Where is Dombai? Information about the famous resort

Where is Dombai? This issue, as a rule, becomes relevant closer to winter, when the majority of our citizens begin to prepare for winter holidays, selects ski equipment for themselves, book tickets for a train or plane and peeks at weather forecast sites.

And is it possible to go there in the summer or, say, in the off-season? All this will be discussed in this article.

Section 1. Where is Dombai. Description An absolutely unforgettable holiday awaits everyone who decided to visit Dombai. The map shows that it is not as far away as it might seem at first glance, and certainly no further than the famous resorts of Switzerland or France.

In this nature reserve you can perfectly relax, enjoying the unique beauty of nature, and at a very affordable price. You will be surrounded by endless white spaces, a bright mountain sun will shine from the sky, and frozen waterfalls will complement this picture. Local residents of the North Caucasus will do their best to make you feel most welcome and expensive guest.

This is a favorite place for skiers and snowboarders. Dombai ... Where is this ski resort? It is located on the same glade at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains.

It does not matter if you are a true pro or a beginner in one of the winter sports, there are trails of different levels of complexity.

Section 2. Where is Dombai? Ski holidays The continental climate of this place is distinguished by a large number of sunny days per year and mild winters. The thermometer usually does not fall below + 7 °. But the height of the snow cover can reach about 2 meters. Forests on the slopes of the mountains consist mainly of coniferous trees. Closer to the tops they are replaced by alpine meadows and glaciers.

The nature of the region is an ideal place for mountaineers and alpine skiers. Tourists during the rest stop in hotels or ski resorts located on the Dombai glade.

Dombai's tracks of different difficulty levels have a total length of 20 km. Wide slopes and special lifts greatly facilitate the task for beginners. The trails start at an altitude of 3000 m and have five different levels, which are interconnected by cable-chairlifts and pendulum cableways.

Without basic equipment in the ski resort can not do. If you do not take special equipment with you, then you can rent it at one of the rental points, which are located literally at every step, or you can buy everything you need at a local store.

Section 3. Where is Dombai. Rest in summer and in the off-season The relevance of ski holidays by the end of April is coming to naught. Wet and viscous snow, which lies on the tops until the end of June, does not save the situation. At the May holidays , there is usually a closure of the winter holiday, which is invariably accompanied by a rise in prices. In addition, with the advent of spring, many hotels start repairing, and some cable cars and cafes are simply closed. Growth of activity is possible only on weekends.

May is considered the beginning of tourism in Dombai. A little confused only the presence of snow in certain areas, but not too summer temperatures at the tops of the mountains. In such a period, it is preferable to have short routes without overnight stays in tents, it is undesirable to climb too high into the mountains.

The ideal time for tourism is September. The number of holidaymakers is significantly reduced, the weather is warm in summer. With the advent of October, the situation is gradually beginning to change, often rains, it is possible to snow. There is already a time of grace for photographers who have the opportunity to capture the crimson colors of autumn, the blue sky and the first snow on the mountain tops. The most unsuccessful period of rest is in November. It's time for the off-season to meet the holidaymakers with cold and wet snow. We have to wait for December to enjoy the delights of the winter holiday.

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