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Game Dead Rising 3: passing, reviews

A period of time in as many as ten years did not give a chance for a quiet life. The zombie epidemic strikes everyone in its path, the hero must find a way out through various means. In the famous game Dead Rising 3 passing is not difficult for professionals, but newcomers will have to carefully consider each action.

Features and gameplay

The game contains a lot of interesting moments, where realistic effects are manifested, which fascinates every gamer. Its features surprised players, compared to the previous parts.

  • Combat cruel opponents can occur both alone and with a couple of players.
  • All zombies are programmed for dangerous and unpredictable behavior, which requires the gamer to display their own logic.
  • There is additional content loaded.


Passage of the game Dead Rising 3 is really exciting, because the plot is developed by real professionals. A third-person view gives the player the opportunity to feel freedom in action. Quite an interesting fact, present in the game, is the need to search for various items for survival. Unlike the previous parts here the gameplay is more improved.

Classical chapter

In the game called Dead Rising 3, the passage of the classical part is represented in California. Only three days ago the epidemic began to disperse around the city and capture the bodies of innocent residents. Zombies are now everywhere, and survivors find it increasingly difficult to abandon buildings and just on the streets. Food helps the main character regain lost units of health. The very first food will be a package of chips, located on the floor, and then you need to find a bagel - it lies next to you.

In Dead Rising 3 the passage includes all the smallest details, so after filling the body with food you need to follow the wrench and open the gate with a blow. As a weapon, you must immediately take a beam and an ax. And also do not lose sight of cars, because there are shotguns and pistols. On the way to the very bottom of the tunnel you have to fight a little with the infected.

The jammed exit requires a return back, running away from the zombies. Consciousness is lost from a blow to the head, and having woken up you need to move to a cafe. On the way there is a trap, you can escape from it by jumping through the car. On this path, a zombie can only be killed alone, otherwise the trap will be inevitable.

A sledge hammer and a saw combine a special weapon, and the black exit from the cafe will lead directly to the car. Sitting in the car, you need to go to the garage, along the way you will need to provide help to a healthy person. The chapter ends after talking with another character in the garage, and as a reward, a pistol drawing is given and the mode is opened.

Difficulties of the 1st part

Passage of the game Dead rising 3 (Part 1) makes you think and include logical thinking. Here a nightmare level of complexity provides unpredictable zombie actions at night. Before dropping the bomb, only 6 days remain. To quickly move you need to make a car. The main character's advantage here is knowledge of mechanics. Therefore, to build a car you need to be between a pair of any cars. The character successfully creates a hamer and goes to the desired point, following the road signs.

At this point in Dead Rising 3 passage (part 1) is not difficult, because there are few attacking enemies. A certain section of the road must be traversed on foot, but there are 10 bikers. Molotov cocktails can easily cope with them, and they can be found around the perimeter. Then there will be a battle with the boss.

The main enemy in this part will also be defeated when using Molotov cocktails. The award for the victory over him is a drawing of a motor roll. This building will be needed to find the antidote, because the main character has fallen under the bite of a zombie.

How to pass the 2nd part?

Further in the Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition the passage will not be simpler at all. Here we go to the cemetery, where there is a road to the antidote. You can get to it through the sewage system, where the zombies are to be slaughtered by barrels, and wandering - by weapons. At the outlet from the sewer, the player receives excellent blueprints for creating weapons.

In Dead Rising 3 passing 2 parts, oddly enough, carries away all the players.

Further through the cemetery we get to the hospital and get acquainted with Harry. He needs help, but he hides a secret. Now we rise to the roof, we get into the building and open the passage to a new acquaintance. Then we drive the van and open the door to the fat man, who will knock out the second door. There are a lot of zombies hiding, the queens will help get rid of them. The necessary corpse should be in the cell, the key from which the player finds in the operating room. In the place of the corpse, we do not find, in fact, it is located in the back room.

Now the corpse should be brought to the authority, the chastisement of all the zombies along the way. For successful passage the player receives the drawing of the machine.

What is 3 part

In Dead Rising 3, the passage (part 3) is an interesting story. To begin with it is necessary to check up a hangar where there are all friends. Together they decide that it is necessary to look for Annie for fuel exchange. It can be found in the refuge of illegal immigrants, it is located not far from the mansions of the rich.

In the shelter, the hero finds only Lauren, but for some reason she is behind bars. In return for Annie, she asks for her ring and tattoo kit. The set is located in school, but first you should clean the territory, because it is protected by football players. And the ring is guarded by punks, this area should also be cleaned and pick up the right thing. Now the shelter is completely provided to the player, as its own base.

Lauren will lead to illegal immigrants after they receive their belongings. Wipe into the credibility of those people will help destroy the cameras and supplies.

When the character begins destroying supplies, he will find a doctor who will trigger an infection in the body from which the turbidity begins. To defeat him, you need to destroy all the containers with organs right before his eyes.

Then we go to the base, and afterwards to the police station and download the attack records.

The path to the site is through the parking lot. Here the woman destroys all people, calling for an armed aid. Combined weapons help get rid of all the military. Necessarily in stocks should be present chainsaws and a rifle with burning cartridges.

Next, you need to catch up with Hilda, which brings the gamer to the 3rd floor, then there is a fight with her. Bombs quickly destroy the enemy. Although with a loss of strength, it will cause an additional detachment of soldiers. This will happen until all of its forces are over.

Annie and Red are waiting at the hotel, give them a flash drive and wait until they get the fuel. A drawing of a napalm bomb is a reward for the passed part.

What awaits the players in the 4th part

Now Annie was captured and, for starters, she needs to meet with Red to develop a rescue plan. For the passage of the game Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition in the new part of the player will discover a lot of new moments.

We go to the base, turn off the power, take the military uniform in the truck near the parking lot and head for the main entrance. The guards go inside to report the situation. At the headquarters, the character reveals the plot. He is noticed by a soldier who is urgently required to liquidate. Then we destroy the generator and remove the voltage from the cell. Now we need to quickly leave the base, and on the way to get rid of all creatures and destroy the generators. The exit gate requires a card key. She, fortunately, is with the suddenly appeared officer. After killing him, we get the key and put Anni in the car. The hero himself remains in the location.

The right fuel is located under the bridge. The key to the storage room is found in the warehouse. The first camera is fraught with a mystery: it is a mutant that can control all zombies. The attention of the monster is attracted by the military, which appeared here by accident. Now you need to run to the gas tank truck and go to the hangar. Fuel is delivered, and as a reward - a drawing of the "Trident".

Secrets of the 5th part

Diego is to be found in the museum, but he is not at all pleased with the guests. Therefore, in Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse, the passage of Part 5 will not be easy. Diego attacks "friends", shoot at him necessary while he is in the air. On the loss of half of health, he starts a machine that will launch various bullets and so on. You should be very careful and deftly dodge all flying objects. After a while Diego comes to himself and demonstrates the room-museum.

The key needed for the plane is in the punks from the last part (they are all in the same place). The entrance to the mansions is closed, so you'll have to walk. Punks with a key walk on the playground. After taking the key, we return back. If desired, you can walk around the city in search of additional drawings and perform tasks. Then we go to Ronda and find out the location of the details for the aircraft. The drawing "Dina-bow" is received, and the chapter is successfully passed.

Passage of the 6th part

Passage of the game Dead Rising 3 provides an opportunity to acquire special skills and knowledge.

Here, Ronda reports that the details are in the collector, who lives in the neighborhood of all the same mansions. There is a separate entrance through the garage and car. But the alarm goes off. The second floor should be cleaned completely, and special attention should be given to the control panel. She disappears under the picture, turn off the signal and look for details.

A couple of details are in the house, but the third one should be looked for by the courier. He delivered the parcel, in which our detail lies. Now you need to return to the hangar, pick up friends from the bar, where the enemy's attack will be inevitable at the exit. Some people cut down the whole company, and in consciousness they came only in the laboratory. Here works Diego, he calls the bees, who are able to turn into a zombie absolutely every creature that is in the room. You need to "make your legs".

Along the way, Isabella Case meets. During the conversation, exploding barrels fly into the character. Here you need a drawing of an electrosh. The enemy should be beaten from behind - there he has a weak spot.

In the next room, the opponents are much larger, and the loader throws fire, so it should be avoided. It is necessary to have time to leave the room in time, otherwise it will be filled with fire and death will be inevitable. "Acid rain" goes to the player as a reward.

"Bloody" part number 7

In Dead Rising 3, the passage of Chapter 7 will appeal to every gamer.

Should be sent to the subway, but everything is closed. There is also no exit on the second floor, because the food was switched off. To repair the flap you will need a wire, and you can find it in a snack bar. The gates open and punks await them. They need to be destroyed as quickly as possible and sent to karaoke. Near the room, Annie fell into the trap of Harry, but he should not be killed.

He told about the former girl, and now we go to Ronda. Arriving at her house, the character sees that her hand was cut off. It is necessary to run to the pharmacy and take a first aid kit. Harry gives her a device for the prosthesis, and she agrees to follow. Now we should return to the same place and Harry lets it in. Destroying all the zombies, release Annie and follow the hangar.

The most difficult part

The most interesting thing in Dead Rising 3 (passage) is hidden in this part.

Harry wanted to show his friends, so it's time to get rid of him. Characters must get into Chuck's car to chase the helicopter. Arriving in Inton, we see how Helmok is going to throw Marian off the roof. He does what he has planned and launches drones to collect royal zombies. With the help of firearms it is faster to get rid of drones and zombies.

The main character gets on the helicopter and learns that Hemlock is actually the main and final boss. He will shoot a mortar, from which it will be necessary to dodge, and to beat him is best from behind. After the final victory, the player receives a new drawing called "The Huge Bomb".

Player Reviews

Already a lot of gamers have tried this game on themselves. Most opinions coincided: it is well suited for a fun company. The world of arcade is able to turn every gamer into a real hero. The mode for four players helps not to get bored. The assortment of weapons and other supplies in this part is significantly increased, so in general the game is liked by most gamers to date.

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