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Merida matts 40 - Taiwanese quality

Bicycles are becoming more and more popular. After all, active rest has always been in a trend. Today bicycles are manufactured almost all over the world. But, among many already well-known and established European and American brands, Merida stands out. Matts 40 is one of the most popular models of this company. What is this bicycle and what are its characteristics?

Short description

Merida is a company that deals with bicycles in Taiwan. The best engineers are working on developing new models and improvements. Production facilities are located in the same Taiwan, but products are sold around the world (in 70 countries). In every major city there is a branded store where you can buy branded goods. Merida is famous for the fact that it produces good budget bicycles, which are available to everyone. But also in its assortment there are also high-quality bikes for sports races.

history of the company

Almost every major bicycle manufacturing company was initially justified as a regular shop selling spare parts. "Merida" in this regard is no exception. It was established in 1972. A year later, assembly of Japanese-made bikes was already arranged. At that time it was the first bicycle factory in Taiwan. So this brand can be considered a pioneer in your country.

After the company strengthened in its own market, it took a step forward: began to export its products to America and Europe. Since that moment, it has begun to gain universal recognition and popularity, and the production capacity is increasing and increasing.

His success Merida is due to the creator - Hayk D.H. Tsen. He put a lot of effort to unleash it. Now the business of Ike continues with his son Michael.

Up to now, work is underway to improve products and introduce new technologies in the production process. This is well supported by a special research center "Merida", which is located in Germany. There, all new models are tested and analyzed.

Characteristic of Merida Matts 40

From the first glance it can be determined that the bicycle belongs to the mountain range. This he owes to the wide tires, strong frame and suspension.

On Merida Matts 40 d you can ride in the style of cross-country, which is one of the most versatile. It involves moving to places where there is no even road: forests, fields, mountains. In this he is helped by his characteristics and features of the structure. Although it is mountainous, but it is better not to jump on it from high jumps and try not to leave the steep slopes. He is not designed for this.

Weigh a bicycle with all standard equipment almost 14 kilograms. This is not the easiest bike, but for fans it is quite suitable. Moreover, then it will be possible to replace some of the details with lighter ones.

Bicycle frame

The frame of the Merida Matts 40 is made of a special aluminum alloy. Its main properties are lightness and resistance to corrosion. I want to note that the frames of this company are of high quality, so they are very reliable. The main parts of the bicycle are manufactured automatically, and Japanese robots produced by "Taiots" are welding.

It is also important to choose the correct frame size for yourself. Merida Matts 40 admit from 14 to 24 inches. On the manufacturer's website, you can find a table on which there is a matching bike frame size with a person's height.


By type of depreciation Merida Matts 40 d refers to the type of hardtails. In translation, means that he has a hard ass. This is because the fork is only on the front wheel. Since the bike is designed for cross-country, and not for jumping from the springboards, it simply does not need such depreciation.

There is a spring-elastomeric plug from the manufacturer "Santur". This is the standard option for almost all mid-range bicycles. The reserve of its course is 100 mm. This will be enough for all beginners and amateurs.

For those who travel more often on good coverings, it will be useful to use a traffic lock. With it, you can adjust the rigidity of the plug or turn it off altogether. This is to ensure that excess energy does not go into the spring. So the cyclist will be easier to accelerate.


Here at Merida Matts 6 40, too, everything follows a standard pattern: a 26-inch vilset. Wide tires allow you to drive well on loose surfaces. Not bad is that the rims are double. Such a structure is more durable, so it is less deformed.


As with many medium bicycles, Merida Matts 40 md is equipped with a disk mechanic. Such brakes are not afraid of dirt and other weather conditions. Therefore, they are considered more reliable. Their producer is Tektro. A fairly popular model for this type of bike. The diameter of the disc is 160 mm. The bigger one is not needed here.


One of the most important parts of a bicycle. Here Merida was very pleased. The front is standard 3 stars, and behind 9. A total of 27 speeds. Such models are usually installed already outdated system for 21 transmission.

The switches themselves, also quite qualitative, from the company "Shimano". Therefore, this bike from the "Merida" no one complains about the transmission.

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