen partner was Peter Mullan, the owner of the "Palm Branch" for "My name is Joe." He also starred in such wonderful films as "Boy A" and "Tyrannosaurus." And the popular English actor David Thulis, known to the audience as Professor Lupine in Harry Potter, played a stern landlord.

During the war

In the tape "Battle Horse" the role of the war period went to no less famous and talented British actors. The image of Captain Nicholls was embodied on the screen by the magnificent Tom Hiddleston. World fame came to him a year before, after participating as the main antagonist of the painting "Thor" Loki. The role of Major Jamie Stewart went to the equally popular Benedict Cumberbatch, famous for his TV series "Sherlock". During the war, the gallant horse is on the farm of the girl Emily and her grandfather, who were played by Selina Bakens and Nils Arestrup, respectively. Also in the film were shot Toby Kebbell, Eddie Marsan, David Cross and Robert Emmes. The destinies of their heroes are directly or indirectly related to the life of the unusual horse, who saw in his wanderings and many other characters.

In all aspects, the picture of Spielberg is perfected and worthy of the highest praise, which are expressed in innumerable nominations for prestigious awards. But it's also worth agreeing that if the cast was not involved in such skillfully accustomed actors, the Battle Horse would hardly have been so sincere and memorable.

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