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Circumference of the abdomen for weeks of pregnancy. Norms of a circle of a stomach or belly on weeks

After the woman learned that she is in an "interesting" position, she needs to see a doctor - a gynecologist. Why is it worth doing? To find out the correct period of pregnancy, check your health status, and get information about how the baby is developing. Those women who do not register with a doctor endanger themselves and their unborn child.

Specialist actions

To visit a gynecologist is necessary before, during and after pregnancy. Only in this way a responsible woman can be well informed about her health. This will help her to avoid trouble in the future. Especially important is the timely visit to the hospital when the physiological signs of an "interesting" situation become apparent. The doctor has the ability to monitor the normal course of pregnancy. At the reception the gynecologist examines, conducts a survey, and assigns the delivery of tests. The doctor also determines the circumference of the abdomen for weeks of pregnancy and the height of the bottom of the uterus. To measure it, it uses a centimeter tape. After complex diagnosis, the specialist determines whether the pregnant or her future child has health problems.

It is important for a woman to monitor herself and regularly visit a polyclinic. By such parameters as the abdominal circumference for weeks of pregnancy and the height of the uterine fundus, you can determine the approximate weight of the fetus. To do this, use a special formula. The values of the circumference of the abdomen and the height of the bottom of the uterus multiply and receive the mass of the baby in grams. It is only the specialist who can make the measurements correctly.

Inspection and measurement results

According to the diagnostic results, the absence or presence of pathologies is determined. Do not be afraid if the stomach measurements do not coincide with the book values. Each pregnant woman has her own physiological characteristics. Circumference of the abdomen for weeks of pregnancy within the limits determined by specialists, speaks about the normal development of the fetus. A significant deviation from the book figures in the larger side may indicate that the baby weighs a lot, the woman has a polyhydramnios or she wears more than one child. If the stomach is very small - this can mean a delay in the development of the fetus. All problems are determined only by the doctor. In any case, the circumference of the abdomen for weeks of pregnancy should increase in accordance with established norms. Deviations of measurement results from book values can be within a few centimeters (plus or minus).

How to measure the abdominal circumference

Many women want to know their new parameters at home. Circumference of the abdomen during pregnancy is measured when the future mother lies on her back. If the uterus is in a tonus, the results will be unreliable. Therefore, the body of the pregnant woman should be relaxed during measurements, legs - straightened, heels - touching the floor. A centimeter tape is pushed under the back, covering the zone of the vertebral cavity and navel. No higher or lower.

Self-measurement of the abdominal circumference during pregnancy in recent weeks can be problematic. It is better to connect to this husband's business. Do not independently evaluate the results and consult scientific literature. Correctly to make gaugings can only the doctor. The responsible woman needs to trust the specialist.

Fetal measurement around the abdominal circumference during pregnancy

To diagnose a baby's development in the womb, modern technologies such as ultrasound are used. Also for this purpose, doctors conduct visual examinations of pregnant women, prescribe the delivery of various tests (blood, urine, feces). On consultation with a gynecologist, a woman must walk without fail. This can help a specialist to identify a child's disease, if any, in the early stages and solve the problem in a timely manner. For example, the evaluation of such a parameter as the fetal abdomen circumference by weeks, allows to reveal the development delay. But a qualified doctor will never rely on the results of a single examination and will prescribe a number of additional tests before the diagnosis is made.

In order to avoid in the future such a problem as the delay in the development of the fetus, the expectant mother should walk more often, eat properly and follow all the prescriptions of the specialist. This will help her, by measuring the circumference of the fetal abdomen for weeks at the clinic, to return a calm state (since everything will be normal). However, with a clear diagnosis, you can not lose heart - the delay in the development of the baby in the womb can be treated. To do this, take special medicines and vitamins. But only according to the doctor's prescription.

What data to rely on

For the norms of the circumference of the abdomen of expectant mothers, rather conventional values have been adopted. Their individuality depends on many factors. Inexperienced young women can be very nervous that their parameters do not correspond to book standards. This should not be done. Excitement and mood swings negatively affect the nervous system of the fetus. Therefore, it is better to contact an experienced specialist and trust him completely. Each woman has certain physique features. This factor must be taken into account by the doctor. The task of the pregnant woman is to remain calm in any situation.

Parameters of norms for measuring the circumference of the abdomen

At the 7th month of pregnancy, the fetus starts actively gaining weight. Therefore, the woman's belly circumference reaches its highest value. At this stage of pregnancy (third trimester) , stretch marks may appear on the skin. Many women do not have this phenomenon. Everything depends on the physiology. The dimensions of the abdominal circumference and the height of the uterine fundus are given in the table below.

Data can refer to women of normal build up to 70 kg. Deviations of 1-4 cm are allowed in plus or minus. Circumference of the abdomen in a woman's doctor begins to measure at the reception, starting from the 20th week of her pregnancy. Previously, this diagnosis is not carried out because the fetus does not have enough weight, and the amount of amniotic fluid is minimal. The result of measuring the abdominal circumference less than 20 weeks gestation, does not say anything.

Influence of repeated delivery on physiology

It is worth noting that the norm of the abdominal circumference for weeks significantly differ in pregnant women and the first-born. Especially if the difference between the permits for women already having children is small - 2-3 years. The abdominal muscles are still weakened, and the parameters can be different from the first time. Also important is the presentation of the fetus, the age of the woman herself, her weight and build. Usually experienced representatives of the weaker sex know about it and trust doctors.

But the former birth does not absolve the woman of the responsibility for the next pregnancy. It also needs constant observation, given that its age can be 30-35 years. It is great if the woman regained her muscle tone after delivery.

Late gestation. Stomach

The uterus ceases to grow, reaching almost to the sternum. This occurs in the last weeks of pregnancy and means the willingness of the woman's organism to release a new man into the world. The most prospective mother should not be afraid of stopping the growth of the stomach at this time. It can not be forever. In the last weeks of pregnancy the baby takes the final position - down the head. This means that he is ready to be born.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the height of the uterine fundus and the circumference of the abdomen also change. 33 weeks - the time when the woman's body begins to actively prepare for childbirth. The stomach starts to go down. The future mother has to endure her own ailments, not related to the activity of the baby. As the child changes its position, the center of gravity of the woman shifts, there is a risk of falls. At this time, the pregnant woman should be very careful. The doctor will give the necessary recommendations.


The state of pregnancy causes a woman to have joy and anxiety at the same time. No wonder they say that such representatives of the weaker sex are inadequate in their actions and illogical in their desires. Constant comparisons with other mummies, in particular, on the question of which norm of the abdominal circumference during pregnancy is the norm, they exhaust them and thereby contribute to the emergence of a stressful state. To convince women to listen only to the leading doctor is simply impossible. Therefore, the patience of close people, and most importantly - the husband, should be unlimited. Soon, Mom will be occupied with very different worries.

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