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Diets that really help: reviews. Home diet for weight loss. Recipes for a diet

One of the main health problems facing sharply in the 21st century is overweight and obesity. These are links in a chain of various diseases, primarily the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Diabetes mellitus type 2 - a true companion of extra pounds. According to statistics, every five seconds the number of patients with this disease increases by one person. The most effective means of fighting for health and longevity is weight loss. Today, manufacturers offer a lot of ways to get rid of hated kilograms and inches at the waist and hips without dieting and training. However, while we are experimenting with teas, pills and chewing gums for weight loss, the weight of the world's population continues to grow steadily. It seems that without the good old diets and physical exertions, the battle with superfluous kilograms of mankind can not be won!

Diets: a panacea or harm?

Today, the Internet is full of secrets of losing weight, users tirelessly write their reviews, and the stars share diet recipes from television screens. Food by blood group, protein, fruit and mono-diets ... What to choose for the best result without negative consequences for the body? There is no doubt that there are diets that really help. Reviews and countless photos in the style of "before and after" - that's direct proof.

However, before proceeding to specific examples, it should be noted that any diet is a huge stress for our health. Such a test may prove insurmountable to the immune system. In order for the body to resist microbes and stress, it needs strength, and they get them with food. The diet should include a variety of food. Do diets that limit fat and carbohydrate intake help? Perhaps, yes. Extra pounds will actually go away, but the body will begin irreversible metabolic disorders.

The conclusion is that: to sit on diets for a long time, especially when it comes to mono-diets, is strictly prohibited. Our goal is to preserve and improve our health. Losing excess weight is, rather, a side effect. What kind of diets are harmless to health and deadly for extra pounds? Let's understand.

The Kremlin diet

It's time to touch on diets that really help. Reviews about the Kremlin diet are more often found in forums devoted to the topic of weight loss. Even those of us who have never encountered excess weight and are not interested in the topic of weight loss, probably heard about it. The essence of such a diet lies in limiting the consumption of carbohydrates. The latter are the main sources of calories, that is, energy for our body. Nutritionists identify the so-called slow and fast carbohydrates. The first contains rye bread, cereals, baked potatoes, fruits and dairy products. Such carbohydrates are extremely necessary for the normal functioning of our body. The second group includes sugar, honey, chocolate, biscuits and other sweets. The criterion for this classification is how fast the carbohydrates are split into our body in glucose.

What are the recipes for the Kremlin diet? The main components of your diet should be a variety of vegetable salads, for example, from green and red sweet peppers, asparagus, cucumbers and onions. For dressing, use olive oil. Red meat is better to choose chicken and fish. Cook them for a couple or bake in the oven, sprinkling with lemon juice. Do not forget about the first dishes. For lunch, a soup of celery is perfect. To make it, you will need a celery root, onions, carrots and bell peppers. The recipe for cooking is unusually simple. Vegetables chop, pour water and cook for 20 minutes. In the finished soup, add greens. If desired, grind vegetables in a blender. The advantage of the Kremlin diet is that it allows even desserts. Yes, yes, it's not a mistake. Scrunch half of the apple on a large grater and mix with low-fat cottage cheese. Decorate the dessert with a sprig of mint and chopped almonds.

We consider carbohydrates

But how to calculate the content of carbohydrates in a particular product? For convenience, the bread unit was introduced . It corresponds to the amount of carbohydrates contained in a slice of rye bread, namely 10 gr. In such conventional units, the content of carbohydrates in products is measured . According to the Kremlin diet, if you want to get rid of excess weight in a short time, your daily diet should be within 40 bread units. Those people who are satisfied with their weight, should consume 60 conventional units.

Eat - I do not want

However, there are those products that need not be considered. Some of them are sure to be found in the refrigerator of each hostess. Cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers, zucchini, greens, eggplants, pumpkin, root vegetables and legumes can be consumed in unlimited quantities. This is one of the main advantages of this diet. You will not be threatened with a hungry faint.

Buckwheat diet

One of the most common in our time is the buckwheat diet. As mentioned above, the body needs to receive a variety of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements in order to function properly. So buckwheat is the product in which such diversity is present. By the number of vitamins of group B and magnesium, which are necessary for the health of our heart, amino acids and routine, it is one of the record holders. "This is exactly the diet that helped me," - such responses are full of Internet.

Useful properties of buckwheat

Among the mono-dietary buckwheat is one of the safest. In addition to the nutrients listed above, this cereal is high in fiber. It not only improves the functioning of the intestines and removes slags from it, but also brings us a sense of satiety. One of the biggest problems faced by adherents of various diets is an insurmountable feeling of hunger. In the case of such food, it will be avoided. Dietary product buckwheat makes and its low glycemic index. In simple terms, carbohydrates contained in buckwheat, our body slowly turns into glucose. Energy is released gradually, and we do not feel hungry for a long time.

However, one can sit on a buckwheat diet, like any other, for a limited time, in our case - from one to two weeks. The time depends on how strictly you stick to the diet. If there are no deviations from the allowed buckwheat, then the maximum duration of the diet is a week. Despite the useful properties, buckwheat does not contain all the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins for our body in sufficient quantities.

How to cook

Buckwheat is a product available to us. A package of cereal is found on the counter of any supermarket, and the price per kilogram is relatively low. What are the recipes for a diet? There are two ways of cooking buckwheat - traditionally boil on water in a proportion of one to two or steal. In the second case, buckwheat must be poured with boiling water from the evening and insist the night. In the morning you will have a satisfying breakfast, and, most importantly, a healthy breakfast. With this method of preparation, the proportions of cereals and water remain the same.

It remains to answer the main question: what results does the buckwheat diet give? According to reviews, a week of such nutrition allows you to lose weight on average by 5 kilograms. However, this is not the limit. The result depends on your weight, individual characteristics of the body and exercise.

Both the Kremlin and buckwheat are diets that really help. Reviews about them are mostly positive.

Kefir diet

In our list under the name "the most helping diets" it is impossible not to include kefir diet. Unlike the first two, following it, you will inevitably encounter a feeling of hunger. This is an absolute minus. But there are pluses. The maximum duration of such a diet is a week. In addition, you can do unloading days from one to four times a month.

This is another home diet for weight loss. It is easy to guess that the place of the main product in the diet is given to kefir low fat content. The daily rate is about one and a half liters of fermented milk product. Kefir mono-diet is not among the strict. This means that the diet can be varied with low-calorie vegetables, for example, cucumbers, cabbage. In the early days of the diet, you can consume up to 400 g of additional foods, by the end of the week this amount should be reduced to 100 g. Despite all the hardships of kefir mono-diet, the result will please you. The reward for the effort will be weight loss of up to -7 kilograms.

All this is a diet that really helps. Reviews about the latter, however, are somewhat contradictory. Despite the fact that kilograms with such a diet go faster than with many others, there are a number of contraindications to it. In the first place among them - diseases of the digestive tract.

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