A beautiful and comfortable cosmetic bag with your own hands

Having at home even a small amount of cosmetics and a variety of zakolochek, it is very easy to lose them. Spending your time looking for lipstick or hair gum, you start to think about the need to store such trifles in one place. Perfectly suitable for this cosmetic bag, hand-sewn and decorated.

For needlewomen, it will not be difficult to make several different and beautiful models of such a necessary thing. But for those who do not have good sewing skills, the simplest cosmetic bag is offered. With your own hands, you can make such a model in just an hour. Let's look at several different models.

The first cosmetic bag, sewn by hand, must have a rectangular shape. It is on it that we will train to make the subsequent models easy. We need two flaps of any fabric for the top and a lining with dimensions of 16x22 cm, 15 cm of lightning and any decorative elements for decoration. In finished form, the product will have dimensions of 14x10 cm, which is enough to store a minimum stock of cosmetics, which should always be at hand.

We cut out two parts of the required size. For the beginning we sew a zipper in an external detail. To do this, add the short sides of the top with the zipper facing inward and connect the stitch at a distance of 0.7 cm from the cut. Fold the piece in half so that the sewn lock is at the top. Adjust the side slices and grind off, retreating 1 cm from the edge. We turn the finished part to the front side.

Take the lining detail. We turn the short sides inside out for 1 cm and press it. Fold the piece in half with the wrong side outward, sew the sides, leaving 1 cm from the edge. We put the lining in the finished part of the top. We press the cut sections into the zipper and pin the needles. Sew the lining manually or lay a beautiful line on the outer part, which will simultaneously fix the lining. Now it is necessary to decorate our product with decorative elements and enjoy it with pleasure.

A round cosmetic bag, sewn by hand, will require a little more time. We will make it in the form of a pencil case. The principle of manufacture is similar to the previous method, but with small additions. We need a 16x22 cm tissue cut and two small pieces for the side circumferences. Also prepare a lock with a length of 15 cm. If desired, you can make a lining. But we'll consider the option, sewn from a drape with external seams. The finished main part is cut with a special edge shear along the short cuts, forming beautiful triangles.

We spread the lightning on the table face up. We put the main part on it and fix it with the help of needles from one side and the other. Pitch, withdrawing from the middle of the lock 0.5 cm on each side. We get the pipe. We set it sideways on a piece of cloth and circle the resulting circle. We cut out two identical parts. Sew them into the sides of the pipe so that the allowances for seams are outside. Cut them with the edge scissors, leaving the allowance 0.5 cm. We decorate the finished product with embroidery or applique.

We examined how to make a small cosmetic bag, which you can carry with you in a purse. In addition to it, we need a home convenient container in which all the decorative cosmetics will fit. For such purposes, a box of shoes with a hinged lid is perfect. It turns out a beautiful and roomy cosmetic bag, which you can make with your own hands is not difficult.

In addition to the box, you need any beautiful fabric, decorative braid, PVA glue and bright adhesive paper for interior decoration. First, we make a paper pattern. To do this, lay out a sheet of Whatman on the table. We put the box on it bottom-down and outline it. Gently rotate the box on the side and again circled. We do this with each side and the lid of the box. We get the expanded detail.

To each slice, add one centimeter to the seams and two centimeters to be bent inside the box. Cut out a pattern of paper. We transfer it to the fabric and cut it out. Sew the side seams. We put the box in a sewn case. From adhesive paper, we cut out rectangular details and glue them to the inner sides of the future jewelry box. After that, bend the cover fabric inside and glue it with PVA glue. All sections are covered with decorative braid, which is fastened with glue. Cover the box decorate with rhinestones, beads or pies.

Using beautiful patches and various decorative details, you can make various cosmetic bags with your own hands, which will be a wonderful gift for friends and family members.

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