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Ashley Greene: filmography. Movies with Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene, an American actress, was born on February 21, 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida. Ashley's father - Joe Greene, and his mother - Michel Tatum, lived a close family, the girl grew in abundance, and her elder brother John tried to help the little sister in everything. When Ashley turned 17 and she left school, her parents allowed her to move to Los Angeles so that she could try her luck in the fulfillment of her cherished dream - she wanted to become a movie star from childhood.

Los Angeles

Arriving in Hollywood, Ashley looked around and realized that no one was waiting for her with open arms. Moreover, it immediately became clear that without acting, she would not be able to get even a small role in the film project. So Ashley Greene was at the Theater Institute Lee Strasberg, where she was to take a course of acting. While studying, the girl tried to get a job in a modeling agency, but since Ashley Greene's height is only 165 cm, she was not accepted. With a dream about the modeling business had to part. The girl completely devoted herself to studying at the institute and simultaneously began to appear in music video clips. Gradually, Ashley acquired useful acquaintances, she was not intrusive, did not offer friendship, but people were drawn to her.

Debut in the cinema

And when Ashley Greene, whose filmography did not contain a single picture at that time, decided to try her hand on television, the results surpassed all expectations. It can not be said that the future actress decided to devote herself to work on some TV channel, but she still wanted to quickly become an actress. Ashley Greene's style, her unusual appearance, beautiful slender figure, intelligent expression did her job, and the girl was noticed. She took part in several television series, but she was not satisfied with this. The debut in the big movie for Ashley Greene took place in 2007 in the film "My Daddy the Loony" directed by Mike Cahill. Ashley played a small role as a visitor to McDonald's. The debutante was in the seventh heaven with happiness only because on the set she met with the legendary Michael Douglas.


The second role in the movie was for Ashley Greene her star hour. It was a multi-part film "Twilight" directed by Catherine Hardwicke, in which the girl played the vampire Alice Cullen. The first series were filmed in 2008, when Ashley was already 21 years old.

The picture made a real sensation, the world hire showed record box office, all the actors gained worldwide fame, and Green was no exception. Photo by Ashley Greene from "Twilight" was sold everywhere. The film fantasy overnight became a hit, and of course, the shooting of the subsequent series began without delay. However, many actors were not satisfied with low, in their opinion, fees, and the future of the project was in question.

The whole series "Twilight" includes five films:

  • "Twilight", the first part, filmed in 2008;
  • "Twilight Saga: New Moon" - 2009;
  • "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" - 2010;
  • "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" - 2011;
  • "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" - 2012 year.

The success of the actress

At the end of 2009, Ashley Greene, whose filmography quickly replenished with new paintings, was invited to participate in another mystical film called "The Phenomenon" directed by Todd Lincoln. Ashley could not refuse, because she had to play the main role in the film, which meant a further breakthrough for her as an actress. Flushed Green got the opportunity to dictate her terms to the producer of "Twilight" and demand for her further participation in the project a fee on her terms. She asked for $ 4 million. And although the producers claimed that they could easily replace her with another actress, Green received money. Movies with Ashley Greene became increasingly popular, the career of the actress went up the hill.

Movies and TV shows

In 2012, Ashley returned to the television series, having won a major role in the film "American realities" from the life of competing couturiers. At the same time, the picture "Summer: Classmates, Love" directed by Lisa Azuelos, in which Green played a secondary, but significant role, appeared on the screen. And in the same 2012, Ashley took part in the television series Americana, playing the role of Alice Garano. Finally, in 2013, Ashley Greene, whose filmography became more and more meaningful, was played by Janine in the film directed by Zach Braff, titled "I'm sorry, I'm not here." Proposals to play a particular role in the film, including the main, Ashley gets more than can overpower. Therefore, she has the choice, and she enjoys this advantage.

Ashley Greene: filmography

In the asset of a successful actress there are also roles in the following films:

  • 2008 - "Otis", the role of the girl Kim, horror film, the director of the picture Tony Krantz, in the center of the plot maniac psychopath;
  • 2009 - "Psychoanalyst", a small role, directed by Jonas Paite;
  • 2009 - "The Blood of the Moon", the main role - Summer, a horror film, directed by Lee Demarbr;
  • 2010 - "Skateland", a youth film, directed by Anthony Barnes, Green played a small role;
  • 2010 - "Free Radio Albemuth", Ashley performed the role of Honda, directed by John Alain Simon;
  • 2010 - "The Heart of a Warrior", the role of Brooke Milligan, directed by Michael Sears;
  • 2011 - "Like clockwork," the role of Caitlin Pickler, directed by Jim Field Smith;

Cases of the heart

The personal life of Ashley Greene does not arouse the interest of journalists, much less the paparazzi. The girl does not meet anyone, she does not have a boyfriend, not even a friend with whom she could appear in public. As Ashley herself said, her mother wants her daughter to have a young man, but the actress does not burn with such a desire. Her interests are limited to the set, and she likes to read new scenarios than to walk under the moon.

Nevertheless, after Ashley's trip to Russia, she was seen several times with a certain Russian entrepreneur Aliev Daniyar, an interesting young man. And once they even saw them in the car in the parking lot - they were sitting in an embrace. But this was the first and last time, the more they never met with each other. And in the spring of 2009, the actress seems to have met with actor Ian Somerhalder from the series "The Vampire Diaries". After another two years, Ashley had some unintelligible encounters with Joe-Jonas, who had no continuation. And one day Green was spotted next to Jared Foclown, a musician for the rock band Kings. However, it does not mean anything yet ...

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