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Comedy about the police: crime, beware! Or rather, beware of everything!

Comedy about the police have many rules and principles, which are adhered to by filmmakers, starting work on their project. The presence of these fundamental rules guarantees some of the success of the film in the viewer. He, knowing the majority of film stamps, watches the film in anticipation of the situation, which makes the inevitable principle inevitable.

Comedy of Hollywood

Comedy about the police, produced by Hollywood, traditionally are homeric ridiculous and demonstrate a high level of "immoral morality". One of the most common methods is the structure that came from the 80s: a duo of policemen - the capture of a criminal - comedy and funny situations. This structure worked flawlessly in every single film thanks to a successful tandem of the lead actors, funny, rich slang dialogues. American comedies about the police in the majority were issued in a mixed genre - a comedy-action movie. The most famous are the paintings with the participation of the famous black comedian of the 80s - Eddie Murphy ("The Beverly Hills Police Officer", "48 Hours"). They can compete with several tough films from the series "Lethal Weapon", in which typical American vulgar, blasphemous and slangy humor is contained only in dialogues, and companions - full opposites, over and over again get into funny, but not very funny situations. A separate section in the comedies of America is the legendary "Police Academy".

Future Law Keepers

The comedy "Police Academy" (1984-1994) is a comedy cycle, the series of which enjoyed considerable success not only in the United States, but all over the world. Various American sources call it a typical product of 80's cinema under the conditional slogan: "Bad taste + sex", solidarizing in the evaluation of the series in the descending order. According to the witty and cynical definition of film critic L. Moltin: "Each time practically the same, but even worse."

Comedy about the police 80-90 years

Quadrature "Lethal Weapon" (1987/1989 / 1992/1998), despite the obvious secondary nature of the plot, is a real classic of the genre. Director Richard Donner managed to achieve excellent results in the implementation of a familiar story on the screen. He masterfully used the typical components of the genre of "police thriller" and effectively relieved tension with comedy episodes. At the same time, the films are designed in such a way as to surely arouse the interest of different groups of viewers. The first film did not have much success at the box office, but laid the perfect basis for the release of more comedies about police companions. And they were created almost the same team: the producer Joel Silver, co-producer and director Richard Donner, and the creative duet of the "mad" Mel Gibson and the discreet Danny Glover.

The trilogy "The policeman from Beverly Hills" (1984, 1987, 1994) has a traditional for "police comedies" plot with fights, inexorable chases and shootings. The trilogy was incredibly successful and aroused great interest among the audience due to the rare comedic talent of black actor Eddie Murphy.

"Snezhka" (she also "Ambush", 1987) and "Shooting 2: Again in an ambush" (1993). These pictures were shot by one of the successful professionals of Hollywood of the 70-80s - director John Badem, who works in various genres. Therefore, the pictures can be called with confidence not only "police films", but also romantic comedies.

Next generation

The film "Stop! Or my mom will shoot "(1992) has a classic comedy structure about policemen - ten to fifteen minutes of humor, after a break for action. Although according to the main idea this picture reveals the theme of family relationships and human attention to others.

Trilogy "K-9 - Dog work" (1989-2002). The work of Rod Daniel can easily be taken for a typical sample of Hollywood's products - entertaining, entertaining, entertaining and adventurous. Throughout the time-keeping there are parodic, ironic details that ridicule the plot constructions of many (including those named above) works of art.

Dilogy "Bad guys 1-2" (1995-2003). Famous US producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson deliberately stopped on George Gallo's story to repeat the success of the "Beverly Hills Cop" trilogy. Simultaneously, the story of two cool team-mates - policemen from Miami resembled the television project "Miami Police, the department of morals", which had a high rating. Klipovo-advertising aesthetics and rap-stylistics of the picture helped her to surpass the achievements of the "Police officer from Beverly Hills".

Trilogy "The Rush Hour" (1998-2007). The success of the funny police comedienne directed by Brett Ratner, many film critics have explained the ideas of the clash between the West and the East. In contrast to the huge number of films about the partners, "Rush hour" went on - Negro Carter (Chris Tucker) in the partners podsunuli police officer Lee (Jackie Chan).

French comedy about the police

A series of comedic films with Louis de Funes "The Gendarme of Saint-Tropez" has the deserved right to open this category. Directed by Jean Giraud the adventures of the brave gendarmes made famous, having written his name in the tabloids of the popularity of French and world cinema. Transferring the viewer to the friendly resort town, the author for 6 parts (1964, 1965, 1968, 1970, 1979, 1982) introduces the viewer to more than colorful and funny characters who are constantly finding themselves problems.

After watching the comedy "Wasabi", it seems that Luc Besson removes all his projects as "by notes": everything is clear, rhythmic and witty. And since the director of the picture is Gerard Kravchik ("Taxi 2, 3, 4"), the structure of the picture clearly feels an easy connection with his other works.

Quadrology "Taxi" is the legendary creation of Luc Besson, who acted as a screenwriter and producer, and directed by Gerard Pires. The entire franchise about the adventures of taxi driver Daniel and police officer Emilen became the favorite of the public. Each part is full of spectacular chases, witty dialogues and ridiculous humor. This project can be considered an excellent example of the French comedy thriller about the police.

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