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Japanese method of Fukutsuji - principles of weight loss and doctors' reviews

Among the full people there are few who do not want to lose weight and be healthier. There are many different methods of weight loss and recovery, including the Fukutsuji method. Some help someone, others - no, it depends on many reasons, including the style of life.

In our time of malnutrition and stress, doctors are alarmed by the increase in the number of people who are overweight and obese. And this is not always associated with hormonal diseases or hereditary predispositions, although these factors can be combated. Also, this is practically not affected by the region where people live, except that in industrialized countries these indicators are higher.

But people can not change their way of life, and therefore people try to find a panacea among various folk methods or scientific developments. And among them recently Japanese method of Fukutsuji is gaining popularity. What this is and for whom it is intended is discussed in this article.

About human laziness

Interesting in human nature is that to achieve their goals, he tries to choose the easiest way, even at first. Likewise, in the case of losing weight: you really want to lose weight, but at the same time you want it to happen immediately to a lot and as soon as possible. And absolutely does not take into account that such weight loss will not only not give significant results, but it will undoubtedly harm your health. This is due to the fact that such techniques are based on the loss of the body's fluid, which in time will still be filled up. The method of the Japanese physician Fukutsuji is based entirely on other principles.

More prolonged ways are diets and intense, to exhaustion, classes in the gym. But here too there is a problem: absolutely do not want a long time, and some and constantly, limit yourself to eating. And even more so, there is no desire to sweat on simulators, treadmills or with dumbbells, highlighting such a necessary time before or after work. I want not only fast, but also as easy as possible.

And then the method of Fukutsuji comes to the rescue, which promises rapid weight loss without effort. And most importantly - for free.

What is the popularity of the method

Doctor Fukutsuji researched and developed his methods for more than ten years, the book about exercises instantly spread across the Asian continent with a six-million circulation. The method in the people has received the name "the Japanese method of growing thin".

The popularity of the method lies in the fact that classes on it are based on the principle of "lying and losing weight". That is, two main desires are fulfilled: minimum effort and quick achievement of the result. At least, according to the statements of the healer himself. True, the pose for doing the exercise is somewhat uncomfortable or unusual, but it is smoothed out by a short exposure time.

Method Fukutsuji - reviews of doctors

Sports doctors all say that it is impossible to lose weight, not doing sports and not using diets.

They say that the method of the Japanese doctor and other methods of losing weight can not be compared at all. The application of these exercises is a Japanese way of improving and correcting posture, reducing waist size, correcting growth, but in no case losing weight.

And all because, in fact, the amount of excess fat decreases very slightly, and then only at the expense of normalizing the work of properly positioned organs. The narrowing of the waist is achieved by raising the sub-ribbed part of the skeleton and stretching and tightening in the abdomen.

The proposed Japanese method is a static exercise with a peculiar stretching effect, which is intended to relieve a person from problems with the skeleton.

But this is exactly what Fukutsuji method is valuable for, the most enthusiastic can be heard. Joyful Japanese people are delighted that a few minutes of classes per day allow them to reduce their waist and increase their growth.

Even if you do not believe this method, it's worth trying, is it fast, efficient and easy.

What is the method used for?

The Japanese physician turned his attention to studies on the skeleton of a man, discovering that an increased waist is a consequence of the fact that the subcostal and pelvic bones for different reasons diverge. Also, with the problems of the spine is associated with a decrease in height with age.

The result is a method that miraculously restores the correct position of these bones. In addition, the spine is stretched, making it possible to stretch the flattening. That is, simple classes help people get rid of or alleviate more than one serious health problem.

And the most wonderful thing that Dr. Fukutsuji gives to women is a flat stomach. The method makes it possible to achieve that this part of the female figure is losing weight quickly.

This exercise and its variations are a kind of static extension with added additional elements that remove clamps and blocks in the back caused by a variety of causes. Also, classes on this method well adjust the figure. Systematic performance of exercises improves posture, removes flabby abdomen and narrows the waist.

Who is shown the exercise

Virtually all people who do not experience obvious pain or discomfort, believe that they are healthy. They do not even suspect that the majority, with the appropriate examination, will have deviations from the norm leading to problems in the future. Those who are already experiencing pain in the back and joints, it is worth trying this method.

The Fukutsuji doctor's method will help those who have back problems caused by clamps and blocks of vertebrae, who have the wrong arrangement of the bones of the shoulder blades, ribs and pelvis. Also, it will be useful to those who have blocked the cervical department or disrupted the work of internal organs.

As a rule, these problems cause displacement of nearby internal organs, they occupy the wrong position, their functioning is disrupted, as a result, the body begins to ache.

In addition, when pelvic bones diverge, fat begins to be deposited in the lower part, and when the ribs diverge, the fat accumulates from above, and the person becomes fat.

What results are obtained. Sensations from the lessons

What results can be achieved by applying the Fukutsuji method? Feedback from those who performed this exercise, suggest that the bones of the ribs and pelvis become in place, the spine is stretched to its full length. This result is due to the fact that as the body gets used to performing the exercise, the muscles are strengthened, and the joints and spine take their natural position.

As for subjective sensations, then, in addition to individual sensations, there are general:

  • Breathing is much easier;
  • It's easy to keep your back flat as you sit and move;
  • Stooped back straightens;
  • Gait acquires confidence;
  • The spine is perfectly relaxed;
  • Sleep improves, the mood rises.

As for the growth, it should be noted that it does not increase, but is restored to the natural one by stretching the spine.

Reduction of the abdomen occurs due to the fact that the organs occupy their right, natural position.

The waist becomes thinner due to the fact that the ribs change their position, many of them have a feeling of straightened wings after classes.

In addition to physical sensations, which gives the method of Fukutsuji, the reviews note the influence of exercises on the emotional state, psyche and consciousness:

  • The practitioner experiences a sense of harmony;
  • The psyche is balanced;
  • There is a noticeable surge of strength;
  • There is a significant improvement in memory ;
  • The energy field is balanced.

Exercise Procedure

The Fukutsuji method suggests performing the exercise as follows:

  • Sit on a level surface, stretching out his legs and leveling the waist;
  • The roller is located behind;
  • Lie on your back and straighten the roller so that it is exactly at the level of the navel - for this you can draw the lines to the sides of the roller with the fingers of both hands from the navel through the sides;
  • Legs should be moved apart, about 25 cm, the heels - apart, and the thumbs of both legs should touch each other;
  • Hands must be stretched evenly upwards, palms should be placed on the floor, the little fingers of both hands should touch;
  • Fix the body in this position for five minutes;
  • Complete the exercise.

What happens during the lesson

What exactly happens during the execution of this exercise and why is this position chosen for the body?

Why is Fukutsuji's method so useful? Losing weight is, of course, an attractive prospect. But the exercise is just one of several types of stretching, but modified in such a way that not only the muscles but also the joints and ligaments of the skeleton are stretched.

Until the end, the raised arms stretch the subcostal area and place the bones of the ribs in their original place.

Slanting legs of the feet help the pelvic bones to take their natural, normal position.

Organs also move to their places, start to work properly, fat is processed.

The skeleton of the practitioner takes the necessary position, so this change can give easy discomfort, which is especially noticeable at the beginning. With the implementation of several exercises, this sensation passes.

If the roller is moved to the area under the chest, then the chest will rise, it will be slightly higher. If you place it at the beginning of the costal bones, the waist line will thin out.

Contraindications and precautions

The main condition for achieving the desired result is the systematic implementation of exercises, that is, they need to be practiced daily for at least a month.

But, like any such technique, Dr. Fukutsuji's method requires caution.

With proper exercise, the bones of the skeleton begin to change their position and take a natural shape, this process can give a feeling of discomfort and soreness. Therefore, it is not necessary to force the body: if it is not possible to immediately perform the exercise within five minutes, then you can start with just a minute, gradually increasing the load in the following days.

If you can not immediately hold outstretched hands with your hands down, it's okay too. First you need to keep, as it turns out, and eventually the tendons and muscles will stretch and your hands will lie properly.

After completing the exercise, you need to get up very carefully, slowly, through the side.

Those who want to use the method of losing weight Fukutsuji, before starting the session you need to consult with the treating doctor, since the method has contraindications. These include hip joint problems, scoliosis, with some problems with the back can exacerbate osteochondrosis.

Where, how and with what to do

To effectively perform the exercises you need an absolutely even and solid foundation - it can be a floor, couch or sports mat.

For a more pleasant exercise, you can pick up a relaxing musical composition of five minutes and include it with the beginning of the exercise.

A good psychological effect is provided by the Fukutsuji method, if the exercises are performed in nature.

As a roller, which must have a length of not less than forty centimeters, can serve as a ready roller with aromatherapy or a tightly twisted towel, fixed with a ribbon. You need to start training from a small 5-cm diameter roller and increase the size to ten centimeters over time.

To correctly choose the initial individual size of the roller, you need to listen to the sensations: in the lesson you should feel a slight tension, but in no case is it pain.

Reviews of the method of the Japanese doctor

Is Fukutsuji's method really good? The feedback of those who have done it is full of joyful impressions.

Almost all note that after two sessions the size of the waist has decreased by one centimeter.

Already after the first lesson, the posture is leveled and there is a lightness in the back.

All involved involved an increase in growth of one to two centimeters.


Even without believing this method, you can just try to apply it instead of taking tablets and dietary supplements for weight loss.

The only thing to remember is not the technique of super-fast weight loss. On the contrary, only systematic studies can give a lasting effect of recovery.

And the results, of course, will be individual. Just do not forget about precautions and contraindications.

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