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How to cook cognac in Latgale? Recipe, useful tips

What is the recipe of cognac in Latgalian? What are the features of the preparation of the product? These and other issues we will consider in the article. Cognac in Latgalian is an alcoholic beverage widely used in Latvia. In the manufacture of tincture is simple, it tastes like cognac, so it can be recommended for making debouchers at home. A recipe has been invented in Latvia, in the historic region of Latgale, which has long been famous for its excellent recipes for home-made alcohol and moonshine.


Like Latgalia and cognac among themselves the general have nothing. A famous drink from the best grape plantations, aged in oak barrels, and Latgale moonshine are two different concepts. But in spite of everything Latvia's distillers created an amazing masterpiece, which is similar to the original cognac.

What good is the recipe for cognac in Latgalian? With the help of it, you can refine a sound moonshine and make an aristocratic drink. The tincture, created in latgalski, has different manufacturing options. We will present you an original proven recipe, which for a long time gives an excellent result.


Latgale (Latgale) is a historical region in the east of Latvia, it occupies about a quarter of the state's area and is famous for its development of brewing. The recipe of cognac in latgalski was invented exactly by local distillers. According to their assurances, the tincture as accurately as possible repeats the smell, taste and color of real cognacs. In this case, it is created in two weeks from simple moonshine, without aging in barrels.

Today cognac in latgalski is unofficially considered as national Latvian alcohol.

It should be noted that according to international law "cognac" can only be called a grape distillate aged in barrels for at least a couple of years. And made in the French outback of Poitou-Charentes by the established method. Distillates based on grape juice from other countries are called "brandy". Neither in the first, nor in the second class латгальский the cognac does not get.

However, this does not prevent other countries from inventing their own alcohol and calling it "cognac". And yet they can only trade them on the territory of their state. Export to other powers with a name that is not compatible with reality is closed.


The cognac's recipe in Latgalian was invented by the people in order to ennoble the distillate and give it a bouquet that can conceal a low-grade moonshine. The year of his appearance is unknown, but Latvians admire their creation. Residents of Latgale believe that it is better to make alcohol in accordance with ancient recipes, than in a shop to buy ready-made vodka.


So, consider the recipe of Latgale cognac from moonshine as much as possible. For cognac copy, you can apply any high-alcohol alcohol - rectificate, pure vodka, alcohol, moonshine. Of course, the latter must be cleaned well, it should not have too much taste and have a smell. Since the oak bark used does not give such a noble deep aroma as cooking in oak barrels, spices are added to the product. You need to have:

  • A small piece of nutmeg;
  • 3 liters of vodka or moonshine (dilute alcohol beforehand);
  • 2 tbsp. L. Dry oak bark (can be purchased at the pharmacy);
  • 2 tbsp. L. water;
  • 5 coriander grains;
  • Citric acid (at the tip of the knife);
  • 3 tbsp. L. Sahara.


How to make cognac in latgalski? The recipe, tested by generations, still surprises lovers of this tincture. So, nutmeg and coriander grind in a mortar before use - then the smell will be simply amazing. The oak bark is saturated with tannic substances, which, with prolonged infusion of alcohol, can give an astringent repelling effect and be bitter.

Before use, pour it for five minutes with boiling water, remove water and then add to the tincture.

Heat 100 g of moonshine so that it becomes warm, and pour into it a made caramel. To prepare caramel, mix citric acid with water and sugar, place in a ladle or spoon over an open fire and evaporate until golden. It is important not to overdo it, so Latgalian cognac will be spoiled by the smell of burnt caramel.

It is necessary to adhere to the following advice: during aging, the degree of tincture varies, so it is better to use moonshine 50% strength, rather than 40%.

Next you need to mix the moonshine, all the spices and caramel, put the mixture in a glass container and put it in a dark room. Shake the bottle from time to time. Remove the sample after seven days of soaking. Ready-made drink should get a red shade, tart taste and oak flavor. If you still do not like the taste - leave insist further. It is not recommended for more than a month to withstand the tincture, as the bark of the oak too sates the product with tannic material. Then the moonshine, which has passed the exposure, filter and seal it for further storage in a cool dark place.

How to drink?

So, you already know how to make cognac in Latgalian. The recipe for this drink is very simple. It is known that cognacs and young brandy drink from small cognac glasses, in which the sharp odor is easily eroded. The Latgalian drink is better to drink, not biting anything. From a glass of 150-300 ml.

If you store cognac in Latgalian in a dark place, then its shelf life will be up to five years.

Tips & Feedback

Did you like the recipe of cognac in Latgalian? Reviews of what about this drink people leave? Many report that they have got a very decent drink, with a pleasant taste and beautiful color. Some argue that if the shade seems saturated enough, then the product needs to be tinted with a color.

And the amateurs say that the bark conveys the oak brandy notes well, but the smell and taste of substandard moonshine can not be interrupted. Therefore, they recommend taking a good base for the preparation of the drink. For example, use fractional distillation.

Many people are sure that in the recipe you need to use the oak bark, since chips or oak chips give a different result. People recommend to add to the tincture of nutmeg, but in small quantities. Those who stood a drink for more than a month, complain that it turned out a bitter product, as we discussed above.

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