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MK-400 (crossbow): description, characteristics

MK-400 - crossbow, which caused a real sensation among admirers of traditional hunting and simple fans of shooting sports on targets. The successful realization of the block mechanism, the presence of soft descent, the system of stabilizers and vibration dampers - all this makes it possible, without special problems, to cope with weapons even for inexperienced users. Another obvious advantage of the presented model is the comparatively low cost available for the mainstream consumer audience.


The MK-400 crossbow is characterized by the following technical parameters:

  • Initial speed of the boom at departure - 110 m / s;
  • Tension - 43 kg / cm;
  • Boom length - 20 inches;
  • Stroke course - 38 cm;
  • The total length of the body is 83 cm;
  • Width - 58 cm;
  • Weight in standard configuration without a cover - 3,6 kg.

Design features

Crossbow block MK-400 in appearance in many respects similar to recursive models. The decoration is also somewhat reminiscent of the ancient crossbows. However, there are many auxiliary elements that are characteristic for expensive weapons.

MK-400 - a crossbow, which is equipped with a pistol-type handle. To stabilize the weapon and increase the ease of operation, the construction is provided with a stock, covered with rubberized material. This solution reduces the sliding effect and makes it possible to produce accurate shooting in conditions of high humidity.

Light weight and compact dimensions make the model easy to transport if it is necessary to track down production and foot crossings over long distances. The system contains reliable components that protect the user from performing random shots. The presence of a non-tensile, high-strength bowstring opens the possibility for maintaining a crossbow in a charged, combat state for several hours.

destructive force

MK-400 - crossbow, which differs by the force of string tension, equal to about 43 kg / cm. The starting speed of the boom is about 110 m / s. For classical weapons of the block type, these indicators are considered simply excellent.

The presented model opens the possibility for modification. If desired, the standard factory arcs can be replaced with accessories that will allow reaching a power of more than 70 kg / s when the string is tensioned. Thus, the flight speed of the boom will increase to 120-135 m / s.

At what distance is able to hit the prey of the MK-400 Arbalest? Feedback from users who have already experienced the presented model in action, testify to the possibility of effective shooting from a distance of about 80 meters. However, hunting with a crossbow is so attractive for fishermen because of the need to quietly sneak up to the target and fire from a fairly close distance.

Materials of manufacture

If a blockbow can appear to fans of traditional hunting with somewhat fancy weapons, the MK-400 crossbow does not contain anything superfluous and therefore inspires confidence from the first acquaintance. Elegant black color creates the impression of formidable weapons. In fact, the weapon is indeed such, since all the details here are made of technological carbon fiber and reliable titanium alloys.

As a basis for making the bowstring, an ultra-strong polymeric yarn is used. As the reviews show, the material easily withstands up to 7 thousand tension. As a result, users do not have to worry about the sudden break of the string during the shot.

Crossbow MK-400: price

Experienced hunters often have to spread hundreds of thousands of rubles for professional crossbows of famous brands. MK-400 - a crossbow, the cost of which in the domestic market starts from about 18 000 rubles. As practice shows, the model's capabilities are quite sufficient for the extraction of a fairly large fur-bearing animal.


Like any modern block bow, the MK-400 crossbow is equipped with a system of vibration dampers and stabilizers. The latter contribute to the production of truly noiseless shots. This feature becomes simply indispensable for hunters who prefer to track prey from an ambush. Since in the event of a miss in this situation, it is often necessary to perform repeated shots quickly.

The model is equipped with a protective mechanism, which allows you to exclude shooting idle. The use of this constructive solution makes it possible not only to increase the safety of the operation of the weapon, but also to avoid damage to the bowstring in the absence of an arrow in the weapon channel.

Features of operation

Crossbow MK-400 has a reliable aluminum guide. The boom clamping is carried out by means of a spring-loaded ball. The articulation of the guide and the pad contains an adapter, which plays the role of an adapter. All this contributes to the convenient laying of the boom and ensures its verified departure.

Despite the rather sharp lines of the butt, the weapons, according to the hunters, are extremely comfortable to hold at the shoulder in the cocked position. In this case, for accurate guidance on the target, the user does not have to reach the eyepiece of the sight.

Between the butt and the handle of the crossbow is a technological protrusion realized in the construction for the tightening of the tensioner. The latter is characterized by a slight modification in the form of specific lateral protrusions. This solution helps to protect the guide from damaging the tensioner's functional blocks.


In fishing enthusiasts who are little familiar with traditional hunting, where bows and crossbows are used, block weapons are associated with a cumbersome, awkward and rather heavyweight device. However, in reality the MK-400 arbachet manifests itself as a functional, ergonomic and rather easy means for tracking down the production of medium and large sizes.

In the fully manned state with a cover, the weight of the presented model is not more than 4 kg. Hanging the crossbow on the shoulder, you can completely forget about the existence of weapons during long transitions until the start of the shooting.

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