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How to dislodge FN SCAR-H in Warface as quickly as possible?

Many gamers do not suspect that they can increase the chance of knocking out rare weapons when buying and opening boxes of luck. They just buy boxes when they want, open them in a random order - and in most cases get frustrated that they have dropped quite a conventional weapon. If you really want to achieve some serious result, then you need to know several approaches to this issue. Naturally, none of them guarantees you a 100% chance of obtaining the desired weapon, but the probability percentage is significantly increased if you all do so, as required by the scheme. This article will describe how to disable the FN SCAR-H in Warface, because this assault rifle is extremely in demand among all players.

Standard method

First of all it is recommended to try a standardized method that is suitable for all weapons. If you want to learn how to knock out FN SCAR-H in Warface, then you will need to remember that the purchase of boxes must be carried out in a specific sequence. For example, it is necessary to take the most universal scheme 5-5-5. If you are not familiar with the methods of hunting for rare guns, then for you it is just a set of numbers. Therefore, you need to turn them into a clear scheme for absolutely everyone. So, in this sequence, each number represents the number of boxes you need to purchase in one approach. As you know, there will be only three approaches, in each of which you will need to purchase five boxes of luck - this is the maximum number for a one-time purchase. But here there is one important point - if you buy five boxes, then you have to open them immediately, and then proceed to purchase the next block. That's all, now you know the basic circuit that you can try, if you try to figure out how to knock out FN SCAR-H in Warface. However, this type of weapon has its own unique scheme.

Unique scheme

In the previous step, a scheme has been described for increasing the chances for almost every weapon of the rarest category. But each gun has its own unique scheme - and sometimes several. Accordingly, if you want to learn how to knock out FN SCAR-H in Warface, then you will need to use not only the scheme 5-5-5, but also other options. First of all, pay attention to the scheme 2 + 3, which was created specifically for obtaining this trunk. As you already understood, you will need to first get two boxes of luck, and after that - three more. If this cycle did not bring you luck, repeat it until you get one of the most popular assault rifles in Warface - FN SCAR-H.


Another option, which you must pay attention to, is not connected with the schemes. Here the emphasis is on the server restart time, which occurs every Thursday at four o'clock in the morning. Accordingly, if you want to get the trunk you need - buy and open boxes from four to six in the morning, when the Warface base is updated. FN SCAR-H, the review of which will attract almost every fan of this game, will drop out to you with a high probability, and you can use it to envy everything.

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