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Business suit is an indispensable element of any successful woman's wardrobe. If in earlier times, for example, at the very beginning of the last century, only a combination of a jacket and a skirt of medium length was understood by it, today the variety of business suits is very large. Sometimes his style can balance on the verge between severity and mischief, even outrageous, thereby attracting even more attention to the general image.

In fact, today women's costumes 2011 have quite a lot of no less strict and stylish alternatives, so they are not absolutely necessary in the wardrobe. However, a strict suit is ideal for business negotiations requiring maximum focus on presenting a product or project and minimizing attention to the appearance of the parties. This does not mean that clothes should be boring, it is only necessary to show a little imagination and flip through the pages of fashion magazines.

How to choose a business suit?
The choice of a business suit depends on many factors. First of all, you need to pay attention to the type of figure, because like any other incorrectly selected clothing, an illiterate skirt, trousers or jacket can only emphasize the shortcomings, of course, if any.

For women with lush shapes, designers developed models with shortened jackets that have rounded lapels. The jacket must be fitted, and the skirt must have a round hemline. For more athletic women, women's costumes with straight lines are more suitable. In this case, the jacket should be elongated, and have sharp geometric contours of the lapels.

Choosing a business suit is not the first look is simple, but the type of figure is not the only factor on the list that must be taken into account.

Very important is the choice of color, which should vary depending on the season: bright and light colors for spring-summer options, darker for autumn-winter. Be moderate when choosing a pattern of tissue: no screaming and bright tones, let it be monophonic fabrics, or a moderate cage or a vertical strip.

The fabric for the costume should be possibly expensive, the cheapness will make it unsuccessful. Please note that the business image is a business card, which must be impeccable and competently thought out. Avoid synthetics, give preference to quality wool. In addition, when purchasing women's costumes, pay attention not only to the coloring and quality of the fabric, but also to the quality of the tailoring (lining, seams, buttons, locks, etc.).

Types of business suits

It is very convenient and versatile, therefore it is popular among business ladies and among the biggest fashionistas. Pants and jackets of various styles allow creating the most unusual combinations and images. To date, especially relevant trousers, bananas and pants of the classic type with clear arrows.

In some modern versions pantsuits have shortened versions of trousers: shorts or breeches. Undoubtedly, this combination of rigor and originality will allocate any woman from the crowd, give her an image of extravagance and a certain chic. But there is a big minus: in order to wear shorts and breeches you need to have beautiful, slender legs. In addition, this length allows you to experiment with shoes and tights: boots, ankle boots, knitted stockings - everything will be an excellent addition to the style.

Costume with skirt

Skirts of business style, like trousers, can have different cuts. The modern world of fashion offers women's suits 2011 with a skirt-scent, a pencil skirt, and also with a mini skirt. It should be noted that the pencil skirt always effectively emphasized the silhouette, since it fits women with any type of figure.

Women's costumes 2011 can be supplemented with accessories: a light silk scarf of bright color, a flower bag and shoes on the hairpin will make the image more feminine.

Picking a suit you need to pay attention to every little thing, because usually chosen are the classic options that will last a long time and soon go out of fashion.

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