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How to wrap a hoop for rhythmic gymnastics: recommendations

Artistic gymnasts are recognized as one of the most beautiful sportswomen. They appear in front of the audience for a few minutes, but in this short period they show their flexibility, dexterity and grace. Athletes dress up in very beautiful swimsuits, which are created by individual order. Their clothes are decorated with various accessories.

In addition to the attire, during the performances, hoops are used, which must correspond to the image. To make this accessory can not only be a master, since you can do everything yourself. How to wrap a hoop for rhythmic gymnastics? This procedure is simple, you just need to use a few simple tips.

What is important to consider?

In gymnastic exercises often use monochrome and multi-colored hoops. If necessary, the girls decorate them with tapes. To do this, use acrylic paint and adhesive tape. Only such a thing will have to be kept in a case. Polyethylene hoops will last a long time, you can be sure. They almost do not break. But since their weight is large enough, if the product is misused, the product may take a different shape. Therefore, the winding not only looks beautiful, but also serves as a protection against spoilage.

How to wrap the hoop for rhythmic gymnastics so that it lasts a long time? For this, a decorative film is used, with which the inventory can be used many times. Then it is sealed with a transparent tape. Sometimes this method allows you to make a hoop just so that it will comply with the standards of the FIG World Gymnastics Federation.

Keep the inventory horizontally, because in the vertical position it flattened and after a while becomes unfit for training. The product should not be exposed to sunlight, as it is deformed from high temperatures.


Before reading the instructions on how to wrap the hoop for rhythmic gymnastics, you need to prepare the following accessories:

  • Special case.
  • Self-adhesive film.
  • Acrylic paints.
  • Scotch.

Do not buy metal hoops, for exercises perfectly fit plastic. The price range is quite large - from 100 rubles to several thousand.

First, the athlete should get a ready suit, and then the design of the hoop is chosen for him. Everything must match the image of the girl. Sometimes multi-colored tapes are used for winding. The colors in the accessory should be the same as in the attire.

Winding rules

How beautiful to wrap the hoop for rhythmic gymnastics? For this, quality tapes are used. Because of them, the accessory becomes heavier, and therefore will be able to fly higher. The flight of such a product is easier to plan and calculate the site of the fall. Do not ignore the weight norms approved by FIG. In some competitions hoops are weighed. If the inventory does not meet the requirements, then the athlete will not speak.

You can use different instructions how to wrap a hoop for rhythmic gymnastics. The photo shows that these products are very bright and perfectly fit athletes. Tapes are self-adhesive and ordinary. A wide range of goods is available in flower shops and clothing stores. On sale there are also branded tapes designed to decorate gymnastic hoops. Sometimes they are found in sports shops.

Completing of the work

How to properly wrap the hoop for rhythmic gymnastics? This will help simple instructions:

  • The tip of the tape is fixed to the hoop with transparent tape.
  • Wind the object at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • The band should be imposed tightly.
  • When the procedure is finished, the tape must be secured.
  • First up to the end, you need to process the inventory with transparent tape;
  • To tape on the tape smoothly, without folds, the adhesive tape must be deflected by the angle of the winding from the edge of the tape.

On this question, how to wrap the hoop for rhythmic gymnastics, is resolved. Everything is not as complicated as it might seem. It is advisable for athletes to perform their own work to decorate the hoop, since this is how to achieve the desired design. If you try it several times, you will get wonderful accessories for rhythmic gymnastics.

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