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How to make out a portfolio of a schoolboy?

The Ministry of Education decided to introduce a new innovation for students. Now every student should make his own portfolio. At schoolboys and their parents this innovation has caused misunderstanding. We will tell you about how to make out a portfolio (and what data should be entered into it).

Some schools decided to facilitate the task for their pupils by ordering ready-made books. The schoolboy needs only fill in the empty boxes and paste the photos. However, teachers recommend that parents and their children make their own portfolios, as this will help develop the child's creative abilities . Before drawing up a portfolio, check out its approximate content.

Title page

On the very first sheet there must be a picture of the child. Next, you must specify the surname, name and patronymic of the student. Not be unnecessary will be information about the date of birth and place of study. The title page can be beautifully decorated or printed out a ready-made template. However, the first option is preferable (according to psychologists). Pay attention to the bright illustrations, if you are making out a portfolio for the first class. Kids will be interested to draw a school together with their mother or favorite cartoon characters.

Section "My World"

In the first block, you can give vent to fantasy and specify all the information about the child that you consider important. Some children tell the story of the origin of their name, others share their dreams and fantasies.

Be sure to include in this section several pages devoted to the family. You can depict a real family tree or simply list close relatives, supplementing these data with a brief biography. In any case, how to draw up a portfolio, you decide only.

The child can try to write his first autobiography. Let it be not dry phrases, but vivid experiences about past events. Sheets with data about herself can also be beautifully painted or decorated with photos.

Section "School"

This block can include the following information:

  1. The names of teachers with brief characteristics of each.
  2. Schedule of lessons.
  3. List of items with description.
  4. Information about own achievements with documentary evidence (diplomas and diplomas for participation in olympiads or competitions).
  5. Report card with grades.
  6. Test works and compositions, which the schoolboy is proud of.
  7. Public activities (photos from various concerts, exhibitions, matinees, in which the child participated).
  8. School entertainment (hiking, excursions, trips to nature, watching a movie or a performance). Here you can put photos and supplement the text with your own impressions.

You can also add those sections that you think are necessary. It would be nice to put pictures of a child or other manifestations of creativity in the portfolio. Also, some parents indicate the data of psychological tests conducted at school, and the conclusions of psychologists (for analyzing the behavior of their offspring).

How to make out a portfolio?

You can buy a finished book or make your own layout. In the first case, the seller must be searched through the school administration or on the Internet. There are a lot of similar proposals.

If you decide to make a portfolio on your own, then you also have two options. In the first case, you can print out ready-made pages with pictures. You only need a color printer.

Creative personalities recommend that you design your portfolio with your own hands from beginning to end. All illustrations and graphs can be done independently. You will need sheets of paper, files and a folder with a folder. Also stock up on pencils, paints and markers. In addition, in the course can go bright stickers and sequins. In separate files, put test works, essays, essays and drawings of the student. Each leaf can be decorated in its own style. The text is written by hand or typed on the computer.

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