Why do I need to paint the support and how to do it?

The painting of the support is a complex of paint and varnish works aimed at improving the appearance of the component and its further protection against corrosion. As a rule, as a material for these works, a special paint is used that is resistant to corrosive media and large temperature changes. In today's article, we'll talk about how the painting of the support is done at home and why it is needed.

Color selection

To begin with, we need to decide what color to paint the part in. The most effective is the coloring of the support in red. He makes the car more sporty and emphasizes his personality. The orange and silver colors look just as good . It should be noted that this material must necessarily be heat-resistant, since the discs are regularly heated to critical temperatures. Painting of the supports with powder paint is one of the most effective for today.

Getting Started

After you purchase all the materials, you can start working. To begin with, drive the car to a garage or other room where there is not a large concentration of road dust. It is worth noting that when painting the support, it is not necessary to remove brake discs and pads. First remove the wheels and prepare the surface of the parts for applying the material. Be sure to get rid of loose rust. This can be done with a coarse-grained sandpaper. If necessary, you can use a steel brush. Then, degrease the surface and clean it of dirt. Brake fluid stains from the support are also removed (if, of course, they are there). In order not to apply the material to places such as brake hoses, we seal them with adhesive tape. Only after the surface has been washed and cleaned, and the excess parts are sealed, you can start painting.

It is worth noting that special sets of materials for such works have now been widely disseminated. They contain not only paint, but also a hardener, as well as a special spray. This gives a guarantee that the material will be resistant to corrosion and temperature changes. First of all, mix the components in a ratio of 1/3 and put the paint in a separate container. Spray immediately and wait for 5 minutes, until it disappears. The paint is applied very gently, evenly over the entire surface. After the first layer is dried, we put another one on top. Be sure to wait until the material dries (this is about 15-20 minutes). Next, do not apply anything. Everything, at this stage the painting of the support is completed. Now it only remains to collect the wheels back and remove the paint tape from the brake hoses.

Painting calipers - photo result

As a result, we have a beautiful, attractive support, which in the next few years will be protected from rust and various kinds of oxidation. Such a detail will not only be attractive, but also durable, as the surface will be exposed to external factors to a lesser extent.

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