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Grapefruit - the minimum caloric value, the use - colossal

Grapefruit pleases people with its taste and useful properties for more than 250 years. Its juice is added to seafood, meat, and other things. Just add the juice of grapefruit to these products - this is enough for a fantastic improvement in taste. It is the result of an alliance of two kinds of citrus fruits, namely orange and pomelo. His "name" he received due to the fact that grows bunches like grapes. Only one of its berries can reach 500 g.

It was from the 19th century that citrus, called grapefruit, with a calorie content of only 29 kcal, proved to be an incredibly useful dietary fruit. His unusual bitterness attracts some, pushes others, but the lovers of this citrus become with time only more. Benefits from its use are easy to imagine, since it is extremely rich in vitamins C, B1, B, P and provitamin A. In addition, it differs from other of its colleagues in high content of pectin substances, organic acids, essential oil and mineral salts.

As for practical benefit and possible harm, it is worthwhile to clarify the following. Grapefruit is useful for:

  • Prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • Elimination of liver function disorders;
  • Normalization of blood pressure.

As for pressure, then grapefruit can not be consumed with medicines - neither juice nor fruit. There is an extremely high likelihood of complications, namely: dizziness, redness of the face, palpitations or mild arrhythmia. The substances that this citrus contains do not allow the medications to dissolve quickly, the consequence of which is their incorrect action. This is likely only one serious drawback, which has a grapefruit. Caloric content of this citrus and sufficient fleshiness have become an excellent reason for its use and introduction in all kinds of diets.

Despite the low figure of kcal, grapefruit allows you not to stay hungry for quite a long period of time. You'd better not figure it out, right? But no. This citrus is strictly contraindicated to people suffering from peptic ulcer disease, cholecystitis, acute nephritis, gastritis, colitis, enteritis and hepatitis. This severity is due to the fact that fruit juice irritates the mucous membrane of the intestine and stomach extremely badly, and also has no better effect on the kidneys. If you have not encountered the above diseases, you can use grapefruit calmly. Calories, which it contains, do not exactly add weight to you, but in the diet the main thing is to observe the accuracy.

Grapefruit and behavior

American scientists are a rather curious people, and it is not difficult for them to throw out the extra hundreds of thousands of US rubles for another "vital" experiment. To calculate how useful the grapefruit is, the caloric content of this citrus (more precisely, the practical absence) has been studied repeatedly in its use in diets. Throughout the whole year, half of the volunteers ate a quarter of the grapefruit before taking their usual food, the second half was living their usual life. As a result, after 4 months, "grapefruit" lost 2 kg, while the other subjects either recovered or remained at their weight. And it's absolutely easy and diets. They just used grapefruit. Calories have little to do with it, just citrus improves metabolism, therefore, the food you eat is better absorbed.

To maintain the shape of the diet are optional. It is enough to drink only 100 g of juice before consuming food, which gave grapefruit. Caloric content of food, which is used after this, instead of laying under the skin reserves "for a rainy day" is converted into energy. Of course, we are not talking about a meal containing more than 800 kcal - grapefruit here does not help. Eat in moderation and be healthy, beautiful and happy!

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