Beach vacation in October abroad

So, on your calendar - leave? Rest in October abroad may well be the best in your life, the main thing is to choose the right direction. At this time on the Mediterranean coast the season has not yet dried up, and at the resorts located closer to the equator, it is only just beginning. Absolutely everywhere prices are already low. So, rather buy holiday packages abroad 2013! October is a month inexpensive and very colorful. You have the opportunity to visit Europe, northern Africa, the shores of Southeast Asia.

Goa, India

Arriving here in the middle or the end of October, you can already safely go swimming and sunbathing. The probability of catching cloudy weather is, but it is small. Prices for the coast of India start to increase from December, so vacation abroad, October-November months in particular - is the ideal time to spend a good time and not spend extra money. In the daytime, air on Goa warms up to 31 ° C, and water - up to 27 ° C.

The coast of warm Egypt

Rest in October abroad ... On the shores of the marvelous Red Sea ... What could be better? It is better to come to these places in the beginning or in the middle of October, because with the approach of winter the sea begins to grow dull and the first breaths of cold winds appear. In October, the heat subsides, so resting is very comfortable. During the day, the air temperature reaches +31 ° C, and the water reaches + 27 ... + 28 ° C. Bathing will bring a lot of pleasure, and around there will not be a lot of tourists.


In these places, the rainy season comes to an end in late September. The sky of Bangkok and other northern cities will still be covered with clouds. Therefore, choosing a vacation in October abroad on the coast of Asia, choose your choice in Phuket or Samui. On sunny days, sunbathe and swim, and if there are rainy days, safely take excursions to local attractions. Most likely, because of the small number of tourists at this time, the tour will be made according to an individual program. The same can be said about diving - the group coach will be your personal.

United Arab Emirates

Rest in October abroad can be really luxurious. For this, go to Dubai. In all cities of the Emirates this month the sun shines, the water temperature is pleasant - +27 ° С, and the air - +35 ° С in the daytime, at night it decreases to +21 ... +23 ° С. October in the UAE is a time when you can enjoy fresh fruit, plenty to swim and sunbathe. Here you can also go shopping successfully. Your attention will be presented to the highest quality gold, clothing and electronics from around the world.


It is generally believed that the beach season ends here at the end of September. This is indicated by the prices for vouchers. However, you should know that the temperature in October in Turkey is not inferior to the summer in Moscow. Surprisingly, in the middle of autumn you can sunbathe and bathe in the warm sea, with the temperature of air and water the same - +26 ... + 27 ° С. To rest abroad in October in these places is the most inexpensive option. In addition, you can see many interesting attractions. An unforgettable trip!

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