Sanatorium "Aquamarine", Vityazevo: photos and reviews

Sanatorium "Aquamarine" (Vityazevo), located not far from Anapa, cordially accepts its customers, surrounding them with attention and care. Bathing in warm Black Sea waters and sunbathing on the background of hot-tropical vegetation favorably affect not only the physical condition of a person, but also improve his emotional and psychic mood.

Star status "Aquamarine", Vityazevo

Thanks to the mild sea climate and a variety of thermal springs, medicinal mud and algae, Anapa has long won the fame of a health and spa center. A lot of entertainment and hotel complexes, sports and disco facilities, as well as the richest infrastructure attracts tourists with the possibility of a memorable holiday, not only during the holiday season.

"Aquamarine" (Anapa, Vityazevo) takes a worthy place among similar medical-hotel establishments. It is quite deserved that the SPA-hotel has a 4-star status (in accordance with the official state certification: "Health resort category 4").

Historical moments

Very interesting is the history of the village in which "Aquamarine" is located. Vityazevo - a small village - in the recent past was a Cossack village, based on the site of the defensive redoubt. During the war, Major Vityaz heroically fought here with the Circassians, he even after a serious injury continued to command the army units, inspiring his soldiers to continue the resistance. It was after his death that the area from Ponta Evksinsky was first renamed into a village, and then to the village of Vityazevo. Most of the population was made up of Greeks.

"Little Athens"

And nowadays one often hears Greek speech here, and in the course of historical traditions the facades of many local houses are decorated with Greek classical sculptures. Residents of the village proudly refer to it as "Little Athens", and a magnificent promenade (or rather, an alley), located perpendicularly to the beach, - "Paralia".

Natural features of the location

Pension "Aquamarine" (Vityazevo) was built a little less than a decade ago, in 2006. Against the backdrop of other sanatoriums, it is allocated an extremely advantageous location - at the highest point of the village, in the immediate vicinity of the Black Sea coast (850 meters).

Amazing purity fine-grained sand of the beach has a delightfully relaxing rest. Pleases the width of the beach line, which is about 100 meters. Golden sand, sparkling in the bright sun, a smooth increase in depth near the shore is especially attracted to families and lovers by "Aquamarine" (Vityazevo). Stably favorable ecological situation, formed under the influence of circulating sea currents, tempts many people who want to combine a wonderful holiday with procedures for general improvement of the body and complex treatment.

Sanatorium on the map

The long swimming season (May - September), the average temperature of the sea water (20-25 degrees) and its purity attract many vacationers every year in Vityazevo. "Aquamarine" on the map of Anapa is easy to find: st. Gorky, 42.

The boarding house is located 6 km from the railway station, seven km from the airport. It is 2.4 km away from the central part of Anapa. In a spacious 5-storey building of the sanatorium (there is an elevator), 150 people can live simultaneously.

Number of rooms (standard)

The hotel "Aquamarine" (Vityazevo) can offer a wide variety of cozy apartments. In single and double rooms (standard economy variant, 23 m 2 ) there are shower and toilet, as well as many necessary for comfortable rest electrical appliances: TV, refrigerator (with minibar) and air conditioning, iron and ironing board and electric kettle.

In addition, a set of dishes, a hairdryer and, of course, a mandatory dressing gown and slippers are provided to the customers. Special pleasure is given to people who enjoy contemplative leisurely entertainment, for which the loggia with comfortable furniture is best suited. As an additional space can be given a sofa (1 place).

Number of rooms improved

For two-room suites (46 m 2 ) two rooms are provided: an arched partition divides the room into a living room with a sofa bed and a bedroom with two separate beds.

At the service of consumers - the same amenities as for the economy class. Customers can optionally be provided with extra beds - a chair-bed or a sofa (up to three seats).

Luxury double rooms, class "apartments" are located in three rooms, the total area of which is 80 m 2 . Comfortable chic rooms have two bathrooms: in the guest room there is a bathroom with a shower, and in the bedroom there is a separate bathroom. Arched partition separates the living room with a sofa bed located there from the bedroom with a double bed.

In addition to the amenities and electrical appliances provided in other rooms, the clients' services include a built-in electric stove with a sink, a cupboard for dishes, a dressing table and a wardrobe, a mirror and a safe.

Special conditions and food

The most positive points are the constant water supply of cold and hot water. The hotel can be accommodated with children (regardless of their age), but treatment in the sanatorium is carried out only with 4 years.

For customers in the sanatorium "Aquamarine" (Vityazevo) a balanced three meals a day is organized according to the type of "buffet", included in the cost of sanatorium treatment. In addition, there is a bar and two cafes on the territory of the sanatorium, in one of which you can enjoy your meal on the open veranda, watching the no-nonsense life of vacationers and amazing sunsets in the evening.

The night club brings a pleasant variety to the entertainment program of youth and people who associate themselves with them.

Directions of treatment

Highly qualified health workers in the sanatorium "Aquamarine", Vityazevo, carry out measures for general improvement of the body, as well as treatment of circulatory and musculoskeletal diseases, respiratory and digestive organs; Neurological, gynecological, urological, ocular and ophthalmologic diseases. A wide range of diagnostic studies (ultrasound, endoscopic, functional and laboratory) allow to determine the most effective directions of treatment.

SPA procedures

Especially popular are massage and cosmetology rooms, as well as baths and balneotherapy (pearl, pink and chamomile, citrus and coniferous, as well as baths of Cleopatra and Catherine). Closed and open pools, with all kinds of slides and water cascades, are very popular with children and, of course, their parents. Noteworthy are the healing muds of the Vitiazievsky Estuary, which is one of the attractions of the local places, which the "Aquamarine" sanatorium (Vityazevo) is especially proud of.

Visitors' reviews are mostly enthusiastic and positive. Negative attitude is expressed in regard to not too clean Vityazevo beach and pretty loud music in the evening in some entertainment venues and near them.

Free fun

The cost of the sanatorium voucher includes not only accommodation and meals, but also medical procedures for the appointment of a doctor, a variety of animation programs and the opportunity to use the beach umbrellas and sun beds, a guarded parking lot and a library for free. Free of charge on the territory of the boarding house you can visit sports grounds and a gym, you can work out aqua aerobics under the guidance of experienced instructors and teach children swimming.

In addition, there are regularly disco events with a diverse music program.

Software products and attractions

For employees who are too busy and those who wish to get a short rest, employees of the sanatorium are provided with special programs. You can use the weekend for a business person (for both men and women), for romantic newlyweds, for New Year's and mass events. Specialists have developed health programs designed to produce a very noticeable effect in a minimal time period.

From the sanatorium "Aquamarine" (Vitiazevo) you can go on sightseeing tours to local attractions, in the protected areas, wineries and apiaries, the dolphinarium and historical monuments. The memorable rest can be perfectly combined with general health procedures and necessary treatment in the sanatorium "Aquamarine", Vityazevo.

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