Painting of paints for obtaining refined tones in the interior

Creative ideas for creating an exquisite interior are realized with the help of high-quality materials and paints. However, the palette of the available products in the store does not always correspond to the planned color. To get the right shade, you often need to tint the paints.

Ways of coloring

The procedure can be performed in several ways:

  1. Computer tinting, in which a given color is obtained by means of a tinting machine.
  2. Manual tinting in salons or shops, where experts prepare the desired color by experiment, painting the area and evaluating the result after it dries.
  3. Painting at home: mixing of paint and color or the achievement of the desired color by glaze.

Basic concepts

Carrying out repair work, many people start to find out for themselves the answer to the question about what is the coloring of the paint, glaze, and also to be interested in other similar terms. We will uncover some of these concepts.

Coloration of paints is the process of adding a coloring pigment (color) to the paint to achieve a shade appropriate to the idea of the interior and suitable for finishing, repair work.

Lessirovka - a kind of surface finish, in which the painting takes place in two stages: first the basic color is applied, and after drying it is covered with a transparent or translucent paint. Thanks to this method, the walls acquire a soft shade and texture.

Computer coloring of paints is a modern method of coloring, in which the amount of base paint and color is calculated, after which the data are transferred to a special machine.

A colouring machine is a high-tech equipment that mixes paints, according to the task transmitted through the computer.

Hand Painting Colors

At first glance, it seems that there is nothing complicated in mixing paints. It is enough to buy color and paint for the base.

But here it is important to take into account a lot of nuances:

  • Base base is chosen taking into account the color of the color. So, to achieve dark and saturated tones, white paint with a high content of binding elements is required. And for light colors, a water-based paint with a lower amount of binder is suitable. In the market of modern building materials, we follow the instructions and inscriptions on the container, where the types of tinting are indicated, the purpose of the paint is described.
  • Mixing the paint and coloring is very necessary, you can resort to a mixer. This is to ensure that there are no white fragments left, and the color is monochrome.
  • After drying, the tone brightens 2-3 times, so you need to make the paint saturated, than it was intended. After that, we paint a small fragment and wait for it to dry out. The result should be evaluated in good light, and then make a decision about full coloring or additional coloring.

The main drawback of manual tinting is the inability to repeat the color in the future. And this is important when carrying out minor restoration work, eliminating scuffs or dirt.

Computer Tinting

Having decided to trust specialists and computer coloring, you immediately eliminate a lot of problems concerning the choice of color, paint, long mixing, experiments. At the same time, the cost of tinting the paint is low and amounts to 5 rubles. Per liter depending on the salon or store.

The only drawback is that the shade chosen on the monitor or the catalog in the room will look different. Minor deviations in color are associated with the illumination and the size of the surface.

Coloring paints is a simple process, it is available to absolutely everyone. Thanks to him you can make the interior the most unusual, exquisite, delicate. The received shades will lift the mood and give your house a special comfort.

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