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Brilliant actor, improvisator Lev Potemkin

Indigenous Petersburger, actor Lev Potemkin lived an interesting and rich life, played many roles in the theater and cinema. About his biography and creative career - our material.

Children's years and the youth of the actor

He was born in 1905 in the family of telegraphist Lev Lvovich Potemkin and housewives Sofia Mikhailovna Potemkina. In 1907, the parents parted, the mother and daughter took care of raising their son and daughter (the future actor had a sister). Lev Potemkin, whose biography can be found in the article, studied at the 5th St. Petersburg Gymnasium. In the autumn of 1917 the family moved to Simbirsk. But for a long time in this city the Potemkin was not delayed, and a year later their place of permanent residence was Moscow.

The beginning of a creative career

For the first time as an actor, Lev Potemkin tried himself in 1922 after finishing the branch of the already mentioned educational institution. His first place of work was the collective of the social-heroic theater (the leader was VI Krylov). Then he collaborated with the classical theater named after Rossov.

In 1927, Potemkin Lv Lvovich Invite to the Tashkent Theater named after Sverdlov. Here, as well as in Ashgabat and Zvenigorod theaters, he played many characteristic images. They were roles in classical plays, such as the role of Belogubov in the "Profitable place", Kochkarev in "The Marriage", Rasplyuev in "Krechinsky's Wedding", Scapen in "The Scrapes of Scapin" and many others.

In 1928 Potemkin married actress Nina Mikhailovna Sytina, and in 1929 he was invited to the State Central Youth Theater. After that he worked in the historical-revolutionary theater. After a while, the actor began creative disagreements with the theater management, which resulted in the departure of Potemkin in the movies.

Lev Potemkin: films and roles

In 1938, Leon Potemkin received a landmark meeting. Film director Alexander Row (pictured below) became his friend and creative partner for many years. After the interesting eccentric role of the general in the film "By the Pike's Command" Rowe continued to draw Lev Lvovich to participate in other of his works. Peru of these two talented people belongs to writing the script of the fairy tale "Finist - The Bright Falcon". Only Row failed to implement this setting.

Acquaintance with Alexander Row also influenced the circumstances of Potemkin's personal life: while working on the film "By the Pike's Command", he met his second wife, the actress Sofya Terentyev (she performed Tsarevna Nesmeyanu). The couple got married in 1940.

Other of his works were the role of the Japanese skipper in the Commandant of the Bird Island, Father Arcadia in the Personal Deed, Dr. Kolokolchikov in Timur and his team.

Front roads

A month after the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War, Lev Potemkin was sent to Gorky. Here he was to study at the sergeant school. But the command was ordered differently, and he was appointed to the post of chief of staff. Being an enterprising person, Lev Potemkin became the organizer of the ensemble of Red amateur art. The collective was in constant traveling on the fronts. In 1942, Marshal Voroshilov turned out to be a spectator at one of the performances, due to this the actor was sent to the capital. Followed by service in the ensemble of MVO.

In 1945, after the demobilization of Leon Potyomkin was admitted to the State Theater of the film actor. Here followed such roles as Vozhevatov ("The Dowry"), Roy Makeful ("Deep Roots"). In 1948, the actor decided to go to the Operetta Theater (leader Grigory Yaron). Here he showed himself as a brilliant actor, improviser and plastic. Not so happy for the actor was 1964: the team began to decline. Among other actors, Lev Potemkin was also reduced. He was made a concession and given the opportunity to finalize until retirement one year.

The last years of the actor's life

In 1973, a friend and companion of Alexander Rowe did not become a friend, the shooting of fairy-tales became less frequent, and after a while the actor was no longer invited to the film. This, of course, could not but affect its internal state.

Lev Potemkin excelled not only in the actor's field, he was an active public figure, he presided over the theatrical local committee.

During the last two years of his life, the actor suffered a serious illness, the place of his residence was the House of Veterans of the scene. But even in those conditions, he took an active part in public life, was the organizer of creative evenings, in which former colleagues of the operetta theater acted.

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