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Tiger and Dog: compatibility on the eastern horoscope

A very interesting pair in the oriental horoscope is the Tiger and the Dog. The compatibility of people born in the year of these animals is very promising. Before talking about it, it is worth noting the characteristic features inherent in the Tigers and Dogs. And there are many of them.


People born in the year of this animal are very generous, brave and honest. They are also charming, witty, elegant and strong in spirit. These are their main positive qualities. But there are also negative ones. Often they are impudent, aggressive, careless and vain. But only with those people with whom they are not considered - for adequate reasons. If the Tiger allows himself such behavior, then the person clearly deserves it.

These people are cheerful and kind. They love to have fun in the company of those who care about them. And they like the changes. And spontaneity. They can easily, for example, sell a couple of gold ornaments, take a vacation and go on vacation somewhere abroad for a few days. And if the construction of a house is planned, the Tiger will begin to think how to furnish it, even before the foundation is laid.

Despite the fact that people born in the year of this animal are independent, they are also reliable. You can rely on them. By the way, they perceive marriage as a bond of love, and not as imprisonment in bondage. True, not everyone can understand the impulsiveness, changeability and emotionality of the Tiger, but otherwise it's easy to live with.


A male dog, like a woman born this year, is a faithful and faithful person. These are not only good spouses, but also great friends. They can tell anything and not be afraid that someone will find out about the mystery. True, a male dog in anger is terrible. Better not be angry with him. Because a bad act, shown in relation to him, will provoke an unpredictable reaction. In any case, the loss of a friend is assured.

Despite the fact that the Dogs have a lot of friends and comrades, noisy crowded parties they do not like. Such personalities prefer a more intimate atmosphere. And yet it is very important for them to find the person who would become not only an understanding spouse, but also a devoted friend.

The prospect of a potential alliance

In a pair like the Tiger and the Dog, compatibility is usually very good. Relations are built on mutual respect and love. True, feelings rarely flare up at first sight. First, a guy and a girl look at each other. And only then they give vent to their emotions.

A good pair is the union "Tiger-Dog". Horoscope assures that each of these people will find in such relationships what he lacked. The tiger will find relaxation and peace. Will cease to be too quick-tempered and emotional. After all, his partner, born in the year of the Dog, will understand him from a half-look and always support. For this, Tiger will be incredibly grateful and, in case anything happens, will go for everything for the happiness of his second half.

Yes, the Tiger can sometimes flare up. But the Dog will always find the right words to calm him down. And even tell you how to proceed correctly.

Marriage and family

You can immediately say that a happy life for two is what awaits a couple like Tiger and the Dog. Compatibility of them is usually obtained just this. What is their happiness? Girl-Dog will be the guardian of the home, an excellent mistress and a faithful, loving, understanding wife. The Tiger Boy will be happy with it. And for all the good that she will do for him, he will thank her with attention, care, love and boundless tenderness. This is the compatibility of the "Tiger Dog".

The man who was born in the year of the first animal, will have to assume the role of leader at a certain moment. Because when a girl is born a Tigress, everything is a little more complicated. This person values his freedom very much. And getting married does not break. If the guy-dog does not take the lead and initiative, then to the registry office it will never come. He will not like her excessive love of freedom. However, you do not need to be jealous. These girls are not inclined to treason. If a guy will give her enough will, then in return will get affection and love. In general, to save such a union can be a common thing or a hobby. Joint business can become what they unite and rally. And the common cause usually turns out to be profitable. Partners will work like a Swiss watch. The Tiger will play the role of an enthusiast, and the Dog will rationally translate his ideas into reality.

Finally, it is worth noting one more nuance concerning a pair such as Tiger and the Dog. Compatibility in bed - that's what we're talking about. In this regard, the couple, too, everything is fine. Between them is a long-playing and never-ending passion. They love experiments and try something new. So you can not worry about that their relationship will come to naught. This definitely will not happen.

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