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How to install Sims 3?

Computer game The Sims 3 has long and firmly entered the virtual life of every teenager. The third part of the game series is not inferior in popularity to its predecessors, which proves that The Sims is still loved and interesting. In order to update their already outdated version, and boys, and girls, and even their parents rush to the stores for new additions.

Currently, such add-ons as Adventure World, At Twilight, Career, All Ages, Show Business, Pets, Seasons and Supernatural have already come out. In addition to full-featured add-ons, developers regularly release virtual catalogs with new furniture, clothing and real estate. All the characters, events, scenery are as close to reality as possible, which attracts more people to this game. Having plunged into the virtual world, you can try yourself in the role of a successful businessman, owner of the largest corporation and mansion on the ocean coast or as a forester who has nothing but a hut and a couple of pets.

Many, for the first time faced with this game, ask the question: "How to install Sims 3?". If you purchased a licensed version, all installation details should be written directly on the box. If you downloaded the toy via the Internet or purchased a "pirated" copy, you will need more detailed instructions on how to install the Sims 3.

Before starting the installation, mount the image of the game on a virtual medium using a special program. It can be Nero or Alckogol 120%. Details on formatting information using these programs are available on the Internet.

In fact, the difficulties in how to install Sims 3, there are none. It is important that you have enough free space on your computer (from 7 gigabytes). The key generator that you will need during installation is in the folder Crack. After the key is entered, the installation process should begin. Upon its completion, the game is not started, but we return to Crack and copy the file TS3.exe to the Game / Bin folder. Since such a file was originally in the folder, we safely replace it with the new one.

Now it's time to start the game. As a rule, at startup the Launcher window pops up. Do not allow the toy to have access to the Internet. You can simply disable it or block it with a firewall. So, now you can start the game, and the question: "How to install Sims 3" will no longer interest you.

We want to note, do not be surprised if the game starts to slow down and hang. The first launch always takes a long time, the subsequent ones will be more dynamic. Also, startup and speed problems can occur if the technical specifications of your computer do not match the game standards. But most of the difficulties with how to install the game Sims 3 and run it, there are those who bought it at a modest price from a dubious producer. In this case, there are no guarantees that the program will work.

If you have difficulty with running Sims 3, it's likely a problem in your computer. Typically, it helps reboot your computer or program. Otherwise, you will have to install the game again, then check for the drivers and DirectX required by the technical specifications of the latest version.

Fans of virtual life are interested in the question: "How to install Sims 3 Pets?". If you purchased the official version of the game, installation problems should not arise. Here everything should be clear. The main thing that you need to remember: when downloading, we update the old version to a new one, and then the whole process will happen automatically. If you downloaded the game on the Internet, you should mount its image on a virtual disk, then install it using a special program, then copy the Game folder to the main game Sims 3, which was installed earlier, and run the add-on.

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