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Fighter's Primer: how to increase the impact force of the fist

Strong people do not like to reveal their secrets, and as a result, how to increase the force of a fist, you can find very little useful information. In particular, it is usually written that a blow can not be put on its own and it is necessary to train with an experienced fighter or trainer who knows exactly what he is doing. We decided to correct this injustice and systematize all the knowledge necessary for a beginner to understand how to increase the impact force of the fist. We read further and absorb knowledge!

How to increase the impact force of a fist: characteristics

What are impact indicators and how to develop them? Speaking directly, without embellishment about the masters of Shao-Lin, all the fighting characteristics and exercises for the impact can be divided into three parameters: speed, strength and technique. Next, we list the various exercises with which you can develop each of them.


The best exercises for the speed of impact developed by boxers a century ago: you take each hand on a dumbbell in 5-10 kg and start sparring with the shadow, conducting and Combining the same blows in your usual rhythm. In a minute you will feel like all your muscles are aching with fatigue, but do not stop: thus you kill three birds with one stone. On the one hand, you strengthen your muscles and make them stronger, on the other, increase your endurance performance, accustoming them to endure prolonged stresses, and, in the end, in training without weight, you will feel that you have become noticeably faster in movement.

Tip: Another very interesting exercise from Wushu fighters. Conduct a fight with the shadow in the pool, under the water. The speed of your impact depends on the ability of your body to overcome air resistance, and since the density of water is much higher, then, training in such conditions, you will become much faster.


Strange as it may seem, one can read how to increase the force of a fist in real combat, in the textbook on anatomy. What is power? This is the mass multiplied by the acceleration. Accordingly, if you are working on speed, then you only have to work on your weight and thus you will increase the strength of your impact. Try to gain more muscle mass: work with large weights in heavy basic exercises.

Another secret of how to increase the impact force of the fist is hidden in the density of the impact surface. For these purposes (to increase the density), various knuckwheels are used, and also, that in a more efficient and honest way, fill the fist's surface, leveling the knuckles, which turns a fist into a real hammer. For the same purpose, you can just push the floor from the rack on your fists.


The correct technique of carrying out the strike is 50% of his strength. After all, a well-placed blow originates in the heel of the foot opposite to the beating hand, and only then, accumulating the inertial force of the legs, back, torso and arms, emerges at the beating point of the fist. By the way, that's why it's much more effective to use an open palm for striking (one bone union participates in a stroke) rather than even a well-packed fist, because in the second case more than 30 bone joints participate in the impact, which is not only extremely traumatic, but also extinguishes approximately 20-25 % Of the impact force.

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