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Jam from squash with fruit

Despite the fact that, at first glance, this jam looks unusual, it tastes just magical. Transparent, fragrant zucchini jam will give odds to any purchased jam or jam.

What may be needed to prepare it? Jam from zucchini can be prepared if you take 1 kg of sugar, 1 zucchini and 1 lemon. With zucchini peel, remove the seeds from the core, rub on a large grater pulp. Lemons are finely chopped into pieces, mixed with grated zucchini and covered with sugar. Allow to stand for an hour, after which they set to cook on low heat. Cook for about 50 minutes, stirring regularly and hotly rolled into sterilized cans.

Jam from the courgettes can be prepared according to another recipe. Take a kilo of zucchini, a kilogram of sugar, a lemon and a glass of water. From zucchini they take out the grains and remove the skin from them, the flesh is cut into cubes. Lemons are ground on grater. Prepare the syrup - sugar is poured with water, put the pan on a small fire and constantly stir the syrup until the sugar crystals dissolve. Lay zucchini and lemon in a syrup and cook for 40 minutes, until the zucchini is soft.

To prepare an amber jam from zucchini with oranges, you need to follow the following recipe. It will take: 2 oranges, a kilo of squash and the same amount of sugar, a glass of water. Prepare the syrup in the same way as described in the previous recipe - sugar is transferred to a pan, poured water and turn on a small fire. With vegetables, peel and remove from the core of the seeds. If you take small young zucchini for jam, then the seeds can not be removed, they do not interfere. Then zucchini and oranges together with the skin are cut into small cubes and put in sugar syrup. Cook the jam for about an hour until the vegetables become clear.

Jam from courgettes with citrus fruits

In this recipe, there are both lemons and oranges, so the ready-made jam has a very delicate and unusual taste.

One kilogram of zucchini should take 1 kg of sugar, 1 lemon and 1 orange. Purify zucchini and grind it on a grater with large holes. Similarly, they do with lemon and orange - they rub them without removing the peel. Put everything in a saucepan, cover with sugar, mix and leave for an hour, so that the vegetable marrow gives the juice. Then put the pan on a small fire and, stirring occasionally, cook for about 40 minutes. This jam from the vegetable marrow can be rolled up right into the jars, or you can serve it to the table with fritters or pancakes.

To get a gentle and homogeneous jam, you can use the following recipe. Ingredients are the same - a kilogram of zucchini and sugar, 1 lemon and orange. With zucchini peel and cut into thin long strips, if necessary - remove the seeds. Citrus is washed and cut into 4 parts, after which the fruit and zucchini is passed through a meat grinder. Puree is mixed, so that the grated lemon and orange are distributed throughout the volume, and covered with sugar. An hour later, they put the pot on the fire and, sometimes stirring, cook for about 20 minutes. The jam from the courgettes, cooked in this way, turns out to be fragrant, thick. It is easily spread on a sandwich or roll.

Jam from fruit squash

For cooking, you need: 1 kg squash, 900 grams sugar, water, 100 grams of canned pineapple, orange and lemon. With zucchini peel, clean them if necessary and cut into cubes and a half inches. Precisely the same cubes cut washed citrus and pineapple rings. Prepare sugar syrup - pour sugar a glass of water and put on fire to dissolve. Put zucchini and fruit in syrup and cook until the vegetables are soft.

Such jam can be served not only for pancakes and fritters. They can decorate a vase with ice cream at a gala dinner, and you can serve it as a separate dessert.

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