Motorcycles "Yamaha-Phaser 600": description, technical characteristics and reviews

The debut of the motorcycle "Yamaha-Phaser 600" was held in 1997 at the motor show in Paris. The appearance of this bike has given a powerful impetus to the development of the market of powerful neoclassicists with an average engine volume. This model combines the comfort of a classic motorcycle, the agility and maneuverability of sports, stylish modern design.

"Phaser" was produced until 2004, while European environmental standards were not revised. The bike did not comply with the new standards, so the manufacturer had to carry out a number of measures aimed at modernizing the engine and minimizing the release into the atmosphere. As a result, a new generation of bikes - Yamaha FZ6 - was born .

Chronology of production

Officially, the motorcycle began to be commercially produced in 1998. It was oriented both to the domestic market of Japan, and to the markets of Europe and the USA. In 2000, the motorcycle was subjected to a number of upgrades. The result was a new seat design, the appearance of adjusting the preload of the fork, an increase in the fuel tank from 18 to 20 liters.

In 2002, the manufacturer carried out a large-scale restyling of the model. The design of the front built-in fairing, gas tank, instrument panel has changed. In 2004, the serial production of the Yamaha-Fazer 600 motorcycle was discontinued. He replaced a new bike, built on its basis - Yamaha FZ6.


The Yamaha-Phaser 600 model is equipped with an engine from the YZF600R Thundercat sports tour. Of course, he underwent considerable reconfiguration. This made it possible to increase the torque at medium revs. The motor as a result began to give out 95 liters. from. Power at 61.2 Nm of torque, and the maximum characteristics of the bike were reached at 9500-11500 rpm. Reliable front brakes bike received from the sports model YZF-R1.

Remarkable and such a feature of the Yamaha FZS 600 Fazer, as the presence of a built-in fairing over the front headlight. The frame of the motorcycle is made of steel and quite laconic. Suspension can be adjusted by preload.


"Yamaha-Phaser 600" is created in the best traditions of neoclassicism. Not burdened with superfluous plastic, it is a bit like naked. A fairing with twin headlights, a saddle shape with a rear handrail for the passenger and an exhausted exhaust pipe with a powerful silencer give it the features of a sportbike. In general, the design is functional.

The appearance of the motorcycle seems to indicate its dynamic nature, which is fully confirmed by the TTX. This bike fits perfectly into the general style of the modern metropolis and often becomes the choice of young and active people.

Yamaha-Phaser 600: specifications

The motorcycle has a relatively small overall dimensions: 2080 mm in length, 710 mm in width and a height of 790 mm in the seat. The dry weight is 189 kg.

To what speed can the motorcycle "Yamaha-Phaser 600" be dispersed? The testimonies indicate that he can shoulder even 210-215 km / h. And he accumulates a hundred in just 3.8 seconds.

Particular attention should be paid to the motor. It is 4-stroke, has 4 cylinders installed in a row. Cooling type is liquid. This engine can accelerate to 11500 rpm and produce 95 l. from. Clutch multi-plate. The checkpoint has 6 steps.

It is worth mentioning the features of the running gear. The telescopic fork is tilted 24 degrees and moved forward by 88 mm. There is a mono-shock absorber behind it.

Assembly and commissioning do not present any problems. "Yamaha-Phaser 600", the manual which is made in Russian, needs to run-in at low speeds and idling. Of course, this is worth knowing only to those who buy a new motorcycle from the salon.

The target audience

Universal, like most classics, "Yamaha-Phaser 600" often becomes the choice of those who suffer from a motor disease in the broadest sense of the word. The owner of this bike likes to sometimes drive around the city, appreciates his time and does not like to hang around in traffic jams, it's easy to climb, so at the weekend he can wave into the neighboring city or poke around the neighborhood.

Of course, by and large, this is transport for the city. But the Yamaha-Fazer 600, whose characteristics are perhaps the most impressive in its class, perfectly feels both on a long trip and in a suburban landing.

Often, this model becomes the choice of those who are fed up with racing and cross, and it is replaced by yesterday's enduro fans and sports. He especially likes those who plan to ride with a passenger. The rear seat is quite practical, and the rail significantly increases the level of comfort. Of course, there are some who do not like the handle behind the saddle, but, firstly, it can easily be dismantled, and secondly, the advantages of a motorcycle completely cover this insignificant feature.

Pay attention to the "Phaser" and lovers of rework. The design and characteristics of this bike allow fantasy to clear up completely.

Tuning and Customizing

The basic equipment of the motorcycle impresses even the sophisticated. Fans of "Phaser" note in the reviews that he has a very convenient central, rather than a one-sided stand; Well-designed assembly; Ergonomically located controls.

Those who like to squeeze a maximum speed from a motorcycle, often acquire a more voluminous sport windshield, which protects the pilot from the oncoming air streams. As always, heating the handlebars is actual.

Those who do not plan to ride with the second number, often get rid of the passenger saddle. This facilitates the design and makes the silhouette even more dynamic and aggressive.

Motorcycles "Yamaha-Phaser 600" just beckon fans of street-strikers. And indeed, they produce excellent custom devices. To do this, "Phaser" is deprived of the front fairing, the entire plastic body kit, which can only be removed, acquires an impressive silencer and many more external effects. Its iron interior, which the manufacturer does not hide under the shells of the shell, looks even more impressive, passing through the skilful hands of an experienced customizer.

Price list

Today, finding a new "Phaser 600" is not easy. Still, many years have passed since the moment when it stopped producing. Basically, it is possible to catch this model in the secondary market. When buying, make sure to discuss the possibility of a test drive and be ready to spend 2500-3500 dollars on the device.

The spare parts that Yamaha manufactures for its own motorcycles can now be procured almost everywhere. In addition, there is a huge selection of analog parts from other manufacturers with less high-profile names. Of course, the original will cost more.

Fuel consumption

Appetites of "Phaser" rather average. The manufacturer claims 5.1 liters per hundred. The owners' comments say that the actual average fuel consumption is about 6 liters. Of course, under certain "aggravating circumstances" it can increase significantly and reach 8-9 liters.

Keep in mind that, like most motorcycles Yamaha, "Phaser 600" prefers to eat high-quality gasoline. It is not worth risking cheap fuel of doubtful quality, this can shorten the life of the device.

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