How to glue the linoleum while repairing the apartment?

Linoleum is the most popular type of flooring. It is easy to use, easy to clean. Therefore, when the apartment starts repairing or begins re-planning, there is a problem - how to glue the joints of linoleum neatly and imperceptibly. First of all, you need to pick up pieces of material that will match the area of the room. They are connected with each other by welding: hot and cold. From the type of linoleum directly depends on which method to choose. So, for example, a floor covering with a low density is treated with a cold method.

When hot welding, the use of a special tool - gun-gun is assumed. The seam made by this welding machine is very durable. How do they glue linoleum with such a gun? Preliminarily fit pieces of material close together. They are glued to the floor, and then a special groove is created along the joint length. Specially selected for linoleum welding cord is refilled in the construction gun. The welding machine goes along the seam and fills it. From the effects of high temperatures, the cord melts and connects the fragments of the floor covering.

Since linoleum glue this way only professionals, this method is not useful in everyday life, with the usual repair. Cold welding is more suitable , and an amateur will cope with it. This name received a special glue PVA. There are several types of agents that differ in composition. Using the first (A), which has a liquid consistency, you can make absolutely unnoticed seams. Here's how to glue the linoleum with A-glue. The most important thing when working with it is the correct alignment of the material webs so that the drawing is not damaged. Before applying "cold welding" you need to vacuum the joints and remove moisture if necessary. At the edges of the joined sheets are glued to protect the material that is not processed, unilateral tape. It must be cut with a knife and gently poured glue into the slot. To prevent it from getting on the linoleum, hold the cotton swab under the tip of the tube. Remove the scotch after five to ten minutes. Finally the glue dries in half an hour.

You can describe how to glue torn linoleum with glue of the second type (C), it is more dense and suitable for sealing serious damage on the material, removing holes or crevices between the seams. Most often it is used to repair an old floor covering. Pre-prepare the surface, cleaned of dust and debris of old glue. Cold welding is poured between the splits that have split. It fills the formed voids, which can be even a few millimeters. As a result, the canvases will be fixed tightly. The last type of adhesive (T) is used only by professionals.

After the linoleum is glued, the room must be ventilated. When working with "cold welding" it is necessary to follow safety rules. Be sure to read the instructions for the equipment and wear gloves.

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