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Dumbbells with dumbbells - simple and effective

Every year the desire to become stronger grows. Moreover, this desire arises not only in adolescents, but also in established men. This is understandable, yet many want to stand up for their beloved woman in case of danger. And a slender body always attracts attention, which can not but rejoice!

One of the effective exercises to achieve the desired shape are the dumbbells with dumbbells. If you engage in them purposefully, then the growth of trapezius muscles can be noticed almost immediately. Even in spite of the fact that at the beginning of the lesson few people pay attention to this group of muscles, eventually comes the understanding that it is also not necessary to forget about them. Trapeziums are included in the number of those muscles that receive a certain proportion of the loads for any exercise, but the most effective way of their pumping are the hardening with dumbbells. Even if we take into account the fact that a shopping trip with packages burdened with purchases gives a load to trapezoids, then it will hardly be possible to do without dumbbells anyway, especially if there is a desire to achieve something significant.

Shrags are simple shaking of the shoulders, performed with a weight in their hands. Even if at first glance this seems too simple and banal, you should know that the shags affect not only the growth of the trapezoids, but also the muscles of the back, in particular, its upper part. To date, there are a large number of variations of such exercises, but many are most interested in shaggy dumbbells standing.

When performing the shags in this position, not only trapezoids begin to work, but also the forearm, upper back muscles and deltoid muscles. Dumbbells in the hands allow you to give the movements the maximum amplitude. If we take as an example a bar that can replace dumbbells, then in this case the amplitude during the exercise will not be too high. It is the amplitude of the dumbbell with dumbbells and attract a large number of bodybuilders, as it contributes to giving maximum tension when pumping the top of the trapezoids.

Also, this exercise is very popular in the position on the bench, the angle of inclination of which should be approximately 45 degrees. In this case, such groups are actively working: trapezium, thoracic and deltoid muscles, forearms. Doing shags with dumbbells in this position, you can be sure that the stoop will not threaten your posture.

When performing exercises with dumbbells , the following principles should be followed:

  1. It is necessary to take a standing position and straighten your back. In the hands, which must be stretched along the body, you should take dumbbells with a back grip.
  2. Raise your shoulders to the maximum height while exhaling. Hold your shoulders in this position for a few seconds, you must start to lower them. At this stage, only the shoulders should be used. Do not connect the work of the biceps.
  3. Having lowered hands with dumbbells in a starting position and having kept them in such condition some seconds, it is necessary to repeat the given exercise. And so several times.

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