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"Stealth Navigator 550": review of the model, specifications, reviews

It's nice to get on the bike after work and just drive around. It helps to relax and release the tension that has accumulated all day. But you need to have a bicycle for this. Today we will talk about "Stealth Navigator 550". What are his advantages, disadvantages, technical characteristics and features? It is necessary to find out.

A bit about "Stealth"

Bicycles of this company are produced in Russia. That is why their cost is not so great. The company "Stealth" is a very rich model range. You can find any model with any technical characteristics. In fact, "Stealth Navigator 550" is a typical, as they say in the people, Ashbayk. This expression means that the model of this budget option, which is sold in the "Auchan". The quality of the products is similar. Many details are purchased in the neighboring "Keith" at very ridiculous prices, and then simply gather here. So you get bicycles "Stealth".

General information about "Stealth Navigator": we study the frame

Each bicycle has some special characteristics. This bike has its own special frame geometry. In the most common, it consists of a simple triangle (in geometry, by the way, it is considered one of the strongest figures). The designers who created the bike "Stealth Navigator 550" did not want to design something standard. Because of this, he received a frame with a strange geometry: the upper tube is welded to the bottom in the middle. It turned out something like an equilateral triangle with an emerging ray. It's not clear what such a special design is better than the standard one, what advantages does it give? But we can say at once, it does not look very attractive.

It is also important to know how much the bicycle "Stealth Navigator 550" costs. Its price is about seven thousand rubles. It ranges from the year of manufacture and the shop where the model is sold.

About the suspension of the "Stealth Navigator"

There are two types of bicycles, which differ in the arrangement of the suspension. These are hardtails and two-podvesvesy. The first has only one front fork, while the second one has all two wheels cushioned. Because of this, the two-pods are very heavy, but they are suitable for all kinds of jumps, mountain descents and so on. Hardtail is more suitable for walks along forest paths, light impassability and so on.

If we talk about depreciation, then this bike belongs to the hardtail class. In English it means "strong back". Unlike many other models of "Stealth", the "Navigator" does not have a rear suspension. He only has the usual front fork that all mountain bikes have. But I want to say that a good spring-elastomeric system is not put on the heights of this class. Here, most likely, there is a cheap element, which almost does not give the desired effect.

Specifications "Stealth Navigator 550"

It immediately shows that it belongs to the class of mountain bikes. This means that you can ride it off-road, forest paths and so on. It is designed for both adults and children, it is a universal model. He weighs seventeen kilograms, which is quite acceptable for his class. But this is without taking into account any hinges: rear and headlights, trunk, bags, speedometer and so on.

It is also important to know that the frame is made of steel. More expensive models are made of aluminum alloy. Steel is cheap stuff. As a rule, budget models are made from it. "Stealth Navigator 55" 0 just this and applies. Steel, unlike aluminum, is susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, it is better not to play with walks in the rain. Also, you must observe the correct storage conditions (do not leave in winter on the unglazed balcony or in other humid places).

Wheels and transmission

Like all mountain bikes, it has twenty-six inch wheels. Tires are set with an aggressive protector, because it is supposed to be used for racing on the ground. They are wide and heavy, like all tires for mountain bikes. The only thing that is good here is the rim. Unlike the frame, they are made of aluminum alloy. They are light and strong, because the design is specially reinforced.

"Navigator" is a high-speed bicycle. He has twenty-one speed. The switches are the simplest ones, but if they are adjusted, they will normally perform their function.

"Stealth Navigator 550": reviews

Opinions about this bike are very different. Some owners think that this unit is pretty good, while others think that there is nothing worse than "Stealth". The first category is usually those people who just became cyclists. That is why they are satisfied with this choice. They are not yet ready to spend big money on expensive bicycles. Those who already have some experience, can immediately appreciate the quality. "Stealth Navigator", of course, is outwardly designed for off-road, but in fact, its habitat is parks. For those who do not count for more, the model will fit just right.

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