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Leonardo DiCaprio: biography, filmography, personal life. What is the height of Leonardo DiCaprio and how old is he?

One of Hollywood's most controversial and controversial actors, Leonardo DiCaprio, was born in Los Angeles on November 11, 1974, in the family of Italian immigrant George DiCaprio and German Irmeline Indenbirken. The parents did not have mutual understanding, and they often quarreled. In the end, a divorce followed, and Leonardo stayed with his mother. At that time, the boy was only a year and a half. On the question of today's fans of the actor about how many years of Leonardo DiCaprio, you can answer unequivocally: this year he will turn 40 years old.

Irmelin tried to provide the growing up son with everything necessary, although for this the woman had to work from morning till night. But her efforts were not in vain, Leonardo grew up and entered the Seeds Elementary School, which he successfully graduated in 1992 and immediately applied to the university. After four years of training, he received a bachelor's degree, but did not get a job.


From an early age the boy showed artistic ability and already at the age of 14 began to dream about the stage. Its appearance allowed us to hope for success in the art world. The growth of Leonardo DiCaprio was already above average (already 183 cm). The young man stood for hours in front of the mirror, trying to translate the images he saw into his own way. His idol was Cary Grant - an actor worthy of imitation. Leonardo was 12 years old when Grant passed away. This event left a deep imprint on children's memory.

Under the impression of Hollywood films, realizing that he has good external data, Leonardo decided to become a film actor. After some time he managed to get acquainted with the agent, who was engaged in the selection of performers of small roles in promotional shorts. So began a career in film for a young Leonardo DiCaprio, whose biography can be an example of success.

Shooting and school

A sonorous name, a beautiful face, a slim figure - all this opened up the young man the way to cinema. Leonardo did not mind that he plays advertising characters, and his role lasts only one minute. He felt like a real actor, capable of reincarnation.

At first he had to combine shooting with studies, and he was already beginning to think about quitting school. But his mother convinced him of the need for education. Then the future actor learned how to allocate his time so that schoolwork was left in the first place, and the shooting in the commercials took place in free from school hours. Leonardo was pleased with his life as a novice actor, besides, he received little money for participation in promotional films and was proud of it.

The first series

The young artist Leonardo DiCaprio, whose photo was in the agency, was noticed by the producers from the television. He received an invitation to participate in the series "Roseanne." This was in 1988. The young man gladly agreed and diligently fulfilled the microscopic role of the pupil Darlene. Serial "Rosanna" was at that time the most successful project with a huge number of nominations and prizes. Leonardo did not even enter the list of actors listed in the credits, but he was happy that he participates in such a project. The following year, the young actor played the boy in the series "The New Adventures of Lassie", then the child in the film "Santa Barbara", and then in the "Outcasts".

Debut in the cinema

As time went. Leonardo DiCaprio, whose biography already contained the first pages, turned into a handsome young man. He became famous in certain circles related to filmmaking. And in 1991, Leonardo DiCaprio held a full-fledged film debut - he played the role of Josh in the horror film "Critters."

From now on, the commercials were finished. Leonardo became a film actor, which he confirmed with his participation in the film "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." The plot of the picture is deeply dramatic. The role of Arnie Grape, the mentally handicapped brother of the protagonist, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, demanded the highest acting skills, and the young novice artist brilliantly coped with it, having received the first ever Oscar nominations and the Golden Globe.

Development of creativity

1995 was held for DiCaprio under the sign of participation in the film "Fast and the Dead", where he played the role of Baby. The director of the film Sam Raimi assembled a truly stellar cast of actors. The film involved Sharon Stone, Jean Hackman and Russell Crowe. A thrilling action-scenarios scenario kept everyone on the set in suspense. Even after the operator turned off the camera, no one wanted to leave. Spontaneous discussions began on the work done, which lasted until late at night.

In the same year, Leonardo took part in the creation of the picture "Basketball Diary", in which he played the main role of Jim Carroll - a sixteen-year-old teenager, gifted, but without a future. The films made in the period from 1991 to 1996 are the best films of Leonardo DiCaprio as a novice actor.

DiCaprio and Shakespeare

In 1996, Leo appeared on the set of the film "Romeo Plus Juliet" directed by Baz Luhrmann. The plot of the picture repeats the classic story of two lovers, the tragedy of the English playwright William Shakespeare in modern interpretation. The growth of Leonardo DiCaprio was slightly more than required, as Romeo was not high. And the operator had to lift the camera to visually reduce it. Juliet was played by actress Claire Danes. This was her first major role. The film was a resounding success and became DiCaprio's first box-office success.

The next work of Leonardo was the family drama Marvin's Room. It was the role of a teenager, Hank, involved in the complex vicissitudes of family relationships. The partnership of such stars as Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro, added Leo's self-confidence and acting experience. He was already ready for his next film, which would turn his fate.


It was a James Cameron film "Titanic" - a picture that became the basis for the future career of actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The role of the young Jack Dawson brought him world fame and glory. Nevertheless, the actor first wanted to refuse to participate in the film because of uncertainty in their abilities. The plot of "Titanic" seemed to him too complicated, responsible. Leonardo DiCaprio, whose roles had not been impressive before by his depth, believed that he could not cope with the new work of his youth. However, director Cameron tried to convince Leo of his abilities, and the shooting began.

"Titanic" was a shock to moviegoers, the main event of the cultural life of 1997. The picture gathered an unprecedented number of "Oscars" (eleven). However, film academics decided not to pamper Leo with the highest award. But even if Leonardo DiCaprio received an Oscar for Best Actor, then most likely it would not have affected his career. After all, thanks to this film, he became one of the most highly paid Hollywood actors. A magazine "People" included him in the list of "50 most beautiful people in the world."

Roles in cinema and box office

A long time after the movie "Titanic" in the asset of Leonardo DiCaprio, whose biography was already very rich, did not appear work of a similar scale. He played the leading roles in the film "The Man in the Iron Mask" and in the film "Celebrity". Both films were filmed in 1998, but for Leonardo it was an ordinary movie. His creative ego was not satisfied.

Actor slightly cheered adventure film called "Beach", filmed in 2000 by director Danny Boyle. DiCaprio played in the film the main role - the American traveler Richard, who is looking for extreme sensations. "Beach" was conceived as a specific picture with tropical episodes, but she had no success, although the box office was not bad.

Creative growth

In 2001, Leonardo DiCaprio became interested in the film project "American Psycho", namely the role of Patrick Bateman, but, after thinking, refused to participate, and as a result, the role was played by Christian Bale. And the image of Peter Parker in the production based on the super-comics "Spider-Man", intended for Leo, after his refusal was implemented by Tobey Maguire.

But the scenario of the movie "Catch Me If You Can" interested DiCaprio with his criminal tragi-comic character, and he agreed to the role of Frank William Abignail, an extraordinary criminal of the sixties. The picture was shot by the famous director Steven Spielberg. All work on the film was done in record time and took a month and a half. The box office collection was nevertheless impressive, and the actor was nominated for the Golden Globe Award. The creative growth of Leonardo DiCaprio continued.

The first "Golden Globe"

Then Leo participated in quite an interesting project for himself, director Martin Scorsese under the name "Gangs of New York" about the confrontation of New York criminal gangs and visiting "guest performers". The film was a success, DiCaprio's game was highly appreciated, but still he gave the palm to his partner on the set, actor Daniel Lewis.

Martin Scorsese's painting "Aviator" was the last Leonardo film in 2004. He played American billionaire Howard Hughes, whose image was woven of contradictions and demanded a lengthy preparation of the actor. For one and a half years DiCaprio studied the life and life of a great businessman. The film was a great success, and Leonardo received his first honored "Golden Globe". "Oscar", which was also nominated by DiCaprio, was won not by him, but by Jamie Foxx.

DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese

In 2006, Leonardo DiCaprio, whose filmography includes about fifty paintings, starred in the film "Blood Diamond" - the adventure drama directed by Edward Zwick on the smuggling of diamonds. There was also a tape called "The Departed" by Martin Scorsese - this is a story about the Irish mafia and the police officer William Costigan, who opposes the criminal assaults of criminal mafiosi. The main roles in these two films have added DiCaprio nomination for "Oscar" and "BAFTA", as well as for the next "Golden Globe". Leonardo's cooperation with Martin Scorsese continued in 2010 on the project "The Island of the Damned." It was a film in the genre of psychological thriller based on the novel by Dennis Leehan. Leo played Marshal Teddy Daniels.

Travel to St. Petersburg

November 2010 was free from filming, and Leonardo DiCaprio, whose biography had not yet contained pages devoted to travel, went to St. Petersburg for an international forum organized by the Society for the Protection of Animals on the disappearing population of Bengal tigers. The trip was not asked from the very beginning. The DiCaprio plane made two unscheduled emergency landings: the first in New York and the second in Helsinki. The flight took place in an atmosphere of emergency tension, but in the end the airliner with the superstar of Hollywood landed at the international airport Pulkovo.

Personal life

The personal life of Leonardo DiCaprio is an inexhaustible subject for newspaper articles. Each step is widely covered, every word is retold in every way. DiCaprio has never been married, but he does not deny himself the pleasure of communicating a month or two with some famous and beautiful woman. All the girls of Leonardo DiCaprio are from the world of fashion or show business. Each of his alliances invariably ends with a message in the press: "Then and then the couple announced the parting ..."

In 1990, Leo met with Helena Christensen, a Dane, a model, a very beautiful woman. A year later, another model appeared, this time the Brazilian one - Gisele Bündchen. Then there were meetings with a model from Israel Bar Rafaeli. With her, DiCaprio met for three years, from 2006 to 2009, and in March 2010, the couple announced a break in relations. Then they met again and even wanted to get married. This mutual desire lasted until May 2011. Given how many years of Leonardo DiCaprio, many fans would love to know when he decides to still start a family.


June 2011 marked the beginning of the alliance of DiCaprio with actress Blake Lively. And six months later, according to newspaper reports, lovers parted, but swore to each other in indestructible friendship. Since December 2011, Leo has met with model Erin Heatherton. Exactly a year later they broke up because of mutual employment. Six months later, the actor offered Frohilen Tony Garrn, a model from Germany, to start a relationship.

Leonardo DiCaprio, unlike most colleagues in the shop, is not an active buyer of real estate. He has only one house in Los Angeles, an apartment in Manhattan in Battery Park, and a small island in the Caribbean, which he bought to implement his idea of eco-tourism.

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