How to order a Sberbank card through the Internet at home?

More and more often the population thinks about how to order a card of the Savings Bank through the Internet. The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. After all, you have to take into account some of the nuances of the process. Some clients of Sberbank believe that through the World Wide Web, you can use any of the bank's services. But is it really so? And what is necessary to know the person who decided to apply for the release of bank plastic on the Internet? About all the features of the process further.

Different types of cards

First, you need to understand the following: bank plastic is divided into several components. This is very important when solving the task. Thinking about how to order a Sberbank card through the Internet, you first have to determine the type of plastic.

Currently, the following options are highlighted:

  • "Credit cards";
  • Debit cards;
  • Gift;
  • Salary;
  • Social.

Most often, we are talking about the first two types of bank cards. The rest are not so popular among the population. Therefore, the example of credit and debit cards will consider the issue of ordering plastic over the Internet.

Is there a chance?

Most customers prefer to personally draw cards. This is a reliable and right decision. Therefore, a completely logical question arises: can I order a Sberbank card via the Internet? Fortunately, yes. Sberbank takes care of its customers. Therefore, he offers practically the whole range of his services to be realized not only in the branches of the financial organization, but also through the World Wide Web. It is enough to know several features of the process. Therefore, you can calmly think about the design of plastic.

Banking registration

How to order a Sberbank card through the Internet? It is necessary first of all to register in the Sberbank Online system. It is through this service that the task is realized. You can register a profile in several ways. Among the most common techniques are:

  1. By means of an ATM.
  2. Getting temporary logins and passwords for authorization.
  3. With the help of employees in the Sberbank office.
  4. Independently on the Internet (in the presence of plastic).

As a rule, all Sberbank customers have a profile in Sberbank Online. To not think about the registration process for a long time, it is recommended to take a one-time login and password of authorization in the ATM. To do this, choose in the menu of operations "Savings Bank Online" - "Issuing a password" (the inscriptions may differ, but the meaning remains the same). Or ask for help from the employees of the department. They will register an account and provide information for authorization in the system.


How to order a credit card from the Savings Bank through the Internet? When the system "Sberbank Online" already has a working account, you can realize the idea without special problems. It is enough to follow a small instruction. It will help to leave an application for the issuance of a card.

What do I need for registration? At the moment, the following stages of the Sberbank credit card order are highlighted:

  1. Authorization on the site "Sberbank Online" under the existing login and password. You need to confirm the entry via your mobile phone. The verification code will come to him.
  2. In the menu that opens, the user will need to click on the "Maps" section. There will be an item "Application for a credit card."
  3. Now you need to fill in the appropriate fields. It is suggested to select the map view, and also to set certain parameters for it. For example, the credit limit. It should be noted that it is not possible to instantly issue cards via the Internet. This means that they can be obtained only through a personal visit to the nearest branch of the Savings Bank.
  4. Then you need to click on the button "Send an application" and wait for communication between the bank employee and the customer. This step is confirmation of intentions.
  5. In the time called on the phone it remains to come to the office of the Savings Bank with the documents necessary for drawing up a credit card and pick up the released plastic.

That's all. Now it is clear how to order a Sberbank card through the Internet. It's not so difficult as it seems. But this is not the only variant of the development of events. Modern users can act differently.

Site of the bank

Recently, the function of online applications for credit cards was renewed on the official website of Sberbank. Therefore, each person is able to translate the task into reality.

It is very convenient - first on the site to find a credit card of one type or another, study it, and then click on "Checkout" or "Apply". Further, as in the case of the "Sberbank Online" service, data is being filled. And the application is confirmed. In the agreed time the citizen will have to bring documents for issuing a credit card to the Sberbank office. After that, he will be given plastic.

Free maps

But I can not order a free Sberbank card through the Internet. We are talking about salary, gift and social type of plastic. The thing is that this function is not available to modern users. It is absent both on the official website and in the service "Sberbank Online". This means that these types of bank plastic will have to be ordered only in person. To do this, you just need to come to the Sberbank office and place an order there. It is enough to provide a passport, a statement and income statements.

Debit cards

How to order a debit card of the Savings Bank through the Internet? Another issue that interests customers. In fact, such citizens are seriously disappointed. After all, at the moment there are no online applications for debit cards. You can not translate the idea into reality either through Internet banking or through the official page of a financial institution.

But earlier such an opportunity took place. Through the site of the Savings Bank, everyone could draw up plastic by analogy with the "credit card". At the appointed time it was enough to provide an identity card in Sberbank and pick up the card. The function was frozen as early as 2014. And at the moment it was not renewed. So far, this is not planned to do so.

From now on it is clear how to order a card of the Savings Bank through the Internet. From all of the above, we can conclude: online applications are provided only for credit cards. Every citizen should take this into account.

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