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Analysis and problems of the story "Ionych" by A. P. Chekhov

Stories of A.P. Chekhov, despite their brevity, show us the characters so vividly and vividly that they seem quite animate, even to some extent familiar. The main problematic of the story "Ionich" is the interaction of the individual and the environment, the society. And the question is acute. Who will change whom: the young Dmitry Startsev - the society in which he got, or is it him? This is the problematic of the story "Ionich".

From the History of Literature

This question interested many of our writers. M. Yu. Lermontov, IA Goncharov, AS Griboedov, and IS Turgenev studied the topic in some way or another, which now stood before us as a problematic of the story "Ionich." Is it possible for a person to change society, or does his deadly atmosphere absorb all the best that is in a person, and he will reconcile with the inevitable degradation? As a continuation of the voice of AP Chekhov. The problems of the story "Ionich" is divided into several points, which we will try to give an analysis.

The first meeting with the Turks

The beginning doctor received the appointment of a Zemsky doctor a few versts from the city of S. in Dyalizh. He worked and did not think about entertainment, but everyone advised to reduce the acquaintance with the talented family of the Turks. Once in the winter he was introduced to the head of the family, but his visit was postponed. And in the spring, on ascension, on a festive day, after accepting the sick, Startsev on foot, as he had no horses, went to the city singing a romance. And then it occurred to him to visit this hospitable hospitable family. In parallel with the analysis of the problems posed in the story, we will analyze the story of Anton Chekhov's "Ionich". His host met with jokes and introduced his wife and daughter. Under the flavors of the preparing dinner, the hostess began to read her novel about something that never happens in her life, but all of this was done calmly and well. Then the daughter played a tedious but complicated passage on the piano, and Dmitry Ionovich listened with pleasure to noisy, but cultural sounds. At dinner, the host joked a lot, and when it was time for Startsev to return, he went to his house in Dyalizh and hummed another romance and felt no fatigue. What does this episode say? Only that for the first time the "refined" Turkin family did not seem like a stagnant swamp to a young doctor. The first stage, which affects the problems of the story "Ionych", the hero is successfully passed: he still loves his work, but is already able to feel comfortable in a house where vulgarity dominates.

In a year

Not too often the son of the sexton visited the Turks. He was already beginning to change. I brought a couple of horses, a carriage and a coachman, and suddenly fell in love with the Turkin's daughter, although in my mind I was already figuring out what kind of dowry would be behind her. This is how the doctor degrades, which is not called simply - Ionich. The problem of the story in this case is that the doctor has not yet lost his human feelings, but he is already on the verge of losing them. Startsev can still go at night to a meeting at the cemetery. But he has already embarked on the path from which one can not turn: loving and suffering from unrequited love, he thinks about what this will all lead to. What will people say if they learn that a solid person, like he has become, is doing stupid things like a schoolboy? Moreover, on the contrary, Startsev began to turn into Ionych: he began to grow stout, but for the time being it still bothers him. So balances between youth and maturity Ionich. The problematic of the story is the metamorphosis that occurs with the doctor.

Offer of hand and heart and failure

It's painful, but for a short time, only three days, she is going through Startsev, the code the girl refused to become his wife. She left for Moscow, and all the love was forgotten instantly. What is the problematic of Chekhov's story? Ionich, like all the inhabitants of the city of S., is no longer capable of deep feelings. The romances that he sang when he came here are also forgotten. Poetry leaves his life.

External changes

Four years later, Dr. Startsev acquired a great deal of practice both in Dyelizh and in the city. He changed outwardly. The doctor became fat, he had shortness of breath, he did not walk anymore. Now Dimitri Ionovich is the owner of the troika with bells. His coachman also changed. He, like his master, became fat. The doctor loved to play cards. Entertainment such as theater or concerts has ceased to interest him.

Internal changes

Close to Startsev did not communicate with anyone. Even the liberal townsfolk of the town irritated him with their stupidity and spitefulness. They listened with irritation to Startsev's talk about the fact that humanity is moving forward and objected. And the doctor's words that every man should work, was taken as a personal reproach and started to get angry. Therefore, Dmitry Ionovich stopped talking, but only gloomily silent, and if he sat down at the table, he ate in silence, looking at the plate. So the society gradually destroyed the desire of Startsev not only to speak, but also to think about progress.

New entertainment

The doctor liked in the evenings to count money received by day about patients, to examine them, to smooth them, to admire them. He opened an account with the bank in which he saved them.

Again at the Turkins

One morning in the hospital came a letter in which Dmitry Ionich Turks invited him for the birthday of the hostess. In the letter there was a postscript that the daughter joined the invitation. Startsev thought and went. He found the hostess very old. The daughter, in which he was in love, also changed. There was no freshness in her, but in manners there was something to blame. She liked him, and did not like it, and when he remembered his love for her, he felt uncomfortable. At the Turkins the evening passed as usual. The mistress of the house read her new novel, and he irritated Startsev with his mediocrity. The daughter played noisily for a long time on the piano, and then she herself suggested to Startseva to go out into the garden to take a walk. They sat down on the same bench where he had once tried to explain himself in love, and he remembered all the details, and he felt sad, but in his heart a light began to flicker. He sadly told how life passes dully. Happy profit, and in the evening a club with gamblers and alcoholics. And suddenly Startsev remembered the money that he happily counted in the evenings, and everything changed for the soul, the tenderness disappeared and the thought arose as it was good that he remained a bachelor. They returned to the house, where everything began to irritate the doctor. The thought of the incompetence of this best family in the city flashed through him, and he did not come to the Turkins anymore.

Deeper changes Dr. Startsev

A few years later, Startsev was no longer just fat. He was obese, he began to breathe heavily and tossed, his head thrown back. Practice in the city is not just big anymore - it's huge. With the sick, he behaves rudely, and they all suffer. He acquired an estate, bought two houses in the city and looked after the third one. When he went to inspect the house, intended for sale, he behaved in it quite unceremoniously, and more precisely, in a boorish way. He went into the house, knocked at the door with a stick and, without fussing, easily entered the rooms where frightened women and children were huddled. Such was once the pure doctor Startsev: morose and all dissatisfied. His changes under the influence of the environment, internal weakness, lack of ennobling beginning and loss of intelligence - this is the problematic of the story "Ionich". Chekhov, in despicable but expressive ways, shows how a person sucks in a close society. Startsev is completely alone. He is always bored, nothing interests him. In the evenings, he plays cards and dines at the club. There is nothing more to say about him.

The work of Chekhov "Ionych" is very bitter and honest. It, like an X-ray, enlightened the whole life of Dr. Startsev and diagnosed - is terminally ill. And this disease is contagious. If you live in a shell and only with money, if you do not open up to a wide world, then it can strike everyone.

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