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Diet "10" - down with kilograms!

Diet "10" is recommended for people suffering from heart disease in the stage of compensation or with poorly expressed circulatory insufficiency. It is also used for hypertension, chronic pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis. The diet facilitates the activity of the cardiovascular system, thereby reducing the burden on the digestive and kidney organs , normalizes diuresis and metabolism. In addition, this diet of 10 kg per month can help to lose with ease, so it can be used by people who are obese.

The daily rate of calories consumed is approximately 2350-2600 kcal. In the daily diet should be present 80-90 gr. Proteins, of which 60% of animal origin, fat - 70 g. (Vegetable 30%), carbohydrates - 350-400 gr., Sodium chloride - 5-7 gr. (Part is given to the patient for salting food to taste, and the rest is contained in natural products). The volume of liquid consumed per day is about 1-1.2 liters. All dishes should be prepared without the use of salt, with moderate machining. Eating takes place 5 times a day.

Diet "10": permitted and prohibited products

  1. Yesterday's wheat and rye bakes are recommended, as well as uneaten biscuits and biscuits. Exclude the bread of fresh baked goods, as well as various pancakes, butter and puff pastry.
  2. From poultry and meat you can use lean varieties (veal, beef, meat pork, turkey, chicken, rabbit) after pre-cooking and then frying or baking, chopped or chunk. From the diet, fatty varieties of meat (goose, duck), canned food, sausages and all kinds of smoked products should be completely excluded.
  3. Recommended low-fat boiled fish, followed by roasting, chopped or chopped. It is necessary to exclude fatty fish species (sturgeon, beluga), as well as canned fish, caviar, smoked meat and salted fish.
  4. Eggs are allowed - 1 pc. Per day, and in any culinary treatment.
  5. Milk products are recommended whole milk (provided that it does not cause flatulence), lactic acid drinks, low-fat cheese, cream, cottage cheese, sour cream. Eliminate the salty kinds of cheese.
  6. Of the fat-containing foods, unsalted vegetable and butter are recommended. Culinary and meat fats are excluded.
  7. Recommended for any pasta and cereals, cooked in milk or water (puddings, porridges). Legumes (beans, peas) are excluded.
  8. From vegetables, the diet "10" recommends colored and white cabbage in baked form and boiled, potatoes, beets and carrots. Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, green onions, lettuce, parsley and dill can be eaten raw. Vegetables in a sausage kind are excluded, marinated and salted mushrooms, radish, sorrel radish, spinach.
  9. Of the soups are suitable vegetarian with vegetables, potatoes, cereals, including dairy and fruit. Fish, meat broths, including beans, are excluded.

10. From sweet dishes and fruits it is allowed to use compotes, soft berries and fruits in raw form, mousses, jelly, milk creams, honey, jam, pastille, marshmallow, not chocolate sweets. Berries and fruits with large grains and coarse fiber, cakes, chocolate are excluded.

11. From the sauces diet "10" allows you to use those based on a vegetable broth, as well as sour, dairy, tomato, and from spices you can use cloves, cinnamon, vanillin. However, it excludes sauces on mushroom and fish broth, as well as meat. Also, the diet does not recommend the use of pepper, mustard and horseradish.

12. Of the drinks allowed coffee - a surrogate, weak tea, juices of fruits and vegetables, and decoction of rose hips. Excludes natural coffee, strong tea, cocoa and carbonated drinks.

Of course, this diet 10 kg for 10 days from the sides and abdomen will not destroy, but if you follow its rules, you can achieve fairly good results. The main thing here is time and desire!

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