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A. Pushkin "The Queen of Spades": a short summary of the story

The story "The Queen of Spades" was finished by Pushkin in the autumn of 1833. This is the most mysterious work of the poet. The plot is connected with mysticism, with unpredictability of fate, with a choice of human values. The story was innovative for its time and was a great success. At receptions, when playing cards, they put on mystical cards from the "Queen of Spades".

A.Pushkin "The Queen of Spades": a brief summary of the first chapter

At the evening, which was arranged horse-guards Narumov, was told an amazing story. She was told by Count Tomsky. Once his grandmother was a beautiful, self-willed and popular woman in her circles.

And then one day she lost a large sum of money in the cards. The husband, who usually indulged her, flatly refused to pay such a sum. Then the countess turned to Count Saint-Germain for help. He had at that time considerable means. Only the earl did not give her money, but suggested a different way out - to recoup. He opened the secret of the three cards to the Countess.

The same evening, the countess put one card after another and returned all the debt. She did not trust anyone with her secret. And only once helped a certain Chaplitsky to recoup, but on the condition that he will not play anymore.

The whole story was heard by a young officer named Herman. He was from a poor family, so he could not afford to play. But he always wanted to be present at the game. And this story struck him to the depths of his soul.

"Queen of Spades": a brief summary of the second chapter

The old countess was still in the power of her time. She carefully watched the observance of the etiquette of her youth, it took her a few hours to decorate her.

Together with her lived a poor pupil Lizanka. It was she who had to endure the absurd nature of the Countess of Tomsk. Lizanka dreamed that there will be a deliverer who will one day take her away from this life. Only all the young people were prudent, and did not pay much attention to it.

But soon there were some events. They forced Lisa to perk up and believe in the world around him. Before her window, one unfamiliar young man began to appear constantly. This young man was German. In this way, using Lisa, he decided to get to the old countess.

"The Queen of Spades": a brief summary of the third chapter

Herman every day sends Liza lovely love notes. She is very tormented, but she always rejects them. But soon Lisa surrenders and appoints him a meeting, until the countess is at home.

Herman makes his way to the house, and at this time the Countess returns. He hides in her office and waits for all the maids to disperse. Leaving the shelter, Herman tries to explain to Tomsky why he needs this secret. But the Countess does not seem to hear him. Herman gets angry, starts threatening her, only the countess suddenly dies.

"Queen of Spades": a summary of the fourth chapter

The young man leaves the dead old woman and rises to Lizanka. There he confesses to her everything. The girl was very upset, she realized that she was wrong in it. Only Herman does not touch her tears. He regrets only the lost secrets.

"Queen of Spades": a summary of the fifth chapter

The funeral of the countess. Herman also came to say goodbye to her. He was not tormented by repentance, but the voice of conscience still told him that he was a murderer.

At night the Countess appeared to Herman. She was in the same form as during their meeting. The old woman revealed a secret to him. She called three cards: a three, seven, an ace. But he also called the condition: he must marry Lisa.

"Queen of Spades": in the abridgment of the sixth chapter

Learning the secret, Herman decides to test his fate. He sits at the table in the company of "Rich Players". He bet everything he had. And two days in a row he returns to his apartment with a huge win. Only on the third day, instead of an ace, the Queen of Spades is caught. From the fact that everything is lost, Herman goes mad.

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