The drug "Taufon". Reviews, instructions

The drug "Taufon" is an amino acid agent that stimulates the regenerative and reparative process in pathologies of the retina of the eyes, which are of a dystrophic nature, as well as with lesions resulting from trauma. The international and chemical name of the drug is "Taurine" (2-aminosulfonic acid). To buy in drugstores the preparation "Taufon", the description of which is described in detail in the instructions attached to it, can be in the form of drops for the eyes. The main active substance of the drug is taurine, the content of which in one milliliter of the solution is 0.04 grams. Additional elements are the following: water for injection and nipagin M. Drops are a colorless transparent liquid, placed in vials.

The drug "Taufon", reviews of which as a remedy for fatigue and redness of the eyes, are especially common among patients wearing lenses, is very popular in ophthalmic practice. The main active ingredient, being an amino acid containing sulfur, promotes the normal functioning of cell membranes, activates the processes of metabolism and energy production, maintains the electrolyte balance of the cytoplasm, and plays a neurotransmitter role by inhibiting synaptic transmission.

The drug "Taufon", whose experts recommend its use as a remedy for cataract and glaucoma, affects the organs of vision, providing a regenoprotective and metabolic effect. The purpose of the medication is made in pathologies of the retina of the eyes of a dystrophic nature. They include radiation, traumatic, diabetic and senile cataracts, as well as degenerations obtained by inheritance. Apply the drug to stimulate the process of repair in case of traumatic lesions of the cornea. The purpose of the drug "Taufon", reviews of which characterize its effectiveness for lowering the pressure inside the eye, are produced in the presence of this phenomenon in glaucoma.

The use of the drug is carried out by instillation into the eye, where the main active ingredient and shows its positive properties. At the same time, there is practically no absorption in the bloodstream of the drug.

The drug "Taufon", reviews of which speak about the possible undesirable effects in its use, in some cases can cause symptoms of allergic manifestations. Sometimes there is a slight burning and tingling of the eyes.

Pharmaceutical industry produces biologically active food additive "Taufon Vita". This drug, the main active ingredient of which is taurine. This natural element is a vital component of the heart muscle, brain, pancreas and eye tissue. Only in the myocardium the quantitative composition of taurine is fifty percent of the number of amino acids contained in this organ. The use of the drug stabilizes the function of cell membranes. First of all, this refers to carbohydrate, protein and electrolyte metabolism. Without the optimal presence in the body of the main active ingredient of the drug - taurine, the normal activity of certain hormones and enzymes is impossible, as well as the regulation of restorative and energy functions. Taking the drug "Taufon Vita" will help reduce the risk of:

- heart failure, arrhythmia and hypertension;

- weakening of eyesight and various eye diseases;

- violations in the liver and pancreas;

- Atherosclerosis;

- weakness of the musculature of the skeleton;

- vegetative-vascular dystonia;

- Weakened memory and irritability.

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