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Palace of Culture. Zuev for citizens and guests of the capital

Muscovites and guests of the capital who want to have fun, laugh or sigh, see a new play or musical, organize a holiday for the child or listen to famous musicians, go to the Palace of Culture. Zuev. This is an unusual architectural structure, a model of post-revolutionary construction in the spirit of constructivism. The building is a monolithic design, designed using different geometric shapes. The object is named in honor of locksmith S. Zuev, participant of the 1905 uprising.

Features of work of the recreation center

Various events are held in the halls of the building. It can be children's or adult performances, festive performances, concerts. Palace of Culture. Zuyeva is a well-known playground on which the popular troupe "Quartet I" gives its performances. The theatrical collective acts with the repertoire, touching the pressing problems of modern society. In the performances of the actors, musical groups participate, creating a live sound accompaniment to the performance.

How to get to the recreation center?

It can not be said that the building is in the center of the city. The building stands in the area of the Belorussian station at a distance of 846 meters from it. It is located at: ul. Lesnaya, 18, DK Zueva, Moscow. How to get to this place?

There go minibus 356m, 418m, 378m, 112m and trolleybus number 78. However, the easiest way to get to the destination by metro.

First move to the station "Belorusskaya", from there it remains to go a little deeper along Lesnaya Street (distance about 500 m). If you go by bus, then you better get off at the stop "2 nd Lesnoy per.". From there you will have to walk back along the street a few meters. By car you need to get to the street first. Tverskaya-Yamskaya. Then turn to Lesnaya and get to the intersection of it with the Miussky alley. Here, right on the corner to the right, the driver will see an unusual building, composed as if from different geometric shapes. This will be the Palace of Culture. Zuev.

Guest Reviews

The repertoire of the institution is quite interesting. Here put the works of V. Shukshin, A. Stroganov, E. Radzinsky, V. Shenderovich. In general, the program is fascinating.

For preschool children and primary school children in the Palace of Culture. Zueva put musicals, in which people and fairy-tale characters play . At the beginning of the presentation, children are taught how to behave in the theater, advised to remove noisy objects. Music and the play of actors to children and their parents like. "It is evident that the guys are trying," the visitors note. If children are happy with fabulous characters and bright costumes, adults like the choice of dishes in the buffet, the unique architecture of the building, the work of the troupe "Quartet I", the topical themes of the performances.

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