Brand "Ermano Shervino" - history and brand features

The well-known Italian brand "Ermano Shervino", belonging to the luxury class, is one of the most popular manufacturers of women's and men's clothing, as well as all kinds of accessories. All manufactured items are of the highest quality and unsurpassed design.

Brand History

Under this creative pseudonym, the two most talented Italians - Ermanno Daelli and Toni Shervino - have been working quite successfully for the second decade already. Having become friends in the nineties of last century, they created a new brand, which was officially registered in 1997. The name "Ermano Shervino" is based on the name of one of the founders and the surname of the other.

The first collection of costumes was released in 1999 for the performer of the main role in the film "Tea with Mussolini". After 3 years, the men's clothing line was born, and soon a youth trend appeared, characterized by romanticism and elements of street fashion.

In 2006, for Russian athletes participating in the Turin Olympics, special clothes were developed that combine beauty and convenience. Sports high fashion brought the brand "Ermano Shervino" a real success.

In 2007, near Florence, the headquarters was opened, which allowed to assemble all the units in one place, and, accordingly, to provide more thorough control over production and improve the quality of the products. Today it is a well-known brand working in four directions - men's, women's, children's clothes, as well as exclusive youth collections. Since 2008, the company has been producing swimwear and underwear.

"Ermano Shervino" - facts of the biography of the leading designer

Born in 1950 in Milan, Ermanno Daelli dreamed of dressing up beautiful and unattainable movie stars since childhood, films with which he reviewed many times. He found the very first dress when he was only 7 years old. At the youthful age, he already became a store manager, where various accessories and clothes were sold. Later, he opened a boutique in a mountain resort in Cortida d'Ampezzo. Ermanno created his line of female accessories for several years, but for the first time presented it only in 1985. These were belts, shoes, bags, in which a strict classic intertwined with ethnic motives of different countries. The collection caused a rapturous delight and appreciation of the best Italian stores.

In 1990, under the brand "Hermanno Daelli" came the first line of women's clothing. The debut was a resounding success. According to the author, this was a huge risk. A ready collection is waiting for either a complete collapse or a big win. He ventured - and won. Six months later, the male line also appeared, which gained even greater recognition. All models were made of high quality materials, and a combination of fur, leather and fabric created an extraordinary impression.

After a meeting with manager Tony Shervino, engaged in sportswear, Ermanno sold his brand. The new brand created by them became a new name, which together with it was purchased by the designer - "Ermano Shervino".

Brand Features

Attention to products produced under this brand, attracts women of fashion and fashion. First and foremost, it is worth noting the uniqueness of the materials used. Creative duo constantly works on the creation of new technologies. For example, pleated coats from cashmere - the most unique product, which can only be presented by the collection "Ermano Shervino". Decoration of clothes made of fur, leather, metal details makes this brand's products bright and recognizable.

Exquisite, refined lines distinguish collections of evening dresses, which are very popular among the fair sex. A skillful combination of color palette and texture of fabrics with impeccable cut can not leave anyone indifferent. All products sit perfectly on the figure and wear with great comfort.

The main lines of the brand

Today the company produces two main lines. The first - Ermanno Scervino, engaged in the production of women's and men's clothing, as well as various accessories. The second is Scervino Street. She represents youth clothes, including elements of street style.

Autumn-Winter Collection

Russian women very much appreciated the jackets and down jackets "Ermano Shervino". Created by Italian fashion designers, they fully comply with our climatic conditions, warming even in the most severe frost and while allowing it to look stylish and original. Each new collection skillfully combines classic silhouettes, the latest fashion trends and some sketches of future seasons. Trendy khaki jackets, gray, black, brown look very elegant and at the same time sporty. "Ermano Shervino" creates a fur coat or coat not for any particular country, but for a woman, so it is most important for him to foresee her desires. That's why the brand enjoys such a huge success.

Spring-summer collections

Blouses, tops, skirts, decorated with sequins, appliqués, lace and beads, simply fascinate with their brilliance and luxury. Swimwear with lace trim made of leather, as well as models decorated with transparent fabrics, became the main hit of the season. Look gorgeous dresses decorated with embroidery and fringe, combined with sandals on a metallized platform and a small handbag on a long strap. The palette of colors in summer clothes is the most diverse - here there are orange, crimson, peach and chocolate colors.

Collections of clothes for men and women - this is not the only thing that can offer "Ermano Shervino." He is quite successfully mastering all new and new areas of fashion. In 2007, new clothing lines were launched for children of adolescence and newborns, who instantly scattered around the world. Among the accessories are very popular sunglasses, belts, costume jewelry, scarves and wallets.

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