"Pimafucin": the analogue of the Russian. Pimafucin: instructions for use, prices, reviews, analogs

"Pimafucin" belongs to the group of antifungal antibiotics for the treatment of various fungal diseases. Currently available in three forms - in the form of candles, tablets and ointments. Cream is for external use only. It is prescribed for treatment only for adults and children, if necessary, only from the age of 15. The medicine in the form of a cream is allowed to be used by children even from the very birth. So, let's take a closer look at the drug "Pimafucin". Instructions for use, prices, reviews, analogues and features of the treatment for various diseases - all this you will find in the article.

Structure of the preparation

The main active substance of the drug "Pimafucin" is natamycin. In addition, there are also other auxiliary substances. It is cetyl alcohol, sorbitol, solid fat, sodium hydracarbonate and adipic acid. This composition is considered quite mild in action, so the drug is sold without a prescription. "Pimafucin" also contains some other auxiliary substances, which is explained by the form of release and the way of application. The main substance of natamycin acts directly on the nerve endings and the brain. In the cream there are also auxiliary substances, such as wax, tesosteryl alcohol, decyloleate and sodium lauryl sulfate. Be sure to read the instructions before use, as there may be some allergic reactions and intolerance to certain components.

pharmachologic effect

You can also replace "Pimafucin". The Russian analogue "Flucostat", which has the same antiparasitic and antimicrobial effect, refers directly to the antibacterial and antifungal agents of the special group. The effect of the drug is directed to the destruction of microorganisms due to the destruction of cell membranes. It should be noted that at the moment no signs of addiction to the drug have been revealed in patients, therefore it is often prescribed in case of necessity of long reception of the remedy. This composition of the drug is considered to be rather sparing, therefore analogues of the drug "Pimafucin" can be sold without a prescription.

With regard to the reception of tablets, they act only in the intestine, respectively, in the digestive system there is no absorption in the bloodstream. The same thing happens when using vaginal tablets and creams.

Therefore, buying "Pimafucin" (analogue of the Russian "Diflucan") in the form of capsules or solution, it can be confidently asserted that the drug has almost no side effects. A very small number of cases have been registered with complaints about the detection of similar effects.

Indications for use

Allocating certain types of disease, apply "Pimafucin". The Russian analogue of this drug "Flucostat" is also often used to treat fungal diseases of the mucous membranes and skin, and to normalize women's health. In particular, it concerns such diseases as:

- Candidiasis of skin and nails;

- Acute candidiasis, which is often found in patients with a decreased immune system, exhaustion and even in the period after prolonged treatment with various antibacterial drugs;

- Candidiasis of the intestine ;

- dermatomycosis;

- Vaginitis, vulvitis and other similar diseases caused by Candida fungi.

Analogues include "Diflucan", "Nystatin", "Flucostat", "Natamycin" and others.

It is worth noting that today the analogue of "Pimafucin", cheap "Flucostat", can be taken even during pregnancy. On a mandatory basis, this should only be a cream, as its absorption is much lower compared to tablets. The drug in the form of a cream is not absorbed into the bloodstream and does not have any negative effect on the fetus. In addition, it is possible to use even in lactating women. Only with breastfeeding, doctors still strongly recommend taking the medicine only as directed by a specialist. This will protect the mother and the future child more from the possible negative impact.

Contraindications for use

As a rule, with such diseases it is not recommended to engage in self-medication and it is best to undergo a check-up and consult a doctor. To a large extent, this depends on the fact that allergic reactions and individual intolerance of some constituent components can occur. In all other cases, the use of this drug is possible without any additional restrictions.

How to use?

In different cases with different diseases, any analogue of "Pimafucin" cheap should be prescribed only by a doctor, no matter how much the patient would like to save money and choose a cheaper agent on his own. Often, doctors replace this drug with Flukostat and Clotrimazole, which also help very well, particularly with thrush. First and foremost, a specialist's advice is needed because the drug may not be suitable for compatibility with other prescribed drugs or cause some side effects.

How is the drug taken? When dermatomycosis occurs, the above analogs of the medicinal preparation "Pimafucin" are prescribed exclusively in the form of a cream. When detecting affected areas of the skin, apply directly to the inflammation several times a day with a thin layer. In another case, when candidiasis and usual candidiasis dermatitis occur, children or adults are also treated with the cream several times a day. If the acute form has been shown, then some other auxiliaries are also prescribed to achieve a more rapid and desirable result.

When the candidiasis affects the external genitalia, they also designate "Pimafucin" in the form of a cream, and this also applies to children. Unfortunately, such problems are also quite common now in children under 10 years old.

If we are talking about the treatment of candidiasis of the intestine, then for treatment appoint "Pimafucin" in the form of tablets 4 times a day. The minimum course of treatment is at least 7 days. Children from 6 years are prescribed taking pills only 2 times a day.

An analogue of "Pimafucin" in candles "Hexicon" is prescribed for the treatment of such diseases as vaginitis, vulvitis and when a common thrush occurs. Only one candle is administered once a day, preferably at night. The course of treatment - at least 6 days. Candles are introduced directly into the vagina, and if additional help is required, then prescribe also taking the pills additionally. As a rule, "Pimafucin" (analogous to the Russian "Hexicon") is prescribed in an amount not exceeding 4 tablets per day for 10-15 days.

Side effects of the drug

In rare cases, there may be diarrhea, nausea and decreased appetite. Even if this happens, the symptoms often go away quickly and without consequences. If nausea and diarrhea occur all the time after taking the pill or applying the cream, you should still stop treatment with such means or seek medical advice from a doctor. Quite rare are also local and allergic reactions in the form of redness or scabies. It is believed that in this case there is an individual intolerance. Then it is recommended to stop taking the drug and replace it with any other of this group of drugs.

Manifestations of an overdose

As for the overdose, at the moment there is no data on its occurrence. The manifestation of a malaise can occur only if the use of "Pimafucin" in large quantities and incorrect dosage is incorrect.

"Pimafucin": analogues, price, instructions for use

Not always suitable for the patient is the drug that was prescribed by a doctor. In the treatment, you can replace "Pimafucin". The analogue is Russian (the price of any of the below is fully consistent with quality): "Clotrimozole", "Hexicon" and some others. The price of "Klotrimazol" starts from 56 rubles, and "Pimafucin" starts at 350 rubles. Instructions for the use of such an analogue states that the main components are the same and, if necessary, the agent can be used even in the form of tablets.

Also no less known is an analog such as "Diflazon" (from 280 rubles) and "Flukostat" (from 200 rubles). These are drugs in tablets, so they are convenient to be treated with an intensive lifestyle.

Reviews of patients and doctors

Those who used "Pimafucin" in the form of candles, note that there were no adverse reactions. The main thing is to take everything strictly according to the doctor's prescription. Many say that relief comes on the second day after the first candle, but this is determined by the individual characteristics of the person. The main thing is to consult with a doctor and study the preparation "Pimafucin" in more detail, its analogues in the treatment of a disease.

There is also evidence that "Pimafucin" helped with candidiasis of the skin, and the first positive changes were visible already on the third day after application. Doctors say that symptomatic treatment primarily depends on the correct diagnosis and the pace of treatment. Therefore, it is difficult to say categorically about the benefits of certain creams or suppositories. Necessarily need consultation of the doctor.

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