Alfa Bank: Feedback

To begin, we will consider the bank from the position of the client looking for a credit organization, since objectivity should be present in everything, this also applies to PJSC Alfa-Bank. We will postpone the reviews so far and consider its history.

This bank is one of the oldest in Russia. It was founded in 1990, refers to universal banks that carry out the main types of banking services. This includes the service of corporate and private clients, asset management and trade finance, investment business.

The head office is located in Moscow, the bank operates not only in Russia, but also abroad. More than 500 branches and branches have been opened. Subsidiaries are located in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States.

Like all major lending institutions, Alfa-Bank keeps pace with the times. There is an official website, an Internet bank, a mobile, an SMS-bank, about 4 thousand ATMs, groups in popular social networks.

The organization has a fairly extensive list of lending services. We offer credit cards, cash loans, mortgages and car loans, with several offers in each section. Most likely, such a variety attracts a large number of clients to Alfa-Bank. Reviews mainly relate to credit products.

In addition to lending and opening deposits, services are offered on the securities market, internet trading, foreign exchange operations, depository services and so on.

But let's return to the main topic, consider the reviews about Alfa-Bank. As can be seen from all of the above, the organization is quite solid and the work period is impressive. If you just go to the official site, then everything inspires confidence, everything is accessible and understandable. True, only as long as you do not pay attention to reviews. Alfa-Bank is one of the most negatively discussed organizations.

Undoubtedly, people are not accustomed to writing gratitude responses, usually all good things are taken for granted. If they are positive reviews, they look like twins: they liked everything, everything suits, there were no problems, thanks and so on.

But the negative ones are written on the entire page, there will not just be about all the painful, but with the smallest details. There are some common, which can be attributed to many credit institutions, but there are also concerns only PJSC Alfa-Bank. Feedback-claims about the incorrect work of ATMs, unprofessional staff - this is all a general category.

For example, someone made an early repayment on a credit card, and in a few months an unclear debt of 200 rubles pops up (and no one can really explain where he came from). It may happen that the account is blocked, and the reputational risk is included in the group , not only will you be "chased" from one instance of the bank to another when clarifying the situation, they will also force you to connect an additional package of services, which, of course, you will have to pay for.

But all this, it can be said, is the usual standard situation for most banks. But the aggressive work of the credit department and the bank's security services leave a lot of questions.

If you, God forbid, delay payment for a couple of days, then you will be called daily (without a break for weekends and holidays) from early morning until late at night at least 10 times. And in the phone you will hear the statements in a fairly impartial form.

And again, you can understand when it comes to "defrauded" customers, but this is not limited to Alfa Bank. The reviews scream that they are calling all close relatives (and in their place of work, too).

Although, who knows, perhaps this is exactly what you should do with debtors. Have undertaken a duty - be kind to pay. The term of payment falls on a weekend or a holiday - pay a couple of days before, keep your nerves, and the bank will not have any claims. Indeed, in recent years the number of unreturned loans has doubled. And which bank does it need?

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