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Original congratulations on the New Year for any company!

New Year is a favorite holiday for almost every person, no matter how old he is. Everyone is waiting for a miracle and magic on these cold winter days. Give your relatives the original congratulations on the New Year! Let them feel your love and warmth, care and attention. After all, a good word is sometimes more pleasant than the most chic gift! Give your friends and relatives attention and roll an incendiary party with dances, competitions and presents!

Gold shell

Since on New Year's holidays everyone believes in miracles, we turn to the help of magic and sorcery! Prepare each of your friends and loved ones a golden nut with a prediction! It's very easy to make such nice presents. Prepare walnuts, gold paint, glue. The most important thing in all this venture is what will be inside the nut. This is a sheet of paper on which the wish-prediction for the next year is written. Try to remember, guess, find out the desires of your family. Write on these treasured leaves exactly what they really want. It will come true, because the main thing is to believe! Such a clear and short congratulations on the New Year will please everyone!

Cause time

Walnuts need to be gently split into two parts. Fully cover the shell with paint from the can. Now let your creams dry up, and you can lay the stuffing. If you do not know what to wish, there are universal options:

  • Great happiness awaits you, there is no bad weather on the horizon;
  • Dollars bag and friend will visit you soon all of a sudden;
  • In the new year you will not be sick, only to be young and to grow well;
  • Good luck pursues you today, so be it for three hundred and thirty-three days;
  • Hair will grow to the heels, you will be the most beautiful of the girls.

Such short congratulations on the New Year will please and intrigue friends, they will wait for the prophecy to come true!

Bright crackers

New Year's corporate at work is a very fun event. You will congratulate each other on the holiday many times. Then there will be dances, contests, games, and you will not be able to say kind words to each of the employees. Prepare individual congratulations on New Year's colleagues. They will look original and solemn. Write the most kind and sincere wishes on the sheet and roll it into a tube. Now came the turn of bright wrapping paper. Roll this package into colored paper and use the ribbons to secure the edges. Get a big cracker or candy, which you hang on a furry tree!

Wishes can be the same for everyone, then you do not need to sign convolutions. And if you want to write congratulations to everyone personally, a stapler pin the name of the recipient to the package! These unusual congratulations on the New Year's colleagues really like.

Good words

Pre-holiday turmoil simply knocks out of the rut. So much you need to have time: buy gifts, make a menu, invent an entertainment program, prepare a stunning outfit. Because of all this fuss, you can forget to find worthy words, original congratulations on the New Year. There are several unbeatable options. These are universal wishes that will suit both close friends and acquaintances.

Beautifully decorate the whole family tree,

Let it shine until morning,

And let the New Year bring you happiness,

More laughter and good!


Let all the dreams come true,

Patients - recover,

Children let everyone be happy,

And their mothers are beautiful.


Winter cold - it's not a problem.

Happiness and magic

The snow came to us.

The table with the delicious dishes is covered,

Herringbone in the corner glitters,

All relatives are near, together,

Gathered in a cozy place.

There is nothing more to wish for,

Let it be again and again!

Such congratulations on the New Year in verse can be sent using SMS or written in a beautiful postcard. After all, the tradition of giving greeting cards dies! Modern technologies have densely entered our life, which is very convenient and necessary. But once a year you can use the services of mail and send a bright card to your family!

Beard of cotton wool

If you celebrate a holiday in the circle of friends and family, you can dress up in the beloved country of Santa Claus! In this fairy-tale image you will amuse the guests, express them your wishes and instructions, play and dance from the heart. Such original congratulations on the New Year will be remembered for a long time. The main thing is to get a suit or sew it yourself. A red robe trimmed with fur, a hat and a beard are the main attributes! Make the effect of surprise, pretend to leave for a minute, quickly change clothes and go back to the guests with loud steps!

Good evening, guys! What are you drinking, gentlemen?

I came to congratulate you on this winter wonderful hour!

Let your wishes come true!

I wish you all prosperity!

The salary was that - a million,

And on vacation - only for the cordon!

To sweets eat and lose weight,

To be healthy, never sick!

Give birth to children, decorate your house.

Let the merry laughter in it sound,

The mood sticking out with a bunch!

Make a small script and after the greetings of Santa Claus well amuse your guests. Do not forget to prepare small presents for them in the competitions. Such original congratulations on the New Year will be enjoyed by adults and children alike!

Sweets and Joys

Most of the people on the planet are sweeties! On a festive evening, no one will give up a piece of biscuit cake or a mouth-watering pastry. Treat your guests with homemade cakes. Surely you have a favorite recipe for cake or cake. Any culinary masterpiece will do. The main thing is that you will write your beautiful congratulations on the New Year with a cream directly on the cake:

  • The New Year is knocking on the door, he will bring happiness to all;
  • I give you a winter miracle, let this dish become empty;
  • Cake is magic, not easy, eat it quickly, do not stand;
  • I love you all very much, I give sweet pleasure;
  • Even those who behave badly, did not bypass the cake!

Arrange to your close people incendiary and merry holidays, do not skimp on kind words and wishes! Then in your family will always reign love and understanding!

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