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Step platform. Choice in favor of health

Step aerobics is an enjoyable and enjoyable activity. Appearing in the 90's, this type of fitness has rapidly gained popularity around the world. To perform special exercises you need a step-platform, it's a step-deck or a step-board.

The basis of such aerobics is step-by-step movements, and with the help of the deck an imitation of a rise on the stairs occurs. Osteoporosis and arthritis, problems with the respiratory, cardiovascular system and arterial pressure can remain in the past thanks to a competently chosen set of exercises. And an increase in endurance, a positive effect on the nervous system and the entire body as a whole are guaranteed.

Correction of the shape of the legs, strengthening the muscles of the back of the thigh - regular exercises will allow you to be in great shape. And the step-platform can also be used to develop the abdominal muscles , arms and back, which will make the body more flexible.

The main criterion in choosing this simulator is its height. And the lower the level of training for the trainee, so, accordingly, the board itself should be lower. For the beginner, the optimal height is 10 cm, and a high step platform is more suitable for a professional - 25 cm or more, providing a significant load. Manufacturers of sports equipment have taken into account that a regularly trained beginner eventually turns into a professional, and models with a height adjustment are currently being manufactured. The standard is considered to be a width of 40 cm, and as for the length, put your feet on the width of the shoulders - ideally the board should be about 10-15 cm out of this distance.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing? High-quality material, high strength and stability, a surface that provides proper "coupling" with shoes is the most important properties that a good step platform should have in full. Reebok, for example, produces certain models with a ribbed ribbed surface. The peculiarity of some is the center of gravity, shifted downwards.

These measures allow you to ensure safety when practicing step aerobics - rollover and slipping are virtually eliminated.

Special popularity among professional athletes is used by multifunctional (combined) models. The transforming step-platform allows using it under a variety of power loads. There are several configurations, you can turn the deck into a seat with a backrest - it's enough to lift the part of the board angled at an angle.

In addition to the usual platforms, in the market of sports accessories you can see balancing, the surface of which is an inflatable silicone hemisphere. With their help, you can not only strengthen the muscles of the legs, back and the press, but also
Develop a sense of balance. The set can be offered expanders and gymnastic balls.

Steps, swoops on the platform and jumping over it, touching the free leg, lunges to the side, step with the torso turning 90 degrees, push-up, exercises for the abdominal muscles performed lying on the back, and for the muscles of the inner thighs, lying on the side - Exercises on the step-platform can perform a variety. Give vent to experiments with dance movements, enjoying the lessons of your favorite music. However, remember that the warm-up, the main unit and the final part of the step aerobics classes are desirable to conduct with a constant control of the pulse and general condition. Force loads must correspond to age and physical fitness, and in order to obtain the desired result, the pace and complexity of the exercises should be increased gradually.

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