Crafts from newspapers - simple and original

Technical progress on the spot is not worth it. And this is only a plus! But there are good old things, without which it is difficult for us to imagine our life (for example, printed newspapers and magazines). Soon they will disappear from the store shelves, because the Internet gives us almost all the necessary information. But it's nice to hold a fresh newspaper and flip through it in search of an interesting article. Soon we will miss these feelings. In the meantime, you can perpetuate your favorite press, making articles from newspapers and magazines. They surely are dusting themselves in piles on forgotten shelves or in corners clogged with things.

Soon, crafts from old newspapers will be very valuable and even profitable. Perhaps, there will be a lot of excitement among connoisseurs of antiquity and collectors. And even the usual technique of papier-mache becomes a real treasure. Back at school we did various crafts in this technique. And now you can take on forms more difficult and create art masterpieces. To do this, it is necessary to tear the newspaper into small pieces and, wetting them in water, cover any object. There are several such newspaper layers. Next, you need to wet the paper in the diluted PVA glue and continue to apply to the mold. In the end, the model is dried, polished, painted and varnished (the latter - if necessary). The finished object can be an excellent addition to the design of the house.

Also, crafts from newspapers are being made in the weaving technique today. This new technique resembles the manufacture of products from birch bark and twigs, as well as from vines. The technique consists in the fact that crafts from newspapers and magazines are made by flattening tubes or strips from sheets of press and their further intertwining. Finished products can be painted and varnished or remain in their original form - in newspaper and print design. This gives them a special chic and an old-fashioned look.

Crafts from contemporary newspapers brought to a high level of needlework. Now, not only cups and baskets are made from newspaper tubes, but also original lamps, coffee tables, bags, stands for any objects, even chairs and various decorative elements of the interior. For example, you can easily make an exclusive frame for photos. To do this, you need to twist from the newspapers or magazines the same tubes of width with a ready frame. Then glue them to each other and to the frame in a horizontal position. This is an elementary example. You can also lay out flowers or curls from these tubes, fold some of them vertically - the frame will be even more original and decorate any house, making it more cozy and warm, warmed by manual work. And if you make such crafts from newspapers as a present, they will still gladden the eyes of new owners for a long time and create comfort in their homes. After all, it's so nice to remember your family and relatives depicted in the photo, which is in a frame with a special trembling.

Crafts from newspapers are becoming more popular. They are exclusive, original and creative. Do not wait long - get hold of the press and the case! You will succeed!

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