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What is the meaning of curling? Olympic sport is curling. What is the meaning of the game?

Before the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics, most did not know not only what the meaning of curling is, but even what kind of sport is it and what does it concern: mountain skiing or speed skating. The Olympics changed the attitude to this sport, and it gained a lot of fans and fans. In this article we will review the history, rules and features of "ice bowling", as curling is also called.

History of Curling

According to the official version, curling originated in the 16th century in Scotland. This is confirmed by the findings of archaeologists - the oldest stone for this game, discovered by scientists at the bottom of a dried lake, dates back to 1511. Since that time, the distribution of curling has started around the European countries. The first documentary mention of this game dates back to 1541. At the end of the XVIII century the first club of curlers was opened.

European settlers, who went for various reasons to conquer the American continent, brought curling to the New World.

In the 19th century, there were several significant events in the history of curling: the official rules of this game were approved, revealing the meaning of curling, and three national varieties were identified: Scottish, German and Swiss.

Already in the XX century curling was recognized as a separate sport, and the first world championship was held in 1959.

It is important to emphasize that even today the meaning of the sport "curling" and its rules remained practically unchanged.

Olympic history of curling

In the category of winter Olympic sports curling was introduced in 1998, but it took about 74 years. For the first time as a demonstration in the Olympic program curling was presented at the games in 1924 and in 1932. But whether the players played casually, or the audience did not understand what the meaning of curling was, but during the next 25 years, no attempts were made to introduce the game into the Olympic program. The first set of Olympic awards in this sport was played at the games in Nagano in Japan in 1998.

When did curling appear in Russia?

The first wave of popularity of this game occurred at the end of the XIX century, when European diplomats created curling clubs in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In the 20s of the last century, the Soviet Union tried to popularize the game, but Soviet people engaged in solving current problems did not understand what the meaning of curling was. In addition, at that time granite was a scarce material, and bits made from wood did not contribute to the success and distribution of curling in Russia.

In modern Russia, curling is also not very popular. Teams of European and world level can be counted, as they say, "on your fingers." And all curlers (players in curling) today in Russia no more than four hundred.

Basics of the game

Today, curling is a sport game in which two teams compete. Each of them is assigned a certain color. Each of them includes 4 people, among whom the captain is appointed, who manages the game and shows the team where to send the stones.

In the process of playing the team alternately run on the ice "stones" - special shells made of granite. The task of the players is to get this projectile weighing 20 kg, into a target called "home". It is located at a distance of 31 meters. If there is a stone of enemies in the "house", it must be pushed out. While the shell is slipping, team members, assessing the trajectory of its movement, rubbing ice with special flaps, adjusting the range of its launch, speed and trajectory.

In the process of rubbing the brush on the ice, a very thin water film forms on its surface. Thanks to it you can correct the direction and speed of the stone movement.

Each of the teams is represented by 8 stones-shells, which must enter the house. If the stones do not "reach" the boundaries of the house or pass them, then they drop out of the game. Thus, curling (the meaning of the game) is the pushing out of the target bits of the opponents with their own bat.

Rules of the game

The curling area is covered with ice and should be 44.5 m long and 4.32 m wide. The target, in which the teams must "drive" the stones, is called the house. Its diameter is 3.5 meters. Special stones are prepared for curling from Scottish granite, mined in Eilis-Craig. The weight of each is about 20 kg.

The teams produce stones throws alternately. The order of the first shots is determined with the help of a toss-up at the beginning of the game. The subsequent rolls are first executed by the team that won the previous round. Scoring of each team is made after all the stones are thrown. Only stones that are in the house and not knocked out of its borders are counted. Wins a round, called in curling "endom", the team whose stone is closest to the "button" - the center of the target.

In order to understand the meaning of curling, do not need to graduate from universities and be a professional athlete, you just need to look at the game and share the enthusiasm of the athletes!

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