How to dress properly for a girl

How to dress properly for a girl who wants to be the most fashionable and keep up with the seasonal trends? Fashion is a very windy and unreliable concept. Today, we consider the most actual apparel narrow trousers and a high heel. Tomorrow everyone will run feverishly to buy "loose" jeans, a la boyfriend. And the day after tomorrow, the era of fans of European careless chic will come. Each of us constantly strives to jump into an escaping car on time or have time to buy a ticket for the next train going to the country of fashion. So, what is necessary to know about the very notorious fashion, so that at the most crucial moment not feel like a Cinderella who did not manage to leave the ball before twelve? Let's consider some basic rules.

It is impossible to combine all

Very lucky to those young ladies, whose caring mothers from childhood instilled in them the ability to dress and not look like a black sheep, standing out from the crowd. But, unfortunately, not everyone has learned the "fashionable" lesson of a wise parent, and after reaching the age of complete independence, they have no idea how to dress properly for a girl. In fact, everything is simple enough. The main thing to remember is the three basic rules.

First, always pay attention to the color combination in clothes. Remember how in childhood all were afraid to look like "traffic lights." That's the same in adult fashion. To avoid making a mistake, choose pastel colors in clothes, better shades of the same color and dilute it with some bright accent. For example, several shades of gray and crimson or fuchsia.

The next golden rule of fashion - a minimum of accessories and jewelry. How correctly to dress in the club and make your trump card a great taste, and not act as a New Year tree? Of course, to make the right choice: wear long, reaching up to the shoulders of earrings, a lot of bright bracelets, a strap with a large buckle or bulky beads. The main thing to remember is that a stylish girl must necessarily prefer one thing. A lot of women, who just love to put on everything and immediately, embodying the saying "I carry everything with me", confidently believe that they know exactly how to dress properly for a girl. Do not think that putting on three-dimensional beads, earrings, bracelets and a brooch, you will conquer half the world. Nobody wants to look like a crow and, nevertheless, many people constantly forget about this rule. Dress one thing, but do not be embarrassed by the imagination and size of the accessory.

Rule number three calls us to individuality. Many girls, especially at a young contradictory age, without having an idea of how to properly dress a teenager, very often go to extremes, only to attract attention to themselves. Or, they begin to imitate and be "like everyone else". It is they who, after growing up, become "victims" of fashion. Or, conversely, too boldly and uncompromisingly begin to approach the choice of clothing. This is their first acquaintance with the individuality, but it is necessary to direct it in the right direction so that you can grow your own unique style.

Dress what you like and radiate confidence

Especially acute is the problem of fashion choice in adolescence. The girl grows up, spreads the swan wings, and most importantly, do not miss the moment and bring her knowledge about how to dress properly for a girl, the ability to taste and good mood to choose clothes and love this process. The older sister or mother should be her fashionable guides and advisors, and not a "glossy" and podium fashion. It is necessary to teach her to feel her confidence and personality. If she understands what can be worn, what else is too early, and how to dress properly for a teenager, then most likely, she will learn to adequately treat fashion and necessarily find her style and favorite image.

The ability to dress fashionably and tastefully is an art that, if desired, can be made available to everyone.

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