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Earthly night is an amazing phenomenon, given to mankind

Man is so used to the change of day and night, which already takes this phenomenon as a routine. However, how many interesting questions can arise in his head if he rejects the habitual opinion and tries to look at the world from a completely different angle. After all, in reality, the earthly night is an amazing phenomenon, which gave rise to many regularities.

So let's go on a small trip around our Universe and finally find out how unique it is. In particular, let's talk about the role of the night in the life of our planet.

What is night?

Night is a physical phenomenon caused by a partial lack of light. This happens because the Sun is on the other side of the planet, because of which its rays do not fall on part of the Earth's surface. Funny is that even at night our planet is not deprived of all light, otherwise people would simply not be able to see anything further than their nose.

It should also be noted that night is a relatively relative phenomenon. Its duration can vary greatly depending on the season and geographical location.

What could be the night?

So, as it was said earlier, the night is an amazing phenomenon, having many forms and kinds. The simplest example is the presence or absence of the moon and stars in the sky. However, there are nights, quite unlike other, able to enchant the casual spectator.

So, the most beautiful is the polar night. In the edges located in the extreme latitudes, twilight is much longer. At times, the twilight here can last a whole day, only occasionally receding beyond the horizon. But the fascinating thing is that it is at such moments here that one can see the northern lights that illuminate the sky with hundreds of different colors.

The complete opposite is the white night. Thus, in the temperate and high latitudes during the summer solstice, even at midnight, the world can remain as bright and clear as the day.

Night is a time when all living things rest

But let's leave the physics behind and talk about what gave the night to all living beings on the planet. After all, almost all organisms used to rest during this period. Naturally, there are those for whom darkness is the best time for active action. However, for people the arrival of the night is a bell calling to sleep.

Just think about how important this holiday is for us. The entire burden of responsibility for the decisions made during the day is washed away by night sleep. Not to mention that it is she who removes from the streets the heat that comes to us during the hot periods of the year.

Considering all the above, one can safely say one thing: night is an amazing phenomenon that must be perceived as a gift from above, and not as a mundane phenomenon.

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