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15 ways to feel slimmer tomorrow

Losing weight requires a lot of time, effort and dedication from you. Sometimes it seems that the matter does not move from the dead end, no matter how hard you try. But even the smallest steps can pour into a huge distance after a lapse of time. Next, we will tell you about the ways that will help get a flat stomach the next day. Are they surprised? Forward, for work! A slender figure is a reality.

Hot water with lemon in the mornings

This drink will replace traditional coffee, awakening the digestive system. You can drink green tea with lemon in the event that you do not like the taste of hot lemon water.

Refuse milk for breakfast

If you are a dedicated fan of dairy products, postpone their reception at a later time. Many people feel discomfort in the stomach after drinking milk in tea or coffee. The same goes for traditional breakfasts - yogurts, milk porridges and puddings. Take on the arms of dairy-free recipes of oatmeal and drink black coffee.

Morning Yoga

Many positions in yoga have a purifying effect on the body. They help to rid the body of toxins and improve digestion. Yoga detox includes a variety of body twists and stretching exercises. All this will help you to finally wake up and feel better.

Tropical afternoon snack

Pineapple and papaya contain enzymes that prevent bloating. Bromelain and papain destroy the structure of the protein, thereby speeding up digestion. Prepare a fruit salad, necessarily adding to the cup slices of pineapple and papaya. Another no less delicious option - a cocktail of ice cream and tropical ingredients.

Slow food intake

This habit should be adopted on a regular basis: for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Always eat slowly, slowly, chewing food carefully. Lunch, which you used in 5 minutes in order to save time, can lead to the seizure of air by the digestive system. To reduce bloating to a minimum, use our recommendation.

Give up chewing gum on a regular basis

The habit of not taking out chewing gum from the mouth will also play a cruel joke with your digestion. The more you chew it, the more air gets into your stomach. In addition, many leading manufacturers add sugar alcohol to the product, which does not have a very good effect on the digestive system.

Drink more water

This tip will help you throughout the day. The more clean drinking water you consume, the more toxins you can get rid of. Also the old good formula H 2 O helps us get rid of excess salt. It is sodium that can be involved in puffiness. Even if you are not thirsty, once again remind yourself that it's time to drink another glass of water. Keep a bottle of liquid to yourself in case you are going somewhere.

Eat the quinoa

The next advice will be to the court in the afternoon. The quinoa contains fiber and potassium. Both these components will remove the feeling of heaviness in the stomach. You can prepare a supersalat, consisting of quinoa, cabbage and blueberries.

Correction of portion

If, despite the niche tips, you still feel the stomach full, then there is one way out: cut portions in a plate.

Fiber-rich snacks

In the afternoon, do not forget about healthy snacks rich in fiber. So you get rid of hunger and overeating and reserve extra energy. Ideally, try to eat 25-30 grams of fiber per day. Avocado, raspberry, chia seeds and pear will help achieve this goal. But legumes and crucifers cause discomfort in the stomach.

Skip the drink

A glass of wine at dinner or one alcoholic cocktail, drunk with friends, will make you feel heavy for several reasons. This affects not only alcohol, but also sugar in your fruit drink. In addition, alcohol, even in small doses, fuels appetite and passion for fat. Bypass this temptation by the side and make a choice in favor of lemon water.

Asparagus for dinner

Asparagus improves digestion and stimulates the growth of good bacteria in your intestines. For lunch, eat vegetables with chicken or fish. Asparagus for dinner will be the perfect end of the day, if you dream of a slender figure.

Skip the dessert

Your diet should not be tough, but in the evening it's better to give up dessert altogether. Fatty and sweet foods, as well as artificial sweeteners cause bloating. Preferably choose fresh fruit.

Lemon drink with ginger (mint tea)

Cinnamon and ginger help to cleanse your digestive system. A good ending is the drink, from which you started the day, but with a few additions. To hot lemon water, add ground ginger. But mint tea will help calm the stomach.

Go to bed on time

Strong sleep helps regulate metabolism, and its lack will bring a feeling of sluggishness. Strive to sleep from 7 to 9 hours every night.

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